77 years, she was in the Depths of the South Pacific, now researchers are using an underwater robot is the wreck of an aircraft carrier from the Second world war discovered.

The “USS Wasp” and her crew were involved in the conquest of the island of Guadalcanal in the North-East of Australia and to their defense against a possible Japanese conquest, to on 15. In September 1942, several Japanese U-boat torpedoes in the hull of the “USS Wasp” landed, and the 210-Meter-long ship will sink. More than 170 American soldiers lost their lives, more than 1800 members of the crew could, however, be of other American ships of war saved.

aircraft carrier wreck. untouched

Now, more than seven decades after the end of the Second world war, crosses the research vessel “R/V Petrel” of the now deceased Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in the South Pacific, and promotes the spectacular shots of the seabed to the water surface In the past twelve months, localized to the researchers, about a dozen of sunken U.S. warships, the last of the destroyer “USS Strong”.

after the discovery of the “USS Wasp,” the researchers back stunning images from the sea floor in about 4300 meters of depth.

the wreck of the “USS Wasp” will remain in place. In accordance with the policy of the U.S. Navy, it will be left as a consecrated grave of the crew unaffected, reported the CNN.

The Fund at the bottom of the South Pacific is not expected to be the last of his kind: the crew of The “R/V Petrel” also wants to scan, continue to the eternal Depths to the lost ships from the Second world war – the action also aims to honour the Fallen, the U.S. Navy said in a statement.

sources: R/V Petrel for Facebook, paulallen.com, US Navy, CNN


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