The AfD has adopted for the Federal Convention a slogan for the European elections, which is in some respects more radical than ever before of the right-wing populists. The AfD calls for the Dexit, so the exit of Germany from the EU, if the Reform of the EU in the next five years as it sees the party.

“Should our fundamental Reform in the existing System, the EU is not within a legislature realize that we hold a German exit or an orderly resolution of the EU and the establishment of a new European economic and community of interest is necessary“, – stated in the Text. The European elections will take place on 26. The end of may. The Dexit would be planned in the year 2024. The reforms, which calls for the AfD, however, are so massive that they are hardly realistic.

AfD decision between radicalism and moderation

the AfD to the Dexit-party. But even some of the AfD delegates to far, the on 11. January come together in Riesa, Saxony to the Federal Congress. As the daily newspaper “die Welt” reported, requires an Amendment, that the wording “is rewritten within a parliamentary term“ in the elastic phrase “reasonable time“. The decision on the Amendment is one of the most exciting questions of the party day. The delegates for the Amendment votes, the slogan would be a significantly less radical.

Döbeln in Sachsen

SPD politician, after the Explosion in front of the AfD office: stop the harm of democracy


Other points are well-known: the AfD wants to form a “Europe of Nations” and get rid of Euro – for all States. The EU Parliament will be in a European meeting, with 100 delegates converted. Which would not be directly elected by the people, but “of the national parliaments, in proportion to the Group”. That would mean: 2024 there should be, according to the slogan no, or at most only a European election. The EU Parliament is expected to abolish, so to speak, self. In addition, the European Agricultural and environmental policy, including climate protection is to be carried out completely.

Muslims are generally> damn

at this point, it is also an Amendment, in which it is demanded, to speak consistently of “Islam”, and not “Islam”. Because, otherwise, would not distinguish between political and religious Islam. The religious Islam is but, the Amendment protected, “according to the basic law”. Whether the AfD delegates to make this important distinction. The mood of the party base, it is likely to have the Amendment on the subject of Islam difficult.

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