The most important messages in the Short Overview:

the AfD rises according to the survey, the strongest force in the state of Brandenburg (18.25)

Four bodies from the shipwreck in Budapest, recovered (14.29 PM)

mass murderer Niels Högel Revision a (12.45 PM)

“Gorch Fock” the state attorney determines again, in the case of Jenny boken (12.29 p.m.)

the news of The day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 21.39 watch: Kidnapped Nurse exempt – Alleged perpetrator in focus +++

The police released the for around a week, disappeared Nurse from Aspach (Rems-Murr-Kreis). The woman is well according to the circumstances, informed the police in Aalen. Two suspected kidnappers had been taken on Tuesday afternoon in France. The 47-Year-old had been abducted a week ago in a camper.

+++ 18.25 PM: Brandenburg-survey: AfD front – Green gain to +++

Just three months before the state elections in Brandenburg, the AfD and the Greens to put a poll in the polls greatly. This is the Brandenburg Trend of the opinion research Institute Infratest dimap on behalf of the RBB-TV magazine, “Brandenburg Aktuell” and Antenne Brandenburg.

The AfD has gained accordingly to the survey by Infratest dimap from April, 2 percentage points and that about 21 percent of the strongest force. The Green to achieve an increase of 5 percentage points and came to 17 per cent. If the Sunday election, he would have the ruling red-red Alliance according to the survey, is no longer a majority. Thereafter, the SPD reached 18 per cent (down 4 points) place two. Followed by the level with the Green lying CDU (minus 3 points) with 17 percent, and the Left with 14 per cent (down 2 points). The FDP would be a constant 5 percent in the Parliament.

+++ 18.21 PM: Egypt wants to stop the auction of ancient Pharaoh statue in London +++

Egypt wants to stop in London planned auction of a Pharaoh statue in the million value, due to unresolved questions about its origin. Cairo had turned with the request to the auction house Christie’s and the UN cultural organisation Unesco, informed the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities. Representatives of the Egyptian Embassy in London have demanded the return of the Statue, as well as evidence documents whose origins.

The more than 3000 year old Statue made from quartzite stone is reminiscent of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and to on 4. July at Christie’s under the Hammer. The auction house is priced approximately 30 inches large bust as an “exceptional representation” of the child king, who was at the age of nine to Pharaoh and to the year 1323 BC reigned. Christie’s estimates that the Statue could be set to move for the equivalent of more than 4.5 million euros to the owner.

+++ 17.50 PM: “New York Times” wants to print to waive political cartoons +++

The “New York Times” in the future, no political cartoons and more in your international edition. In order to follow the requirements, the output also apply to the US, told the blade. The drawings are intended to 1. July, from the global edition of the “Times” will disappear. Only in April had apologized to the New York Times for a cartoon that was perceived as anti-Semitic and offensive. She had shown the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog that leads the blind, U.S. President Donald Trump. Also, Trump had criticized the newspaper as a result.

+++ 17: 29: 133 million bees in Montana to escape +++

On a country road in the U.S. state of Montana are in an accident, according to U.S. media 133 million bees report to escape. The fire Department had suits with protection and respiratory protection is disengaged, in order not to be stung, as the local station KBZK reported, citing the firefighter Brian Nickolay. The helpers were the wrecked truck in the vicinity of the city of Bozeman. Whether the ausgeflogenen bees can be re-captured, was initially unclear. They should be brought from California to Montana.

+++ 17.20 PM: dead body found – an exchange student from Taiwan dies in swimming accident +++

since a swimming accident in Minden last Friday of missing exchange student from Taiwan is dead. According to police, the body of 18 was discovered-Year-old out of a stroller in the Weser. The site was located approximately five kilometers from the place of the man from Taiwan was aborted in the bath. At the request of the public Prosecutor of Bielefeld in the body to be examined now, the police announced.

+++ 17.04 PM: After school, Over 200 children in Guatemala in the hospital +++

shot: 211 children in a school in the southwest of Guatemala have been brought according to the Red cross with signs and symptoms of food poisoning to the hospital. The students complained after a meal, abdominal pain, Nausea and vomiting, said a spokesman for the Red cross in Guatemala.

a Total of about 425 children in the school showed in the community of Las Delicias in the Region of Quetzaltenango similar symptoms, according to the newspaper “Prensa Libre”, referring to the school Director reported. Only the most severe cases were hospitalized.

+++ 16.49 PM: investigation against VW Manager: aid-suspicion against the works Council chief Osterloh +++

The investigation against former VW Board members for alleged unlawful compensation, works councils could also be for Bernd Osterloh uncomfortable. Against the works Council chief of special investigations on suspicion of aid to infidelity, to run Christian Wolters of the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig said. However, this is not an advantage for Osterloh itself, but the salaries of other members of the works Council. “The Accused to the extent that the condition of the allegedly unlawful compensation have contributed agreements”, – said on the part of the investigating authority.

investigators are checking to their own for 2016, whether Manager, employee, approved representatives to high salaries. The investigations against Osterloh has led speaker Wolters according to first in the main method and later separated.

The fact that Osterloh is listed as a defendant, according to the works Council information for almost half a year. Osterloh had requested through his lawyer access to the file and will take possible against him the allegations, said a spokesman for the group operating Council.

+++ 16.42 PM: verdict: More than 100 000 Euro assets – not entitled to housing benefit +++

A Senior from Berlin, with Bank assets of around 115,000 euros, according to a judgment not entitled to housing benefit. The appropriate action by the 78-Year-old had rejected the petitionbeen sen, informed the administrative court in the capital. The scientists wanted to get for himself and his 75-year-old wife due to lower pension and capital income of a state grant, which was rejected by the district office of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. This was lawful, the court found. The housing allowance law of the Federal asset limit of 90 000 euros was exceeded (reference: VG 21 K 901.18).

+++ 16.23 PM: dementia patient’s wife killed – Two and a half years in prison for 86-Year-old +++

Because he has stifled his dementia wife with a plastic bag, has been sentenced the 86-year-old husband for manslaughter in a less serious case, to imprisonment for a term of two years and six months. The district court in the Palatinate, Frankenthal spoke of a tragic case, and a family tragedy. Through the intensive care of the 83-Year-old, the defendant had been revised in the past few years, increasingly, stated the judge.

The German had given his wife in January 2019 at least six sleeping pills and a plastic bag around your head attached. He tried to kill himself afterwards, in the same way, but was found by his son in a timely manner. The prosecution had demanded 3 years and 3 months. The defense had argued for a suspended sentence of two years.

+++ 16.22 watch: Russian police allegations against journalists Golunow +++

to drop The charges of drug trafficking against the Russian investigative journalist Ivan Golunow have been dropped. Golunow I’m free today from house arrest, said the Russian interior Ministry. Golunow who worked for the independent Investigative Portal “Medusa”, was arrested on Thursday in Moscow.

+++ 15.38 PM: Globally, around 8.8 million hectares of forest are lost annually +++

Globally, around 8.8 million hectares of forest are lost, according to surveys by the United Nations annually, of which 80 percent is for agriculture. This is evident from the answer of the German Federal Ministry for food and agriculture, on a request of the Greens-members of Parliament Steffi Lemke, the AFP was present. Accordingly, about a third of the deforested land produced vegetable products, according to an EU study in the Export – such as palm oil and soy.

+++ 15.34 PM: EU provides further millions for people in need in Africa +++

The EU provides for the Hunger and conflicts, suffering people in the African Sahel, a further 152 million euros. Among the supported countries in the Sahel region, the seven countries are Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Nigeria. The Region of the Sahara from the Atlantic to the Red sea stretches to the South, is plagued for years by Terror, crime and natural disasters. Add to that periods of persistent drought. As a result, people are able to operate on the ground makes it difficult for agriculture or trade.

+++ 15.25 PM: 152 million people are Affected: Unicef denounces child labour at +++

make 152 million girls and boys worldwide, according to estimates by the UN children’s Fund Unicef child labour help. Almost half of them suffer from dangerous or exploitative conditions, stated Unicef in Cologne on the occasion of the world day against child labour on Wednesday. Most of the victims live according to the estimates of Unicef in Africa (72 million). In Asia, there are therefore 62 million. About 70 percent of the working children have to work according to Unicef in agriculture. According to the data of the Foundation Terre des Hommes children’s work in addition, among other things, in mining, in quarries or as a maid.

+++ 14.57 PM: Thailand’s Junta chief officially to the head of government +++

Thailand’s Junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha has been appointed to be appointed, according to a Royal decree officially for the first civilian head of government in the country since the military coup of 2014. At the time of his appointment in Bangkok, Prayut promised on Tuesday “to listen to the voices of the people”. His political opponents will criticize, however, the increasing repression against dissidents in Thailand. The former army chief Prayut had led the military coup five years ago. At the beginning of June the first Parliament that has come together in Thailand ever since the coup, chose the 65-Year-old Chairman.

+++ 14.42 PM: stop plans by neo-Nazis thwarted? Investigations in France +++

Due to alleged attack plans on houses of worship and other religious sites identified in the French courts against five Suspects. They were taken between September and may, as the news Agency DPA learned from legal circles. The Anti-Terror branch of the Paris Prosecutor’s office determined. According to information from the broadcaster BFMTV in the case of the Suspects to a group of neo-Nazis. The Prosecutor’s office was initially no information. It is suspected that the Suspects

explosive devices for terrorist purposes was, among other things. Against them, an investigation was initiated, it was said more out of judicial circles. The Suspects are supposed to have

attacks on Jews and Muslims, such as BFMTV reported. Among the arrested is also a Gendarme and a young person should be. The group should be “L’oiseau Noir” (“Black bird”) is called.

+++ 14.29 PM: Four bodies from the shipwreck in Budapest, recovered +++

Almost two weeks after the fatal boat accident on the Danube in Budapest, the police has with the salvage of ship wrecks and the included bodies started. Originally, the recovery should be completed with a special crane Tuesday afternoon, but they were interrupted several times. Until then, four bodies were found. The boat was on 29. May encountered a tourist section of the Danube in the city centre of Budapest, with a much larger river cruise ship. The small boat with 33 South Korean passengers and two crew members on Board sank within a few seconds. Only seven inmates survived the accident. Now 24 bodies have been recovered. Four victims remained missing.

+++ 14.14 PM: New light for Dresden Frauenkirche – switching to LED +++

The mighty Sandstone dome of the Frauenkirche in Dresden in a better light is to be immersed. Experts exchange there, as well as on the façade and the lantern, the 40 outdated lights, the world-famous house of God, spotlighting at night. “Over the years, and with increasing patination of the Sandstone darkens and reflects less and less light,” said the chief architect of the Frauenkirche, Thomas Gottschlich. Until the end of the month, the Silhouette of the building will stand in a new light and LED-technology for a better and also more targeted the outside.nbeleuchtung to worry about.

+++ 14.01 PM: Two small children in the event of accidents in the aquatic +++

On the weekend of Pentecost, there has been died in German waters again fatal accidents in the waters. In a swimming pool in Gelsenkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, was drowned on Monday a two-year, the police announced. In baden-württemberg, Berglen a two-year-old Boy crashed on Sunday in a garden pond. He came to in a hospital, died there according to police, however on Monday.

+++ 13.57 PM: investigators blow up a drug ring in the power – order codes on candy bars +++

The order code for the drug should have been on chocolate bars: German and Dutch investigators have a Ring of Online dealers busted. Four of the low countries in the age between 26 and 66 years of age were in prison, how the Cologne public Prosecutor’s office

informed. You should talk to the Shop about three years and about 2.7 million Euro have taken. According to the findings of the Prosecutor’s office, the men sold the drugs on the open-to-reach platform. To do this, they sent to their customers in Germany and other countries, first of all, a chocolate bar, where the ordering Codes for the actual drug purchase were. The substances sent in the Mail.

+++ 13.31 PM: dementia woman killed: the trial against the 86-year-old husband started +++

In the trial of an 86-year-old man from Speyer, the defendant has justified the killing of his dementia wife with pity. He fears that the 83-Year-old would not have obtained, after a potential transfer to a senior center, the same loving care as in the past years, in the common apartment, it said in a by the defender of the accused statement read out before the district court of Frankenthal. He administered it in January 2019, with his wife sleeping pills and a plastic bag around your head attached. The woman choked to death according to the investigation. After that, he wanted to kill himself in the same way, said the defendant, but was saved. The charge is manslaughter.