The Alternative for Germany (AfD) wants to form, together with the Italian Northern League and other right-wing populist parties, a new political group in the European Parliament.

The European Alliance of people and Nations (European Alliance of People and Nations, EAPN) is to arise after the European elections end of may and “freedom” and “Patriotic”, said AfD party leader Jörg Meuthen at a meeting with Northern League chief Matteo Salvini in Milan. Especially in its xenophobic orientation, the parties are in agreement.

the group is only the Danish people’s party and the Finnish party The Finns are so far. The right-wing parties are currently fragmented in the European Parliament in several groups. The AfD, for example, is still in the group of Europe of freedom and direct democracy (EFDD), the Lega in a Europe of Nations and freedom (ENF).

The appointment in Milan was “the start of something New,” said Meuthen. Especially in the case of Migration, the parties want to make pressure. “We want to reduce illegal Migration in the EU to Zero. Travel to the future only and who has obtained outside of the borders of the EU, our permission to do that before,” Meuthen. “If we want to preserve our European diversity and (…) the rich cultures, ( … ), then we must be a fortress Europe.” The new group does not want to destroy Europe, but to change it.

At the Milan Meeting were well-known heads of right-wing parties, however. So France’s far-right populist Marine Le Pen, and Hungary’s national missing maintains a conservative head of government Viktor Orban, to whom Salvini have a good relationship. Also, Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPÖ in Austria.

finally he announced a great event with another new ally on Milan’s Piazza Duomo on may 18. May. A top candidate would have to be decided, he had no personal ambition, said Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, especially with his hard Hand against a foreigner headlines. The goal is to be the largest and most important group, with the “freshest ideas”.

Also Meuthen stressed that there is other future members of the group, the “join us”. Welcome, one and all, “for the attributes, such as conservative, freedom and Patriotic more than empty words”. “Don’t welcome socialists, Communists, Ökofaschisten and extremists are us – from the left as from the right stock.”