He came four years ago, supposedly for protection to Germany. Now his act appalled, the company, which opened for him.

According to prosecutors, Issa M. has admitted on the Wednesday evening, his former roommate, and in Public, in a Stuttgart residential area with a sword killed. Whether the prisoners at the end of default parameters are already husband has already expressed to Details, not shared with the investigator.

sword of the attacker apparently lived under a false identity,

Issa M. came out in February of 2015 to Germany, settled as a Syrian refugee to register, age 28 years. But in this Version there is considerable doubt. The Accused had indicated at the time of his arrest, to be Jordanians and 30 years old, told the Stuttgart police. In October 2015 by the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) recognised protection status, and in November granted a residence permit based possibly on a lie. Jordanian citizen, as a rule, have no claim to refugee status in Germany.

crime in Stuttgart

Even the “New York Times” reported on the sword attack, which is why “daily show”

son – in-law to be to have a look at the Facebook page of Issa M. casts doubt on his information at the Bamf and the rest of the authorities, according to. He was on 12. March, born in 1989, 30 years old, standing there. And he was not from Syria, but from a suburb of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The apparently wrong information about his identity should not remain the only case in which Issa M. took with the rules so exactly. In the files of the police entries due to shoplifting, see steels, due to property damage and because of the difficulties in leichens of services (usually black-and-ride). The “image”newspaper reported several criminal commands for the payment of fines. Information sheet about a supposedly of M. committed assault and trespass, the authorities have not confirmed yet.

According to star research, Issa M. came on the Greece Route to Germany and stayed after his arrival in this country, first in Brandenburg. He had the locals Known, photos show him at a BBQ or when Playing with children. In June 2016 M. moved to Stuttgart and I lived almost two years with his later victims in a residential community in a high – rise building in the Fasanenhof street-and according to the information gathered in the investigation, frequent with him in a fight.

Issa, M. left Stuttgart residential community

Issa M. was supported, according to a spokesman of the city administration in baden-württemberg’s state capital as a refugee. Photos show him working in a fast food Restaurant. His Facebook posts that he was hoping for a better life, to prosperity, to have a family.

subject unclear

confession in the case of the fatal sword attack – confusion about identity of the arrested

According to the excerpt from the Stuttgart WG at the end of April 2018 have been M. “mainly in a community accommodation in the area of Ludwigsburg,” said the police, still under the apparently false identity.

This should be a Once and for all resolved. For this purpose, a “people-approval procedure had been initiated”. This course “up to speed”, as well as the investigation into the motive for the bestial deed. Currently, the officials of the specially-appointed investigation team, “pheasant assume” that this “sun in the personal space between the two men.” “There is neither religious nor political motives,” said state’s attorney Heiner Römhild, according to initial investigations and interrogations. But you’ll keep looking in all directions, insured the officials.

In January 2019, Issa M. made from the high-rise building in the Fasanenhof road a photo. Snow covered the houses, the cars, the surfaces green. To the listed m. in Arabic, among other things: “It’s a beautiful life.”

The picture shows exactly the place where he attack seven months later, to the sword, and the life of William L. on the cruelest kind will end.

sources: the police Bureau in Stuttgart, “image”-newspaper, Facebook page of Issa. m.

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