The terrible case is still a mystery: A man penetrates in Rostock, in the apartment of an 18-Year-olds. There, he grabs the three-month-old infant, running with him on the balcony and holds the child over the parapet. Then he stabs with a knife on the Baby, and then he plunges from balcony to his death.

What drove him to Madness? So far, the investigators have disclosed no evidence of a possible motive.

perpetrator held a infant over a balcony parapet

the First findings of the police that the offence occurred in the night from Saturday to Sunday just before midnight. The 40-Year-old rang in the apartment of 18-Year-old, who let him in. In the course of the following minutes it came, apparently, to dispute, neighbors reported loud screaming. The man should be resorted to the three-month-old girl, and with him on the balcony have gone.


man stabs with knife to infant severe injuries


He shouted, holding the child on multiple occasions over the parapet, alternately for help and threatened to drop it. A report of the “Baltic sea newspaper”, according to the 40-Year-old should have, among other things, shouted: “You destroyed my life, now I destroy yours.” According to the Prosecutor, he alerted in the meantime, even the police.

Meanwhile, neighbors ran outside, saw the Situation, and stressed the now arrived police to the child in the case of a possible crash of the field.

40-Year-old plunged from the balcony in the death of

Several police officers were trying at the same time, in the apartment of 18-Year-old to penetrate. But the 40-Year-old had apparently barricaded the door.


neighbors and police officers can be tensioned Blankets and towels to the may crashing infant field.

©Stefan Tretropp DPA

After the officers had finally made its entrance, began the 40-Year-old to act the Baby is hard to miss. He stabbed with a knife on the child. As the police officers were able to bring the girls fled, the man on the balcony and jumped over the parapet.

An officer got the man in the pants to take the legs, could not avoid a crash but. The 40-Year-old died at the scene.

Prosecutor’s office in Rostock: attack on drugs?

the offender is, according to the Rostock public Prosecutor’s office to a 40-year-old, homeless man. He should have been in the attack on drugs. As the “Baltic sea newspaper” reported in addition, it should be only a few days before the terrible fact released from prison where he was serving because of a not paid a monetary penalty.

child abuse in Germany

face slapping and spanking are banned since 2000: violence against children in Numbers

Linda judge

If the 40-Year-old father of the child, is not yet clear. Contrary to first reports, he should have, however, had no relationship with the 18-Year-old – but with their mother. From this relationship, a nine year old Boy who was at the time of the offence, also in the apartment is, according the “Baltic sea newspaper”.

condition of the infant more seriously

The Baby was initially taken to the hospital and emergency surgery. Now his condition is stable but serious, said the Prosecutor’s office. What will be the consequences of the most serious injuries to the whole body for the future life of the three-month-old infant, but that he could refrain no one, a spokeswoman said on Monday. to learn

To find out more about the background to the act, have requested the Prosecutor’s office an autopsy.

neighbors of the “Ostsee-Zeitung said,” they had heard in the days before the accident again and again, loud cries from the apartment.

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