More than a week after the local elections in Turkey, the Islamic has called for the conservative government party, the AKP, a repetition of the vote in Istanbul.

You will submit an application to the election authority, said the Deputy party Chairman Ali Ihsan Yavuz. He referred to a law allowing for an “extraordinary complaint” if there has been incidents that affect the outcome of the election. Yavuz said that there are such “incidents and situations were quite clear”. “Therefore, we will make use of this way of extraordinary appeal and we want the election process in Istanbul will be repeated.”

Previously, the High election Commission had rejected the request for a full recount of votes in Istanbul. On the request of a repetition of the vote, the electoral authority, which is also known, the final result will decide.

The ACP was the mayor in Istanbul in the local elections on October 31. March, according to preliminary results, almost to the opposition candidate Ekrem imamoğlu lost. Also in Ankara, the candidate of the opposition party, the CHP won. There, the dispute over the mayor’s office is finished but since Monday: Mansur Yavas took office as the mayor of Ankara after the election authority had rejected the objection of the AKP.

imamoğlu criticized on Tuesday, the ACP was questioning the entire process, “just because you lost the elections”. He urged his opponent to accept the results: “The outcome of this election.” Also, the citizens would have recognized. “We have won, accept it.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said on Monday that no one had “the right and power, with a difference of 13,000 or 14,000 votes as the winner attitude.” He described the vote as illegal and said it was a “organized crime”.

Ankara and Istanbul were ruled for 25 years by Islamic-conservative mayors. For President and AKP Chairman Erdogan is mainly Istanbul important: the city is The economic center of the country and has a high symbolic significance. The loss of Istanbul would be a major setback for Erdogan, who was once mayor of the metropolis.

across the Country, the ruling party of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had won the local election. However, they lost in metropolises in popularity.