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The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby”: Short Animation, Release Date, Characters and Other Details

The 4 Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby” is releasing short animation and the fans are excited about it. The manga series is making the fans excited and they can’t wait to watch some new content related to their manga series. The short story will focus on the life of the same anime characters and will be the spinoff of the original manga series. The Japanese manga series is creating a lot of buzzes lately because they have fresh concepts. Adults and youngsters are enjoying the manga series and even the market is expanding globally. Let’s dig some more details about the spin-off of The 4 Koma Manga of Uma Horse Pretty derby.

Who is in the cast of The 4 Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby”?

The 4 Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby

Special Week (CV: Azuki Aki)

The free-spirited girl who has a bright character comes from the countryside. She brings joy and brightness in the anime series. You can look forward to her scenes as it brings a ray of shine in the series. Her aim is to become a horse girl who is number 1.

Silence Suzuka (CV: Marika Takano)

Silence Suzuka is Spe’s roommate and friend. She is an inspiration to her and learns a lot from her while staying with her. The girl is calm and silent and doesn’t interfere in anyone’s business.

Grass Wonder (CV: Reina Maeda)

Grass wonder is a peace-loving girl who is a horse girl also. She is friends with Spe and Silence Suzuka and plays a major part in the series.

King Halo (CV: Iori Saeki)

King Halo is a proud character that doesn’t care about anybody. She is a difficult character and other characters in the anime find it hard to deal with him. She is a strong and ambitious woman and her motto is to never give up.

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Who is the team behind the theme song “Pooitto♪ Haruya!”?

  • Lyrics: corochi Composition
  • Arrangement: Tetsuya Uchida (Cygames)
  • Song: Special Week (CV: Azumi Waki)
  • Glass Wonder (CV: Reina Maeda)
  • L Condor Passer (CV: Minami Takahashi)
  • Seiunsky (CV: Akari Kitou)
  • King Halo (CV: Iori Saeki)

What is the plot of The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby?

The 4 Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby

The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby plot is about horse girls who want to become the best in Japan. The horse girls are competitive and work hard to win horse riding competitions. The manga revolves around various characters of girls who aim to become the best horse girls in Japan. The manga series also has many interesting incidents where we see the girls competing in different challenges.

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What is the release date of The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby?

The release date of The 4-Koma Manga Of “Uma Horse Pretty Derby doesn’t have an official release date as yet. The makers haven’t announced any release date as yet. There are also rumors circulating that a game will be released based on the manga series. Due to COVID-19, the game is on the halt and the developers are releasing short films and anime series. We will update you with the latest buzz regarding the release date as soon as we hear something about it.

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