this morning, I stood in a Cologne train Station, bookstore, once again in front of the Reclam-shelf. Only railway Station bookstores, the shelves are good the train Station bookstores and on this we must discuss further below, not necessarily, but let me bring this end-of-paragraph: Before every train ride I’ll buy myself ritually for the price of a half of lukewarm coffee in one of these narrow, bright yellow folders, which I distorted in my school days with desert Doodles. The small volume of Gottfried Keller, Walter Benjamin, Georg Büchner, Arthur Schnitzler (this time there were stories of Thomas Bernhard) are, for me, today, a few decades later, a loud little treasure box, I read them with enjoyment and significantly less a Doodle. And even if I only manage to do 20 pages before I fall asleep blissfully snoring on the shoulder of my seat neighbors on the train: It’s fantastic scale two to three euros each Time.

The small yellow travel reading as a Ritual Meike Winnemuth: to make it short

Meike Winnemuth writes columns, since you can recognize the letters, since 2013, also for the star. Long as they had a colossal inferiority complex compared to authors who can do 900-page Tome. In the meantime, she has resigned to the fact that it is a text Sprinter with short-range brain, and is committed to the Northern German Motto “Not long time”. If she struggles, however, to a proper book, the crazy a Bestseller on how to your travel book “The great Los. How I won with Günter Jauch half a Million and just drove off”.

This Reclam-trip ritual is sacred to me, and so we are on the subject: Recently, I tend to romanticize things I do regularly and like rituals. Even banal routines are ennobled this kind of: in which order I switch the teas in the course of the day, I drink the tea on Sunday, always from a certain Cup, so everyday stuff. Actually, not the attention and not worth talking about, but by the label of “Ritual” just yet.

I don’t know if there is a phenomenon of aging is that you hold on to cherished habits so firmly and in such a celebrated, but this is what I see everywhere in my environment. Absolutely orthodox is because always orders the number 207 in the Thai and manic this looking for a certain abgekaute Pen, without the you supposedly can’t write a word. It is always the 15 minutes of Meditation, without which the day can not begin the two to three Netflix episodes of “Friends” in the evening, in bed, without which you can’t get to sleep – the Ritualization of everyday life has assumed epidemic trains.

The reasons for solar are clear: It is changing so much and so quickly, that it holds for all the more fervent at the same festival. And in our secular times, the pain seems to lack. All religions are made up of rituals, from the eternal repetition of the same prayers, chants, formulas – these are the soothing monotonous reliability concerns are now retaining in a different way.

the prehistoric man’s need, the own life structure and meaning to give, and it was by the choice of a teacup. The community-creating function of Religion, in turn, will be replaced by new forms of the creed: he Who swears by the same phone manufacturer, is to a brother or sister in the spirit.

Similar to a Religion

The Funny thing is: as in the case of true religions the Disciples are modern private religions quickly apodictic. Dissenters will not be tolerated, contradictions difficult to bear: it is Only in this and no other Restaurant there is the best roasts in the city, Oh what, in the world, only at this place for the best curry sausage, amen. Only these sneakers are the only acceptable, only the railway station book trade with Reclam are shelf is bearable, see above. In waking moments, you know, of course, that arrant nonsense, but this nonsense is at least useful. He gives you a good Grip. It is the railing, where one gropes along the precipices of life, step by shaky step forward.

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