After the first parliamentary election since a military coup five years ago, Thailand is now waiting for the result. The state election Commission will announce on Monday (0800 GMT) to give more precise Figures.

Preliminary Figures from Sunday evening, according to the party of military is commander-in-chief Prayut Chan-o-cha, with several hundred thousand votes in front of the largest party of the democratic Opposition. Thus, Prayut has good chances to be office keep.

For the distribution of the 500 seats in the house of representatives – the lower house of Parliament – there is still no reliable information. The 250 seats in the Senate – the upper house – are determined without any choice by the military. The final result is expected in a few weeks. On the Internet, many comments from Thai users, according to the election irregularities, should have been circulating. Independent verification did not exist.

The election Commission had postponed the announcement of more accurate Figures on Sunday evening, without much justification, on Monday. After the counting of 94 percent of the pro-military party, Palang Pracharat (PPRP) was about 7.6 million votes ahead. The top candidate was Prayut. On court two, the opposition party Pheu Thai Ex-Premier Thaksin Shinawatra, the military had once crashed landed, therefore, with about 7.2 million votes.

The 65-year-old Prayut had a military coup in 2014, as head of the army of a democratically-elected Shinawatra government from office. Since then, the military Constitution and the election has changed the law to his favor. In the Southeast Asian Kingdom of coups have certainly become a Tradition Since the abolition of the absolute monarchy in 1932, there were already a dozen. Even before the election, it was clear that the military will retain a large influence – regardless of the outcome.

In the Internet, many Thai users were surprised that the participation should have, in spite of long queues in many polling stations, only at 65.9 percent. In addition, according to almost two million invalid votes. In a Video to see how a soldier inspected the ballot papers of other soldiers, before they are thrown into the urn.

Prayut was passed with a clear advantage in the election. The future Premier is elected by both chambers of Parliament together. The safe 250 seats in the Senate he would need in the house of representatives only 126 seats. However, he would, according to the previous Figures, only the head of a minority government. In the government of everyday life, he would have to rely on laws to get through.

In third place in the intermediate result of the party’s Future Forward was in the evening to the entrepreneurs Thanathorn Juanggroongruangkit (40) with around 5.3 million votes. It is suspected that she was chosen especially by younger voters. In the case of the two largest opposition parties, cooperation with the military is excluded. Would it be possible to but Prayut gets the support of smaller parties.

Originally, it was expected that Pheu Thai is the strongest party: The Shinawatra camp had won since 2001, all of the options. The Ex-Premier now lives abroad, with mixing in Thailand’s politics but still. The military took great pains to reduce its influence. Around the choice of strict security force. Some hold new street protests if the election victory, the military confirmed.