The oldest sister of Thailand’s king, Princess Ubolratana, has apologized for her quickly ended the tour in the policy. On your Instagram account, the 67-regretted-Year-old, that they have superfluous prepares “problems”.

The Princess had. on the last Friday of the party of a friend’s family as a top candidate for the planned parliamentary election on 24 March in place. After a power word of her brother, king Maha Vajiralongkorn (66), was declared the candidacy of the state to be inadmissible.

On Instagram, where the people’s popular Princess has almost 100,000 Followers, wrote Ubolratana: “I’m sorry that my determination to work for the country and its people, has caused problems. That shouldn’t have happen in these days and in this age.”

the candidacy of the party Thai Raksa Chart (TRC), the rich, the influence of the Shinawatra was close to Supports family. The Shinawatras were in the past years, the two-Time Prime Minister. Both times, staged a coup with the army.

After the recent coup of 2014, the military promised on several occasions early elections, postponed. Now you are supposed to take place by the end of next month. The acting Prime Minister, General Prayut Chan-o-cha, then for a party, which is close to the army.

The TRC-party ban is now threatening even. The competent national electoral Committee, called on Wednesday the constitutional court. He accuses the party, “against the constitutional monarchy of the country,” acted.

In Thailand for about 240 years, the dynasty, the Chakris. Until 1932, the country was an absolute monarchy. The extremely rich king’s house, still has a very important position.