new Zealand is in shock. In an attack on two mosques in the city of Christchurch, 49 people were killed. You were just asked to Friday in the houses of Prayer, as the fire was opened on them. The Prime Minister Jacinder Ardern said it was a “terrorist attack” and “one of the darkest days in new Zealand’s history”.

The police announced that four Suspects were arrested, one of them was free again. It is determined, in which connection the other two people did. One of the perpetrators was an Australian citizen at the age of late twenties. This has been confirmed with the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison. The man is the detention judge. He is accused of multiple homicide, as chief investigator Mike Bush. On Twitter a Video of the arrest of the alleged courses Protect.


The alleged perpetrator – the Brenton T. call – streamed his act at Facebook live. Here he is shortly before his rampage to see

©offender video DPA perpetrators streamed rampage live on Facebok

The perpetrator had transferred his act to Facebook via Live-Stream, possibly with a helmet camera. Several media reports, the Name of the alleged perpetrator was Brenton T. and refer to the Facebook page of the Australian streamed.

In a 74-page Manifesto Brenton T. describes himself as a “simple, white man, 28 years old. Working class, low-income family born in Australia,” reports the Australian channel SBS. In the Manifesto, Brenton T. writes that he lived only briefly in new Zealand, while he planned the deed, and trained. He then decided ultimately in favour of the fact, also in new Zealand. According to the Manifesto he had to avenge the attack to “the thousands of dead by foreign invaders”.

Christchurch new Zealand

Terrorist attack on mosques – at least 49 people shot.

DPA offender refers to Terror victims and Breivik

The Swedish newspaper “Expressen” reported that the alleged perpetrator had the name of a victim of the terrorist attack in Stockholm in April 2017 in his Manifesto. In addition, he is said to have the gunman Anton Lundin Pettersson honored to be killed in Sweden, a school has multiple pupils with a migrant background. According to the Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, the perpetrator was said to have claimed that he had stood with the extreme right-wing bomber Anders Bering Breivik in contact and even get support. The fact, and the Manifesto of Brenton T. have many Parallels to Breivik.


A Screenshot from the Livestream of the offender, shows the murder weapon – it is everywhere white

©offender video Reuters


scribbling on The guns of the attack in the trunk of the perpetrator – here the labels are clearly visible to

©offender video DPA

According to the Manifest, he honors also Donald Trump and referred to him as a Symbol of a “new white identity”. According to the newspaper “Daily Mail” said Brenton T. to kill politicians, including Angela Merkel. In addition, the alleged perpetrator writes, among other things, about rape, which were committed by British-Pakistani men in the UK. He refers much to Serbian nationalists. During the trip, the offenders also heard music, including marching music, and a Serbian propaganda song, such as from a network that is circulating on Video.

The terrorist attack is the most serious in the history of the Pacific state. Mass shooting are in the country just as rarely, the last time a gunman, in 1990, shot and killed thirteen people after a neighborhood dispute.

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