The Federal police remains on alert: she leaves the Stuttgart airport, not only by special units guarding it, but searched on Friday morning in the state capital, also several apartments. This a spokesman for Spiegel Online said. The reason for these measures, the investigation against four persons. You should have spied on the airport of Stuttgart, systematically, to commit to later have a stroke, reports the “Bild”newspaper and the Südwestrundfunk (SWR).

search for four Suspects

police after a terrorist suspect at Stuttgart airport nationwide “awareness”


The German authorities had been in advance warned. The decisive tip came at the beginning of the secret services of Morocco in December, according to the SWR. People wanted to perpetrate in the German-French border area of a suicide attack, it said. The destination airport was. According to research by the SWR, the Moroccans sent to the German, but also excerpts from a suspect’s Chat. It says: “you are waging war against Islam, my brothers and I are here to fight you.” A participant asks: “Will I be alone?” The response was: “no, we are more!”

The Suspects were already in France

The Moroccans with supplied the German equal to the name. Two of the Wanted to be Westphalia, father and son and originated from North-Rhine, it said. According to information of the “Bild”-Zeitung, a third suspect is supposed to be a friend of the son. Security authorities shall classify the father as a member of the Salafist scene in NRW.

The warning was already on 3. December. Already on 13. December fell on the French police at the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle, a German Mercedes Sprinter. The passenger had popped out, and I hastily made photos of the terminal. Then they roared away. The driver, the Frenchman could not identify, however, the holder: It was the Salafist from North Rhine-Westphalia, before the Moroccans had warned.

Anti-terrorism Exercise at airport Cologne/Bonn

gunfire, explosions, Deaths – so police are staging a serious case

Already on 12. December had played the same scene at the Stuttgart airport. Also this time the men escaped from my custody before a Patrol could take them. But their faces were clearly visible on the Surveillance recordings. After an exchange with the French colleagues was for the Federal police is clear: The Duo, the bridge, the airports in Stuttgart and Paris, was one and the same.

Severe Anti-terrorist units in the Stuttgart Terminal

As the men were able to escape every Time the access of the police, the investigation against her and two other people. Until further notice, the Federal government wants to police at Stuttgart airport, the serious BFE+ units patrolling who are trained in Anti-terrorist operations.

The heightened security measures the Stuttgart Airport to the main time to travel before the Christmas holiday. For Friday, up to 35,000 passengers are expected at the airport, as a spokeswoman was on Thursday informed. The are about 10,000 passengers more than on other days.