Actually, the New Yorker, Joanna Cullen wanted to visit on a late December afternoon, only the tomb of their parents in the St. Charles cemetery on Long Island. But the trip in the evening twilight Years, as the “New York Post” reported to a traumatic experience for the 64. And now, over two years after the incident, a case from a court in the metropolis

the rest of your 1992 deceased father John Paul and three years later, the deceased’s mother Evelyn site have bowed to Cullen at the time down to attach to a wreath next to the grave stone a bit, when all of a sudden, a depression had formed and the woman had literally “swallowed”, such as it is, according to the “New York Post” from court documents.

lawsuit for five million dollars against a cemetery

“crashed My client, and hit his head on the grave stone,” said the lawyer Cullens. A Tooth has broken off. When you try to break free, it was up to the hips in the floor, sunken in, and I can only cling to the headstone. The help of the woman’s call had been heard by anyone.

woman injured

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“If someone is in the twilight is drawn in the tomb of the parents, it is terrifying and traumatic,” said the lawyer who assisted his client in their Five-million-Dollar lawsuit against the cemetery’s administration.

Cullen-I still have nightmares and fear walks on fields. A therapy was necessary. To the tomb of her parents, she will return, “never again,” said the lawyer. The incident had made Joanna Cullen to an emotional wreck.

The sink was not built according to the lawyer, because cemetery employees neighboring graves have after the eviction, duly filled in. Through the lawsuit, the 64-Year-old wants to ensure that “the employees of the cemetery to learn from the incident and this is something nobody happens”.

falls when the judgment in the process, is not known.

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