On the tenth anniversary of the amok run of Winnenden is there meant to be this Monday again the victims. Around 9.33 PM, the bells in the small town near Stuttgart in the past years, all the Church bells. Went this time on 11. In March 2009, the first emergency call to the police.

A former student was, at the time, entered the Albertville-Realschule and had opened up with the gun in his father’s fire. He killed eight students, a student and three teachers during the lesson. On his flight to Wendlingen of 17 shot-Year-old, three other people and then himself.

At a memorial in the sight of the school, are recited the names of the Murdered and their age. Most of them were 15 or 16 years old. To the memorial ceremony in Baden-württemberg expects the Minister of the interior Thomas Strobl (CDU). Later, worship services are planned.