and That boys and girls have from time to time, not in the mood for school, sometimes. That you can hang at home or somewhere else around than to go into the classroom, happens also. In some families, the parents do not pay attention enough to whether children in your school are doing a duty well enough.

A case of the of the “Weser Kurier” reported, but it reveals quite different dimensions. In Bremen, a ten-year-old Boy is not supposed to be gone for four years in the school – and nobody noticed his Absence. The parents had enrolled the boys never seem to, so that I have visited in all his life no school.

According to the report, the family lived alternately in Germany and abroad. Another reason why the truancy in this case, so long ignored was, but it is of a structural nature: There are too few employees in the competent authorities that ensure that the school is observed. In the case of the ten years of the appropriate position had not been occupied for a long time – other employees would have had to do fines for parents whose children are not in school, “by the way”.

penalties of between 500 and 1000 Euro for truants

In Germany, school is compulsory until 16. Age and also police can be set. If the child goes to school and the parents are not active, reported the incident to the school authority, which can impose fines of between 500 and 1000 Euro. In Bremen had to pay in the last school year, 124 of the parents of such a fine.

the Bodies of the authority, as well as the upstream social work, whose employees are involved in the schools and in the focal points, well, all the more important, as more and more parents enroll their children either to class or not with enough emphasis in the school. In the Hanseatic city of Bremen will now be stepping up its work on the issue – as a lesson from the striking case of the ten-year school denier. After all, it is also a social responsibility, as Stefanie Hofer from the regional Advisory centre Bremen-West “Radio Bremen”, said: “There are Figures that everyone schulm cutter, which can not be re-integrated back into school and in the society, about ten Times greater than that in the run-up.”

source: Weser Kurier, Radio Bremen