The most important messages at a Glance:Tehran sets British Tanker (20.11 PM)death threat against WDR-editor-in-chief (16: 51)Severe earthquake in Athens (13: 44)breaks a maximum of Three Dead in small plane crash in Tirol (7.56 PM)met after the triple murder of Hille (10.21 p.m.)Moscow: a plane to the Smoke evacuated (5.32 PM)NOAA: Past June heat record (2.22 PM)

the news of The day:

+++ 22.11 PM: Tehran sets of two British tankers +++

The Iranian revolutionary guards have set up a British Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz fixed. The Tanker “Stena Impero” had violated “international maritime rules,” it said on the official Website of the revolutionary guards. Therefore, the ship had been seized. On Thursday, the U.S. had shot down in the escalating conflict between the West with Iran a drone, when it was of the view that U.S. security adviser John Bolton to be an Iranian model. According to the British government, and the second trade has been applied to a ship by Iranian authorities, as announced by the Ministry of foreign Affairs in London.

+++ 20.18 PM: Ten bodies found in Mexico – and burial +++

On a plot of land in Mexico, the bodies of ten of the alleged Victims of a criminal gang have been discovered tortured. This is the current balance of a multi-day search, the continued further said the state forensic Institute in the Western state of Jalisco. First of all, three of the Dead were, therefore, last Saturday, the hands tied and with signs of torture, in a house in the town of Tonala has been found. Later, it was searched for in the 200-square-metre garden of the property with the help of sniffer dogs after Sacrifice. The investigators found, both buried bodies as well as bags with body parts. In the area that belongs to the city of Guadalajara, is the most powerful drug cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación active. In the past few months, there were made a number of similar findings.

+++ 18.28 PM: 15-Year-old attacked and abused: suspect arrested +++

Just a week after the brutal attack on a 15-Year-old in Bergkamen in the Ruhr area, a suspect has been arrested. The Suspect was according to police, a 32-Year-old from Bergkamen. The officials were at the access with a larger array in use, a spokesman said. The Suspect had resisted, no one hurt had been but. The man was, for the time being in custody, whether custody is requested, but it is still unclear. The young people had been in need of last Saturday evening on the way home by an Unknown sexually abused. According to police sources, the perpetrators of the 15 beat-Year-olds, presumably with a gun several times on the head. The man should be taken “extremely brutal”. The victim had to be treated in the hospital.

+++ 17.25: the Alleged birthplace of St. Peter in Israel discovered +++

During excavations in the Galilee Region in Northern Israel, archaeologists may have encountered the birth place of Saint Peter. The findings pointed to the historic fishing village of Bethsaida, where the two apostles Peter and Andrew the John-to be born of the gospel according to, said the head of the excavations, Mordechai Aviam from Israeli Kinneret Academic College, of the AFP.

“The Last Testament”

A host of followers: These seven men for Jesus

in addition to the Remains of a Roman settlement has been found, therefore, a Byzantine Church. The settlement corresponds to the village of Bethsaida, as the Roman historian Flavius Josephus in the first century after Christ had described, said Aviam. The Church is passe in addition to a report of Bishop Willibald of Eichstätt, to have visited the area in the year 725 ad. Willibalds, according to records was built on the spot where Peter and his brother Andreas had lived in a Church. “We have so far unearthed only less than one third of the Church, but it is a Church, that’s for sure,” said Aviam.

His colleague, Steven Notley from Nyack College in New York was more careful. Only the complete excavation of the Church to bring the definitive proof, he told the daily newspaper “Haaretz”.

In the Galilee for decades, instead of excavations in search of the birthplace of St. Peter. In Christianity, Peter is considered to be one of the first Disciples of Jesus. The Catholic Church revered him as their first Pope.

+++ 16.51 PM: death threat against WDR-editor-in-chief +++

After a death threat against Georg Restle, the Director of the editorial office of “Monitor”, submitted by the WDR criminal complaint. The Letter was attributed to the appearance of the extreme right-wing spectrum, shared with the transmitter.


The Journalist Georg Restle talks in October 2018, during a Demonstration against racism in front of the Berlin victory column

©Christoph Soeder DPA

The death threat case in a time, in the Georg Restle after a AfD-critical comment in the “daily themes” heavy insults and attacks in the network is exposed to, it said in a statement to the press.

WDR Director Tom Buhrow said: “the fact That there is a death threat against one of our journalists, horrified and shocked me. We do everything we can to protect our colleagues – like all others – and to support him. Georg Restle is an excellent investigative Journalist who accompanied the political landscape in Germany is critical. Perfidious threats of this kind will not deter us from doing our Job as journalists. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press to be of great value. If you do not accept this, is an enemy of democracy.”

+++ 16.48 PM: Kosovo’s head of government Haradinaj resigns +++

Kosovo’s head of government, Ramush Haradinaj resigned on Friday as a surprise. Haradinaj announced his decision on Friday after a government meeting to the press. As the reason he called in the next week, the upcoming survey by the International criminal court in The Hague, before which he would appear, according to its own representation “as a citizen and not as head of government”.

Haradinaj, are charged with war crimes against the Serbian population during the war in Kosovo in 1999.

+++ 16.20 PM: hikers injured in escape from the brown bear in Slovakia +++

A hiker injured fleeing from a brown bear in Slovakia. As media service HZS reported on Friday, citing the Slovak mountain rescue, said the man from the Czech Republic and sa partner on a hike in the Western Tatras on the animal encountered. Although the bear did not attack the two of them, they were frightened and in front of him ran away. The man had fallen down and got injured on the ankle. The woman had alerted the mountain rescue. After the rescuers verarzteten the injured, he can make his way to continue.

After a large-scale official census in 2016 in Slovakia there are more than 1200 free-living bears. Normally, you go to the people out of the way. Only if you see themselves or their young are threatened, they attack. It came in the past few years, a number of cases of violations of people.

+++ 15: 28: Fortunately, no major damage after earthquakes in Greece +++

left by The earthquake in the afternoon near the Greek capital of Athens, fortunately, no major damage. The center of the quake with a magnitude of 5.1 was approximately 25 kilometres North-West of the Greek capital, at a depth of around 15 kilometers, explained seismologists in broadcasting. For this reason, the quake was felt as so strong, was confirmed by the head of the Geodynamic Institute, Manolis Pleionis.


Out of fear of these employees a Athens company ran out and informed friends and family via cell phones, that you are in safety

©Petros Giannakouris / AP, DPA,

Many state buildings had to be evacuated for safety reasons, thousands of people ran on the streets, according to eyewitnesses. In many places, the power went out on Friday. The fire Department had to move out, to free people from stuck elevators. The telecommunications broke down temporarily. There were, however, according to preliminary findings, but hardly injured. “Two old uninhabited houses collapsed,” said Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas. Only three people had been by the falling of plaster of houses slightly injured, it said on the part of the ambulance service. A helicopter started circling over Athens, in order to damage. In some cases, there were small landslides reported to the ERT.

in 1999, was shaken by a strong earthquake in the same Region in the North-West of Athens, the Greek capital, it claimed more than 140 lives.

+++ 15.17 PM: Flixbus-makers are also carpooling to +++

The Flixbus-provider now wants to penetrate on the market of the mobile community services. The brand Flixcar will start in the year 2020 in Europe, with shared mobility provider Flixmobility. In which countries can you Flixcar use, is still unclear.

The concept: motorists offer on one of Flixmobility-run platform free places in your car. The Flixcar Service will be free of charge.

Zum Deutschland-Start

newcomer Blablabus taunts against Platzhirsch Flixbus


Thus, the mobility provider is again expanding its bandwidth. He started with long-distance bus journeys and now offers the brand Flixtrain also train journeys in long-distance traffic on individual routes in Germany. Flixcar to be integrated into the company, according to the information in the existing range of Flixbus and Flixtrain. It is also intended to serve as a Supplement for regions not yet covered, as it was said.

An already existing large ride-on community service, the French offer is Blablacar. This company, in turn, had recently expanded its offering with the introduction of the long-distance bus market.

+++ 15.01 PM: Multiple victims at Explosion in a gas plant in Central China +++

In a huge Explosion at a gas plant in Central China, there have been multiple victims. In the Chinese state media, the speech was of two Missing and several injured. The accident happened on Friday afternoon local time in Yima, which belongs to the city of Sanmenxia (Henan province). The Explosion resulted in a wide radius for damage, and left window panes to shatter. A huge cloud of smoke rose above the factory, as you can see on pictures in the Internet. An investigation into the cause of the disaster had been initiated, it was said officially.

+++ 14.52 at: 800-year-old fortification wall in Klagenfurt +++

archaeologists discovered the remains of a medieval city wall have been discovered in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt discovered. As the Austrian news Agency APA reported on Friday, the researchers found, among other things, a cat head patch, remnants of a fire from the 16. Century and ceramic shards. Reinhard Rohr, President of the Carinthian state Parliament, described the Fund as historically significant.

the city wall was in the area that was previously assumed on the basis of sources only. The Fund is now in the archaeological evidence. Heimo Dolenz from the national Museum told the APA that the walls would have the for the time typical shallow foundations. The oldest ceramic finds came from the 12. until the early 13th century. Century.

+++ 14.45: More aftershocks in Greece +++

After the serious earthquake in the vicinity of Athens has been rocked by a series of aftershocks in the Region. Partly magnitudes were measured 4.4 on the Richter scale.

+++ 14: 30-A dead, a Quadriplegic six years in prison for speeders +++

After a fatal traffic accident under the influence of drugs has been sentenced to a 46-year-old racer on Friday in Aachen, Germany to six years in prison. The man had had with his Partner, armed and him with of the common travel with over 100 kilometres per hour, fear want to scare, said a court spokesman on Friday the justification of the judge.

Like in a car race of the defendant in January in Alsdorf near Aachen, Germany, was unabated with at least pace the 135 on a stationary car at a red traffic light. The 43-year-old Partner of the accused was a passenger and died. The then 48-year-old at the traffic light waiting at the end of the driver is paralyzed since then, the cross-section.

The speeder was convicted of unauthorized motor vehicle race that resulted in death and serious injury to health. Because of the drug use, the judge of a reduced debt ability went out.

+++ 14.13 PM: the Iranian oil Tanker will remain for a further 30 days in Gibraltar, we set +++

at The beginning of July in Gibraltar, applied to the Iranian oil Tanker “Grace 1” is not able to leak out of the British overseas territory. The Supreme court of Gibraltar decided on Friday, the Tanker for a further 30 days as the Prosecutor’s office mitteilte. The Gibraltar authorities suspect Iran to Syria in violation of international sanctions with the Oil supply. The oil Tanker was on 4. July applied. Tehran had rejected the accusations of Gibraltar and of an act of “piracy” is spoken. The Tanker has around two million litres of Oil on Board. The authorities in Gibraltar arrests four Indian crew members of the tanker for interrogation, temporarily, put it down on 12. July without charge free.

+++ 14.07 PM: EU approves billion package for refugee care in Turkey +++

The European Commission has granted a EUR 1.4 billion dollar aid package for Syrian refugees in Turkey. The money will help to ensure the health care and social protection of the people, informed the authorities in Brussels on Friday. In addition, regions with special many refugees should receive funds for the upgrading of municipal infrastructure.

The 1.4 billion Euro to be paid from the pot of money that was promised to Turkey in the course of 2016 closed Flüchtlingspakts. The pot is equipped with a total of six billion, of which around 2.4 billion euros are paid out. The refugee Pact stipulates that the EU can send all the migrants who come illegally via Turkey to the Greek Islands, and back. In return, EU States, Turkey protection from the poor people in Syria and to Finance aid for living in Turkey, refugees. Their number was most recently specified with around 3.6 million.

+++ 13: 53: opponents of the No-Deal-Brexits want Queen to be the exit, apparently to Brussels to send +++

The British Queen Elizabeth II could be a report by the BBC, according to the political dispute with the EU-the UK pulled. As reported by the Sender, consider conservative opponents of an unregulated exit, to send the 93-year-old monarch, with the request that an extension of the Brexit period to Brussels. Drives you to the concern, a future Prime Minister Boris Johnson could refuse a decision of the Parliament against an unregulated to accept the outlet.

Controversial politician

Boris Johnson – the man who wants to lead the British out of the Brexit-Chaos

Linda judge

the UK until the evening of 31 December. October from the international community leaving. It is feared that it comes to a resignation without a contract. Johnson wants to take the in buy, should not engage in Brussels to make further concessions to the Brexit Treaty. In the Parliament of fierce resistance, however. The members may prescribe an application in Brussels for the extension of the Brexit period by law. The request for an extension can be only by the government.

observers believe it is as good as excluded, to make that happen. It is considered as unwritten law in the constitutional monarchy of Britain that the Royal family keeps strictly out of politics. The debate shows, however, how much the political crisis in the UK has now become a constitutional crisis: the idea that a Prime Minister could override the will of Parliament, had previously been considered practically unthinkable.

+++ 13.47 PM: conjoined twins born in Berlin +++

In the Charité hospital in Berlin has brought a woman to Siamese twins to the world. The caesarean section was a good run, said the University medical center. For more Details about the birth on Thursday to the clinic for reasons of personality protection price. Siamese twins are identical twins whose skin and internal organs. The fertilised Egg divides in the womb, only incomplete. The chances of Survival in five to 25 percent, about half of all conjoined twins comes dead to the world.

+++ 13.45: the operator of the Car toll: Scheuer dirty” +++

playing for contracts “In the dispute over the broken Car toll accuses one of the intended operator of Ministers of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) to play on time. The Ministry of games “dirty, with a view to the disclosure of the operator contract,” said the head of corporate communications, CTS Eventim, Christian Steinhof, on Friday at the request of the German press Agency. “The Ministry seems to be to play for time.”

media report

By toll-Disaster: Green to sue the Minister of transport Scheuer


The interest in the contracts is large, because of it, after the Failure of the planned toll for Cars in front of the European court of justice in June claims for damages of the planned operators could arise. Whether this is so and how expensive it is for the taxpayer could be, could result in the contract details. Scheuer had signed the contracts for the collection and control of tolls, before the right safety stock, and immediately after the judgment is terminated.

CTS Eventim speaker Steinhof said the company had agreed to on Tuesday the unconditional disclosure of the operator agreement. “The Federal government is obviously surprised by the scope of the disclosure, which goes far beyond the usual measure. We have consented to the disclosure of commercial information. The Federal government asks us in all Seriousness whether he was to keep to the privacy regulation and personal data must be black.”

+++ 13.44 PM: Severe earthquake in Athens +++

The Greek capital of Athens has been rocked by a severe earthquake. The epicenter of the quake with a magnitude of 5.1 was about 23 to 25 kilometres North-West of Athens, as the Greek earthquake Institute said. In the capital, telephone and mobile phone connections collapsed. Media also reported power outages. Internet connections worked against it.

Since it was only at a depth of about 15 kilometers, was felt the quake as strong, said seismologists in broadcasting. Thousands of people ran to the streets on Friday, told the witnesses. The German research centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany, gave strength to its website 4.8.

The civil protection try to collect information on the situation, reported the state radio (ERT). Initially there were no reports of damage or casualties. The state TV channel ERT, according to the fire Department rescued about a dozen people in trains were included.

Because of the movement of tectonic plates in the Mediterranean region earthquakes. In Greece, there are regular tremors, they care but rarely for the victims. In 1999, 143 people died in a quake of magnitude 5.9, in Athens and in the Region to the North-West of the capital.

+++ 13.23 PM: administrative court allowed the extreme-right demonstration in Kassel +++

the extreme Right are allowed to demonstrate on Saturday in Kassel, Germany. The administrative court of Hesse (VGH) has decided on Friday. He thus rejected a complaint from the city of Kassel wanted to prevent the event in connection with the murder of the government of President Walter Lübcke. It is evident that the Assembly a reduction in Lübckes the threat, informed the VGH. The decision is final.

+++ 13.12 PM: Slovakia Kremlin critics do not deliver to Russia +++

Slovakia has rejected the extradition of a Russian businessman and Kremlin critic in his home country. The Slovak news Agency TASR reported on Friday, Minister of justice, Gabor Gal had rejected the extradition of Valentin Vinogradov as early as last week due to a lack of human rights standards in Russia. The business man is guaranteed in his home country, no fair trial, which adhered to all international conventions on human and civil rights, quoted by TASR from the justification of the Minister.

The Russian judiciary accuses the businessman Vinogradov million fraud in the sale of a shopping center in Moscow, as well as terrorism. His lawyers, including former Slovak Minister of justice Daniel Lipsic, said, however, the Slovak media, the allegations are just a pretext. In truth, it is about the man as a crown witness in a major financial dispute before an international arbitration court in London to turn off. In this method, Vinogradov had advised as a strain witness in bribery payments to be drained from the company Midland Development up to the highest circles of the Kremlin.

Vinogradov was arrested in July 2018, due to an international wanted warrant by the Russian authorities during a horse race in the South-Western Slovak town of Samorin.

+++ 13.04 PM: the court has once again imposed a penalty payment is due to bad air in Stuttgart +++

In the dispute over the quality of the air in Stuttgart has been imposed by the administrative court, once again, a penalty in the amount of 10,000 euros against the state of Baden-Württemberg. The judge had previously set a deadline of up to 1. July set and the punishment already threatened if the country refuses to continue, driving bans for diesel vehicles with the Euro 5 emission standard in the air quality plan for Stuttgart to be incorporated. It is in 2017, had been sentenced so far, but only driving bans for Diesel to Euro 4.

Against the decision of the administrative court of the Land may Lodge a complaint. It had already done in the case of the threat of the penalty, remained, but was unsuccessful. Once it has already paid 10,000 euros. The money goes to the justice Fund and, ultimately, the country.

+++ 12.45 PM: the number of Church leavers in Germany has also soared +++

From the Evangelical Church in Germany last year left about 220,000 people, the Catholic Church 216,000 people, as published today, Church statistics show. In the case of the Protestants, this meant a rise in defections to about 20,000, in the Catholic Church, even to almost 50,000. Overall, the number of in the two great churches of the registered Christians decreased. The Catholic Church has now 23,002 million members, over 300,000 fewer than in the year 2017. The number of Protestants decreased to 21,14 million.

+++ 12.42 PM: a Tourist in Italy, sleeping in a hammock: 300 Euro fine +++

A Tourist who has slept in a hammock in Italy a hefty fines to pay. The Austrians had placed his Mat in between two trees in a popular urban beach in Trieste, police said. Because this was a violation of the green area scheme, had to pay the 52-Year-old 300 Euro. On the Internet a storm of indignation broke loose after that. “Absurd penalty” or “give him back immediately the money”, – said in comments.

again and again, especially in the summer, curious punishments for tourists in Italy caused a stir. The city of Rome has imposed, for example, just this week, a penalty of 500 euros to a man dressed as a Roman Senator in the Trevi fountain had bathed.

+++ 12.35 PM: thieves steal in Hamburg, close to 50 luxury strollers +++

thieves have it in Hamburg on luxury apart stroller. Nearly 50 in the last few months in the city’s high air and Eppendorf were stolen, the police announced today. Plainclothesmen had been traveling in the area. They watched the end of June, then two 16-and 17-year-old teenagers in the theft of a stroller, and took you on a provisional basis. Whether you are for the other thefts also responsible, was the subject of the investigation, said a police spokesman. The stolen stroller costs from 1000 Euro.

Video of police violence

16 shots at a black Teenager in Chicago’s brewing

DPA +++ 12.32 p.m., Four policemen from Chicago because of a cover-up of death, shots fired +++

Four police officers from Chicago have been dismissed because the misconduct of a colleague in case of death shots on a black youth wanted to cover up. The police authority decided that the officials have exaggerated the risk, which is assumed to be the 17-year-old Laquan McDonald during a police operation in the year 2014. To police videos that were not published until a year after the fact, was to recognize that the white police officer Jason Van Dyke made a total of 16 shots on McDonald – the majority, was, as McDonald already on the ground.

Van Dyke was convicted in October 2018 for manslaughter to seven years in prison. The shots on McDonald caused months of protests and contributed to the founding of the movement Black Lives Matter (The life of the Black count), the campaigns country-wide against police violence.

+++ 12.09 PM: Merkel contradicts Trump-Remarks to democratic members +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has objected to the racist criticized Remarks by US President Donald Trump. “This is something, what is the strength of America, counters,” said Merkel at a press conference in Berlin. “I am strongly opposed to it”. You solidarisiere with the Trump attacked democratic members.

+++ 12 o’clock: five-year-old in fall from bus schany person who violates +++

A five-year-old girl has been fallen in Bonn through a broken pane of glass from a passing bus and seriously injured. The police announced today, had leaned the girl against the glass window in the rear part of the bus, when this suddenly broke. The child fell yesterday afternoon from the Bus and suffered cut injuries to the torso and a laceration to the head. It came in a hospital. The mother and eight-year-old brother of the girl sat with on the Bus and were witnesses to the accident.

According to initial investigations by the police, the affected windscreen of the bus had been damaged, possibly shortly before, or under-voltage advised. The bus driver was pushed according to the police, in the case of a driving maneuver of the disc against the Branch of a tree. The 43-Year-old continued his journey, however, without a care for the damage incurred.

+++ 11.58 PM: Suspected Islamists as a Security in the Bundesliga-stadiums +++

used with The Bundesliga club SC Paderborn and Werder Bremen have worked together in the past, with the two security forces, the contacts with violent Islamists should have had. Both Clubs reported the incident a few weeks ago the police, who is investigating the case at present, as the associations of the German press Agency confirmed. Also, the state security had been informed.

Two Chechen brothers worked for a security company in Paderborn have been moreover, according to Werder Bremen on a sub-contractor in Bremen’s Weser stadium operates. According to the WDR, one of the brothers has already become 2015 striking, because he had harbored sympathies for the attack on the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.

+++ 11.53 am: in Saxony, the CDU presents election campaign – Kretschmer in the centre +++

The Saxon CDU in the state election battle on their top candidate Michael Kretschmer. In three waves of 1000 large posters are to be hung with the head of government in the country. Here you can see the 44-year-old politician, among other things, with his partner Annett Hofmann Hiking in the Saxon Switzerland or in conversation with firefighters.


Prime Minister of Saxony, Kretschmer

©© 2019 AFP

“We go with great Confidence in this Election campaign. It is a direction that decides whether we can also make in the future, with stable conditions in the free state of Saxony, positive policy”, said the Secretary-General of the country-CDU, Alexander Dierks, at the launch of the campaign in Dresden. The CDU is a current poll for the election on may 1. September, on a par with the AfD.

+++ 11.46 PM: riders stop at rally in the Eifel region in the viewer group +++

At a rally festival in the Eifel, a participant and his car went into the spectators and six people were injured. The driver lost yesterday in Hörscheid apparently in a curve, the control of the car and ran off the roadway, the police announced today. This transit of the 55-Year-old, therefore, a butterfly net and came upon a Meadow to a halt. A 57-year-old Dutch woman and man of the same age suffered the reported serious injuries and had to be taken to the different hospitals. Four other people were slightly injured. The driver of the car and his passenger had remained unharmed. The exact cause of the accident by police and prosecutors.

+++ 11.42 PM: Three men in India due to alleged cattle-stealing lynched +++

Because you are supposed to have stolen two Buffalo, has beaten a Mob in India three men to death. Villagers in the district of Saran, had observed the car, the men with a delivery, said district police chief Har Kishore Rai. Then about 30 people would have bashed in with sticks on you. “We have taken three of the villagers because they have taken the law into their own hands,” says Rai more. The residents had filed a complaint against the alleged thieves.

according to The figures, the villagers were angry because the men have stolen from a neighboring village, already of their livestock. The police denied that it could have been in the Lynch murder of a religiously motivated act traded. Two of the victims belonged to the Hindu majority of the country, the third victim was a Muslim. Cattle of the Hindu majority in India are considered sacred. The slaughter of animals is illegal in most States. Mob attacks in connection with the theft and smuggling of animals in India again and again. The victims are mostly Muslims.

+++ 11.36 PM: France’s Senate votes for climate neutrality by 2050 +++

France wants to commit to climate neutrality in 2050: The Paris Senate-free made in the night to Friday the way. The upper house voted in first reading a climate and environmental law, which provides for compensation for all resulting emissions. President Emmanuel Macron wants to default on the EU level. The law also provides for reducing energy consumption from fossil sources by 2030 by 40 percent, and the last coal-fired power plants until 2022 to switch off. This is made possible by a longer Adherence to the atom energy. According to the law, the nuclear share in electricity production should be reduced now until 2035, and 50 percent – the socialist predecessor government wanted to do this ten years earlier.

+++ 11.15 PM: court judgment: the Netherlands limited is liable for the killings of Srebrenica +++

The Netherlands is limited to a Supreme court judgment only for the death of around 350 Muslim men in Srebrenica during the Yugoslavia war in 1995, liable. The low countries would have been able to save the men hardly, ruled by the High Council on Friday in The Hague. At the core of this highest court in the country confirmed the verdict of the previous instance of 2017, to the plaintiffs, but a significant lower compensation. The families of the victims, the “mothers of Srebrenica”, had brought the civil action. Against the judgment of the previous instance of the state had lodged an appeal.

anniversary of the massacre of 1995

In Srebrenica were a further 35 victims of the genocide beige


sets The UN protection zone of Srebrenica during the war, under the command of Dutch blue helmet soldiers. You were raised in the summer of 1995, Serb forces without a fight. Which had subsequently murdered some 8,000 Bosnian Muslim boys and men. For the genocide of Srebrenica responsible for the former Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and the Serb Ex-General Ratko Mladic to life in prison were as the main condemned.

+++ 11.04 PM: father killed wife and children in Switzerland +++

A 53-year-old man from Switzerland. according to the initial findings of the police, his wife and his two children and then killed himself The circumstances and background are still unclear, informed the Zurich cantonal police on Friday. The four bodies were found on Thursday evening. A woman had notified the police that her colleague had not come to work. The children were reported to be seven and nine years old. The police discovered the four dead in a multi-family house in Affoltern am Albis, South of Zurich. The Prosecutor’s office I for the Canton of Zurich is investigating.

+++ 10.21 PM: maximum the district court in Bielefeld sentenced both defendants to life imprisonment, met in process to triple murder of Hille +++

In the process the triple murder of Hille. The 53-year-old former foreign Legionnaire, Jörg W. was convicted of three counts of murder, 25-year-old son, Kevin R. drawing with murder two. For both, the court also noted the particular Severity of the debt, in W.’s case was, in addition, ordered preventive detention. “The debt weighs particularly heavy,” said the presiding judge, Georg Zimmermann to two of the defendants.

Life imprisonment required

the court will announce the verdict for the triple murder of Hille


The court saw it as proven that both greed killed three men brutally, and two stations in Eastern Westphalia, Hille have buried. The Victims were, according to the indictment, the 72-year-old Gerd F., who lived on a farm in the vicinity of the farm from W., the 64-year-old laborer, Jochen K. and the 30-year-old Fadi S., a business partner, W. s. The dramatic case came to light because the family of the victim had reported their relatives missing.

In the criminal proceedings gruesome Details had come to light. The bodies showed traces of brutal violence, of the experts reported after their investigation of broken bones, fractures, and brain injuries. The acts perpetrated by the Duo, therefore, with a Hammer, bricks and a knife. In the process, both of the accused blamed each other for the deeds committed.

+++ 10.20 PM: a Sea-Watch: captain Missiles left to leave Italy +++

The German captain Carola Missiles has Italy, according to Sea-Watch. A spokeswoman for the aid organization, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Missiles had broken out of their knowledge, to Germany, and would then go somewhere else. For more information, the spokeswoman made it.

Italy’s right-wing interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, said that he could not expect, “this spoiled German Communist, to identify and send you home.” Missiles against but because of insults on the net a libel suit on the Run.

+++ 10.14 PM: British Minister of Finance announces resistance against Johnson +++

Shortly before his resignation, Britain’s Finance Minister Philip Hammond has announced his opposition, Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister seeking a Brexit, without agreement with the EU. “I’m still a member of the lower house. I’m going to do the behind Bank everything possible to ensure that the Parliament has blocked a disordered Brexit,” said Hammond of the “süddeutsche Zeitung” and “Le Monde”. Hammond did not rule out explicitly, a possible no-confidence to support a vote against Johnson.

M. extensor: Last Call

Last Call, for real this time

By Michael Streck

Johnson’s own admission, ready to lead the United Kingdom without a withdrawal agreement from the EU. He is considered the favorite in the ballot of the members of the British Conservative party, the results of the 23. July are expected. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, withdraws, then, in favour of the election winner, even Hammond wants to come back.

+++ 10.05 PM: Life imprisonment for Australians to murder in family +++

sentenced to An Australian who has murdered his three daughters, their mother and grandmother, is life imprisonment have been. Because of the Seriousness of the offence, the 25-Year-old should be released as the first person in the state of Western Australia, never from the prison, the court of judge Stephen Hall on Friday at the Supreme court in Perth. The children – two-year-old twins and a three and a half years old girl – were asleep at home. The information that the father had previously written in a diary about wanting to make his family out. The man had planned the murders over days, said the judge.

The five bodies were in the last September, in a residential building in Perth, have been discovered after the family’s father had told at a police station in the far North of Perth to the nearby mining town of Pilbara Happen.

+++ 10.01 PM: Numerous plants in Germany, extinct in the past 150 years +++

In the last 150 years, a media report says that many plants on the territory of the present-day Federal Republic of extinct or no longer found.

Hazardous substances

These plants contain the most deadly poisons in the world – and some are also available in Germany

Overall, in this period, 149 so-called plant taxa are gone all the species or sub – species, told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”, citing a response from the Federal government to a request of the Greens. The government response alone there are 76 species of ferns or flowering plants are affected. From this group 1068 are therefore also currently listed as endangered. This corresponds to a share of 27.5 percent, of the native plants from the group of the ferns and flowering plants.

+++ 9.00 PM: Von der Leyen wants to pull out of the CDU-party, lace back +++

The newly elected EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, is withdrawing from the party leadership of the CDU. You’ve informed the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, that you’ll leave the office as the Deputy party Chairman, “to rest, and the next Congress available,” said von der Leyen, the editors ‘ network-Germany (Friday editions). The 60-Year-old is on 1. November, the succession to the luxembourger Jean-Claude Juncker compete as the first woman in this Position. Of the Leyen in 2004, the CDU Presidium since the end of the member, in November 2010, she was Deputy party Chairman elected.

+++ 8.28 PM: South Koreans lights in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul +++

In South Korea, is a man died, after he had set himself on fire in front of the Japanese Embassy itself. The South Koreans had died on Friday of his injuries in hospital, police said in Seoul. A media report that the father-in-law of the 70-Year-old forced laborers under Japanese rule. Compensation claims from South Korea because of Japan’s brutal colonization of the Korean Peninsula from 1910 to 1945 had recently triggered a trade dispute. Japan imposed export restrictions against South Korea, after local courts indemnities were demanded for South Korean forced laborers by Japanese companies.

+++ 7.56 PM: Three Dead in small plane crash in Tirol +++

When a small plane crash in the Tyrolean Alps close to the German border, came on Thursday, three people were killed. The Austrian police spokeswoman confirmed on Friday morning. The identity of the victims was still unclear. According to police, the three victims are to be recovered on Friday morning. Further insights into the cause of a crash should result in investigations of the Tyrolean state office of criminal investigation. Among other things, to be clarified where the machine came from and where she was on the road.


rescue workers at the crash site of the small aircraft in Leutasch in Tirol.

©photo in a Newspaper.At DPA

The plane crashed, according to the on Thursday at 17.30 in the weather stone mountains in the territory of the municipality of Leutasch, a few kilometers from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The small plane crashed on a 2300 metre high rock wall on the Leutascher Platt and burned down completely. Pictures of burning debris were to be seen parts of a rock. The type and place of registration of the aircraft, the police could make no details yet.

+++ 5.53 PM: Four Dead and several injured after Explosion in Kabul +++

In an Explosion in the Afghan capital, Kabul, at least four people have been killed. Previously had been two deaths. A further ten had been injured, said a spokesman for the Ministry of health. A police spokesman confirmed an Explosion at the southern entrance of the Kabul University in the West of the city, was, however, no further information. The TV station ToloNews, according to the referred to eye witnesses, occurred the Explosion, as several students at the entrance of the University waiting. Two vehicles had caught also fire. First, no one confessed to the attack.

+++ 5.32 PM: the aircraft because of Smoke, evacuated injured in Moscow +++

a Strong smoke development in the cabin of the aircraft led to the demolition of a take-off and evacuation of a passenger plane at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. Eight inmates were injured when Leaving the aircraft using emergency slides, reported the Russian news Agency Tass, in the night of Friday, citing a spokesman for the rescue workers. Most of them have come with scrapes and bruises from it. Seriously no one was hurt, it said.

The machine of the airline Nord wind Airlines had according to the report, about 180 people on Board. You would have to stand out, therefore in the direction of the Armenian capital, Yerevan, and was just on the way to the runway, as the Crew took a sudden smoke in the cabin come true. At the beginning of may, the aircraft of the national airline had returned to Aeroflot shortly after the Start due to technical problems, according to Moscow-Sheremetyevo. When landing, the machine crashed several times on the ground and went up in flames. More than 40 people died in the burning wreckage.

+++ 5.21 PM: record-breaking Fund in Rio: 8.5 tons of drugs and many weapons seized +++

During a RAID in the Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, the police has assured of 8.5 tons of drugs and 30 firearms. In the case of the use of several special units in the North of the city of millions, a suspected Criminal was killed and five others were arrested, as the military reported to the police in the state. The amount of seized drugs and weapons is the largest yield in a single day in the history of Rio, it said. Including 75 grenades, 23 rifles, two machine guns and a machine gun were reported.

+++ 4.58 PM: Turkish air force flies to attack in Erbil air strikes against PKK +++

The Turkey has flown to the deadly attack on diplomats in the Northern Iraqi Erbil air strikes against positions of the banned Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK). Defense Minister Hulusi Akar spoke to on Thursday the largest-ever deployment of the Turkish air force in the Northern Iraqi Kandil mountains. The PKK is a “severe blow had been treated”. In the case of the attack on Turkish diplomats in a Restaurant in the capital of the Autonomous Kurdish region, among them the Turkish Vice-Consul in Erbil were killed on Wednesday three people. A PKK spokesman said that his group was not involved in the attack. Experts made the PKK for the attack responsible. The Turkish army in Northern Iraq since may, strengthened against the Kurdish PKK guerrillas in the qandil mountains on the border with Turkey and Iran for decades, a retreat camp under.

+++ 2.38 PM: police Union for limiting the number of rental-electric scooters +++

The German police Union has called for a limit on the number of rental-electric scooters. The Union Chairman Rainer Wendt told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Friday edition), which should be in the countries responsible for “the permits for the rental companies to strict conditions and the number of vehicles limit”. One month after the approval of the electrical scooter show, that especially the Elderly, the visually impaired or people with walking difficulties, but children are specially exposed to when Crossing the street, incalculable dangers. Wendt called on the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU), to “rethink the current legal situation once again”.

The electric scooters are only allowed on bike paths, it has the same alcohol limits as with a car, apply. The police advises to wear a Helmet – a mandatory however, there are not. Wendt criticized, many of the scooter riders were still unsure of the Use, also in accident situations would arise again and again. “Moreover, a large number of scooter drivers adhere to the rules and however, citizens traveling increases to the second rolls, or under the influence of alcohol driving.” The police control in the framework of their possibilities, said Wendt. However, the officials could handle only limited to this special group of traffic participants, because they were already busy with other tasks.

+++ 2.22 PM: NOAA: Pastner month the warmest June since the beginning of the measurements +++

last month, the U.S. Climate Agency NOAA the warmest June since records began in 1880, was, according to measurements. The average land temperature over Land and Ocean by 0.95 degrees Celsius above the average value of the 20. Century of 15.5 degrees is located, said the NOAA. Thus, the June 2019 surpassing the same month in the year of 2016, which was the previous record holder, by 0.02 degrees Celsius. Especially warm it was, according to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), among others, in Central and Eastern Europe, in the North of Russia, in the North-East of Canada and in the southern Parts of South America.

in Addition, the sea-ice covered areas of the Arctic and the Antarctic were very small. The average spread of the sea ice cover in the Antarctic was in June of around 8.5 per cent below the average from 1981 to 2010 to be a record. In the Arctic, the spread was approximately 10.5 percent below the average from 1981 to 2010, is the second smallest value ever measured for June.

+++ 1.10 PM: FDP-Chef Lindner speaks for the Central Abitur from a +++

In the debate about a Federal-wide Central Abitur has voted FDP-Chef Christian Lindner for a unification of the school’s financial statements. “I consider the formation of competition between the 16 Federal States of Germany, how we practice him, for from the time of favor,” said Lindner the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday editions). “Common education standards must be implemented. A Central Abitur could be an Element.” Most recently, Federal education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU), had asked the States to rapid steps. The discussion on a centralized a-levels was “not a topic for the summer hole, but must now be seriously pursued”. Against the push for Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said, among other things.

+++ 0.50 PM: ICE to Smoke, driving to be evacuated – guests unharmed +++

An ICE has been evacuated due to heavy smoke development on the way from Frankfurt to Cologne in the train station Montabaur. The train driver stopped the train, according to police reports, on Thursday evening, as he was Smoking in the engine vehicle. 65 travellers had to leave the ICE. Some of the passengers had to get off first refused, police said. No one was hurt by the smoke. With a Ersatzzug the travellers were able to continue your journey. The track was blocked for about an hour. The reason for the strong development of Smoke in the initial findings, after a broken air conditioning was.

+++ 0.42 at: Boeing hopes for flight permission for 737 MAX in the fall +++

The US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing hopes to get again in the autumn, an operating permit for the after two crashes with a global flight ban on machines of the type 737 MAX. The group said on Thursday, will operation aims to return to flight to the beginning of the fourth quarter of this year. But this is only a “best estimate”. The actual date could differ from this estimate. For the Boeing 737 MAX is a world since March-wide flight ban. Previously came in two crashes of machines of this type in Indonesia, and Ethiopia, a total of 346 people were killed. Investigators suspect the incidents are related with a stabilization system that pushes in the case of an impending flow of aircraft demolition, nose down.

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