While the school children of the small town of Wenden, in the second hour of the lesson, is very close to a grisly Drama. In the forest next to the school, a 14 is supposed to have strangled her-Year-old and his two years older classmate with her bare hands.

Because the Elderly did not return his love, not a relationship to him, wanted to showed its approaches. The disturbing case has sparked horror in October 2018 nationwide. On Thursday of the manslaughter process at the district court of Siegen (North Rhine-Westphalia) began with a confession of the accused. Him ten years in prison.

His client had already admitted previously, for the death of 16-Year-olds to be responsible, said his lawyer, Martin Kretschmer, in front of journalists. “Today, remained so.” The unusual procedure started, to the exclusion of the Public.

First of all, the indictment was read. According to the then-14-year-old defendant and his subsequent sacrifice on the 30. October, the second hour is skipped, and met that a debate in the forest. The Younger one was well built and physically superior. The Elder is described as rather meager and even as a younger child.

The defendant had disclosed the allegations, according to the age of 13 his homosexual inclination. He had been in love with the Older. The two were despite the age difference in a year, visited some of the AGs. On the day of fact, the 14-Year-old had hoped to have Sex. The 16-Year-old replied, the feelings of the Younger, but it came to a fight. The Younger responded with violence to the rejection. He choked his classmate, according to the indictment, “to blood from the mouth and nose left”, the face of the youth turned blue.

Then, the 14-Year-old dragged, therefore, the body to another school the middle of the forest. A fireman found him on the evening of the next day in the case of a search action. The father of the victim had reported his son missing. The 14-Year-old had first been questioned as a witness, entangled in contradictions. Classmates was stretched to its triple and soaked clothing noticed. The Teenager sits in custody.

On the first day of the trial, the now 15-year-old German expressed on the dock. His lawyer read a statement that had formulated in his client but himself. The young man had been “reasonably taken” in front of the presiding judge Sabine Metz-Horst.

Kretschmer described him as “a very, very young defendant, who is now a huge justice system”. He had to process “the fact, and everything what is related”, after nearly six months. “This is very hard for him and certainly for the other parties to the proceedings.” The parents of the victim are not co-plaintiffs, they came on Thursday after Victories. Your lawyer made it to the start of the process.

Could see the Teenager, the injustice of such an act? One of the Prosecutor’s office requested expert opinion says: Yes. It was a young people “with the responsibility of maturity.” Also, the court has ordered to the question of an appraiser, such as speaker Sebastian Merk said. In addition, some 30 witnesses, including the victim’s parents, students, teachers. Whether it was necessary to interview all witnesses, in fact, be open, said Kretschmer with a view to the confession of his client.

The accused a sentence of imprisonment of up to ten years threatens. After four days of negotiations, the verdict is already in on 11. June to fall.