The bad news about the “Gorch Fock” does not tear off. The clean-up costs for the sailing school ship of the German Navy grew from ten to 135 million euros in the height. The competent shipyard has filed for bankruptcy. Now comes out that of the three master should get Decks made from Teak. The valuable tropical wood should not be installed only on the upper deck, in the cadet rooms. The daily newspaper “die Welt“ reported, citing internal documents.

floors are made of teak wood instead of cork

teak is used in shipbuilding particularly good, as it is considered durable, does not splinter and even salt water and humidity. Deck made of tropical wood are almost non-slip. In this respect, the sheeting is on the upper deck makes sense. “The world,“ quoted from documents of the Elsflether shipyard, the repairs of the ship: An Overview, quoting the cost of a Teak floor in a 77-square-large cadet living space on 299.718,62 Euro. In the shipyard documents in a posting you post 584.103,21 Euro for two additional areas stand. For 301.294,47 Euro a 80 square meters large multi-purpose room is to be gedielt with teak.

Berlin3: Ailing Marine school ship

135 instead of 10 million: Why the “Gorch Fock” nevertheless, it is being renovated

Axel front trees

a Total estimated cost for the teak planks to 3.5 million euros. The floors in the cadet rooms to devour alone a million euros, will have experienced “The world“. Especially noteworthy: First, a cost-effective cork, was in there mixing pad planned. In may 2017, the mission, create Decks out of Teak. Unclear stay, however, whether this sum was paid to the shipyard.

The tropical wood comes from the jungle of Myanmar

It is not only the question is however, why the procurement office and the naval Arsenal approved this equipment. The origin of the wood makes for Trouble. Already in September 2018, the TV magazine “Report Mainz” reported that, in the General overhaul of timber from Myanmar installed will tropical.

sailing school ship of the German Navy

scandal of rehabilitation of the Gorch Fock: The minimum goal is now “swimming ability”

The Ministry of defence initially said it was sustainably produced plantation timber. Then the house admitted, the Teak had been imported in 2017, likely to be illegal: “it is Only in the aftermath of the procurement was the Ministry of defence is known that a wood-Import of Myanmar Teak in front of the Background of the EU timber regulation is in conformity with the law is hardly possible.” Back down the Ministry of defense has not made and noted on precious wood.

Since 2016, the “Gorch Fock” in dry dock

The cost of scandal is also the subject in the Bundestag. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen must then answer how it is going with the “Gorch Fock“. The Federal court is waiting because of the escalating costs until April for an answer. The subject may then also be the special equipment.

refurbishment or scrapping?

costs out of control, ran crisis summit decides on the fate of the “Gorch Fock”


The ship is in 2016, the Elsflether shipyard in lower Saxony, the district of wesermarsch, and is outdated. However, it is in the stars whether the lower Saxony can bring the ship to the front man. On Wednesday, the news burst that the Elsflether Werft has filed for bankruptcy. The ARD-capital Studio already reported in the run-up to the fact that the yard have debts in the tens of millions. Several subcontractors would have received for several months, no money. It is in the stars whether the lower Saxony can bring the ship to the front man.

sources: “The world,” Report Mainz, “Ostsee-Zeitung”