The German teacher’s Association looks with great Worries for the upcoming school year: The teacher shortages will intensify its evaluation significantly.

As reported in the “Focus”, the Association, the schools in Germany can approximately occupy 15,000 jobs are not. That would be about 5,000 more than last year. Around 40,000 teacher posts would be filled by newcomers, and by more work of pensioners.

The state governments would have to be late in responding to the looming shortage, said Association’s Chairman Heinz-Peter Meidinger, in the “Focus”. Affected especially primary, vocational and special schools, because teachers would be paid for mostly worse than at grammar schools and comprehensive schools. In addition, the situation in the East is more tense than in the West.

Less dramatically, the President of the conference of education Ministers, the Hessian Minister of education Alexander Lorz (CDU), a rating of the location. Many settings take place only in the last vacation weeks or in the first weeks of School. It is not so, that in the whole of Germany fully trained teachers by the Thousands are missing.

Meidinger told the German press Agency, the Numbers of the Association are only estimates on the Basis of questions in the teachers ‘ associations in the countries, however, have located in the past year, so that is also correct.

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