it is in favour of a ban on headscarves in schools, criticized a “boy cult” of Muslim families and speaks of “false tolerance”: The Kassel teacher Julia Wöllenstein has been made prior to the publication of her book “potatoes and wogs” for headlines.

Since Wednesday it is now available, and it shows that The figurehead for any of the rights, criticism of failed integration policy, the 43-Year-old is not suitable. Politically, she is aware of between all the chairs.

Wöllenstein is a teacher at a comprehensive school. Only 3 out of 20 of the pupils in your primary school class would have no migration background, she says. The mother of three children, is in any political party or trade Union. “Actually, I’m a non-political person.” However, according to a ZDF-Reportage about everyday life as a professional, a Munich-based publisher came up to you. The book was created with the title “potatoes, and wogs. Why Integration fails in the class room. A teacher provides clear demands”.

The title is an allusion to reports that players of the football national team with and without a migration background would have mocked each other as “potatoes” and “wogs”. For Wöllenstein touches an important question: “what time is it integrated really: If you are insulted as “potatoes” and “wogs” or when is “Idiot” and “stupid man”?” Your opinion: are Such concepts always draw separator lines.

The book describes the 43-Year-old’s own experiences, as she says: Muslim families who raise their sons to be little pashas and every attempt at a correction of Behaviour undermined; children ask in the Ramadan classmates, bread, and beverage packing these away; the “loop son of a bitch”, by the arguments in the case of insult to the mother automatically escalate. Wöllenstein said: “In School catchment areas with special challenges, in which we increasingly find immigrant families and educated families, that is our everyday life.”

The Muslim Faith was not the target of their criticism. “It’s about Patriarchal structures that do not fit in a democratic System,” she says. These structures were often in Muslim families. By the company calls for such evils, consistently oppose: “I’m standing in the middle of the society and do not believe that us with false tolerance.”

Wöllenstein suggests, for example, a headscarf ban in schools. If the headscarf will be created at a young age, a change in the perception of the girls, and the lack of freedom will to normality. The immigration is not in question: “We need these kids desperately, as a part of the society.”

Central to a claim: is for Wöllenstein, the abolition of confessional religious education. “We want to be in 20 years, really since that, every religious group has its own religious education in schools?”, ask Wöllenstein. So am wasting a great opportunity to bring children about Religion into the conversation. “Instead of teaching religion, we should introduce a subject such as “values and norms in my class”.”

when the school system Wöllenstein for Integration and inclusion instead of Separation calls – away from lower level secondary school, to an integrated comprehensive school. “Because this is the only school in which children up to the ninth class to learn together.”

In the case of the education trade Union GEW encounter such claims on consent. “All the measures that lead to equal opportunities and equal education opportunities for all, regardless of skin color and the origin increases, the right way,” says Hesse WT-chair Maike Wiedwald. Based on Stein’s descriptions of the problems of integration not wanted to contradict you: It could well be that teachers perceive this to be so.

The Hessian Ministry of culture explained that Integration is not a task that should only be used by the schools taken over, but also of the society. “Woman Wöllenstein describes in her book, a certain retreat of the society and the parents of the children from the integration and educational responsibility,” said Ministry spokesman Philipp Bender. This school is primarily a place of education and only secondarily a place of education. This should primarily take place in the parents ‘ house.

That, and how the teacher expresses, according to the Ministry of culture is not a Problem. It is teachers free in the state of Hesse, to speak as a private person on education policy issues. “These views need not always be congruent with those of the Ministry of education and the service of the Lord.”