Normally, insurance companies have little interest in ensuring that your customers to study the clauses in the agreements to the last Detail. Lead deserts with tiny letters to scare you. And in many of the works. Once overflown. Signature. Finished. With an unusual action Tin Leg”, a subsidiary of the U.S. travel insurer” square mouth, “the tables turned”. Their contracts with innumerable paragraphs in which all of the procedures and contingencies in detail to be executed.

The trick: In the very last sentence lets the company know that it is estimate that less than one percent of the travellers in the Police, in fact, all of the policies-read information. They are working to change that. And further: “The first Person who discovered this hidden competition and give us a Mail, we will reward you with $ 10,000.”

A Nerd who reads every contract to the last line

For around US $ 450 Donelan Andrews, a primary school teacher from Thomaston in the US had hedged the state of Georgia, their long-planned trip to England in “Tin Leg”. It was the cheapest policy you could get for the Europe trip with a couple of Girlfriends, told the 59-Year-old of “Washington Post”. “Many think that I’m a Nerd, but I learned early on to read contracts until the last line,” says Andrews. So you struggled through this contract up to the seventh and last page. “Pays for itself”, read it there, suddenly, as a Heading. And including the already mentioned lines from “Tin Leg”. Andrews sent a Mail and the next day the phone rang. At the other end of the line an employee of the insurance company. “That was my lucky day,” said Andrews about the prize of 10,000 US dollars. As the insurance said, had concluded to Mail the teacher 73 customer a policy. Has reported the 59-Year-old from Thomaston.

lucky boy now wants to inform the lottery

put the profit in the amount of $ 10,000 square mouth, according to the “Washington Post” and an additional 10,000 dollars and donated to two schools in Georgia, where Donelan Andrews. Also a literature project for children (“Reading is fundamental”) should have considered the medium-sized company with $ 10,000. This is crazy all a bit, lucky Andrews, which now thinking about it, to regularly play the lottery. To study, of course, not without the small print.

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