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Taylor Swift Biography, Net Worth, Age, And Height


Taylor Alison swift Born in Pennsylvania U.S in 1989 on 13 December. She is as young as 29 years old. Taylor is a heightened lady with 5 feet & 10 inches or 1.78 meters she got the nationality of American. If we talk about the hobbies of Taylor Swift then hobbies are Watching Movies, Listening songs, fast driving, Horse riding and cleaning of their surroundings. According to the statement, Taylor’s mother sits her on the saddle of the horse in her childhood, so she is fond of horse riding. The Taylor swift has 121.7 million followers on social media

Net worth:

According to the estimation, Taylor Alison swift earns up to $360 Million.


Taylor swift has many nicknames that include:

  • T-Swizzle
  • Tay
  • The poet laureate of puberty
  • Swift
  • Aly
  • Tails
  • Tay Tay
  • Tot
  • T- Taylor

Early Years:

Taylor swift go to the Alvernia Montessori School. As the parents of Taylor was regularly churchgoers so, she has to attend Bible lectures. Taylor like singing even in her childhood, she sang in many local events when she was only 10 years old. After this at the age of 11 swifts also sang the National anthem. During this period, a computer repairer teaches her the guitar. From that day, Taylor decides to learn guitar. When she became 12 years old, she completely learned the guitar. Once, when Tyler Alison swift, show their great performance on the place of Bluebird Cafe, Nashville. After this performance, she signed the contract given by Scott Borchetta’s. In the year of 2006, after the releasing of her foremost “Tim McGraw”, and that song become in the row of top 10. This song was copied for 5 million times. Some other song also become blockbuster and successful that’s are:

  • Teardrops on my guitar
  • Should have said no
  • Picture to burn

Her first song written and sang by her is “Lucky you”. The song “Mean” of Taylor has just got Two Grammy Awards. Not only has this, but her great album of “Fearless” also become one of the top bestselling collection in America. She is the only lady performer of that time who won the prize for two times that is “Album of the Year”. She has to face many hurdles and problem of rejection in the initial stages of singing, then she decided to do something different.

In the year of 2007, Swift received the great award by CMA (Country Music Association). She also won Award from Academy of Country Music which is nominated for New the most top Female harmonizer. In 2008, Taylor Swift was one of the top-selling country artists. She has sold out her up to 50 million collections.

Taylor Swift is one of the youngest artist, who not only write her song but also sing them too. According to New YorkTimes, “she is a prodigy”. Because she is really a young lady with many exceptional qualities.

Taylor Swift as an actress:

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

As Taylor Swift is also an actress by profession, she made her appearance in many movies. These movies are the following:

  • New Girl (this great movie released in 2013 and Taylor act as Eliane)
  • Valentine’s Day (Released in 2010)
  • The Lorax (released in 2012)
  • CSI-Crime Scene Investing in 2009, Taylor act as Haley

Highest-Paid Singer of 2019:

Taylor Swift is one of the highest-paid singers of the year 2019. Recently she performed in Jazz at the place of Lincoln Centre dated, 23 April 2019.

Net Worth of Katy Perry:

She is 34 years old and a professional singer in America. She is also a songwriter. In the beginning, she got too much popularity after the hitting of her 1st song “I Kissed a Girl”. In 2019, it was stated that the net worth of Katy Perry’s is almost $330 million.

Ariana Grande’s Net worth:

According to the media’s report, it was suggested that the net worth of Ariana is up to $70 million. If there is a comparison between the net worth of Ariana and Taylor swift, there is huge difference. So it can easily be estimated that Taylor swift worth much more than Ariana.

Awards and Achievements:

As swift is a successful singer and actress, she got many honorary awards and achievements in her a career that includes:

  • 10 Grammy Awards
  • 23 Billboard music awards
  • 23 American Music Awards
  • 12 Country Music Association Awards
  • One Britt Award
  • 8 Academy of Country Music Awards
  • One Emmy Award

Swift as a songwriter got: Honored by Nashville Songwriters Association and also honoured by Hall of Fame.

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