with 9000 tonnes of dangerous goods-Laden Tanker went in on Monday night in the river Elbe in front of Cuxhaven. So far, no damage to the 124-metre-long and 20-Meter-wide “Oriental Nadeshiko” had been found, said a spokesman for the Central command for Maritime emergencies on Monday.

had been, according to the crew no one was hurt. Professionals should now look to free how the ship is best. Here, the question of whether it may be ballast water must be pumped out.

in the Morning, the achieved multi-purpose vessel “Neuwerk” and two tugs to the disabled vessel. For more tractor and a sounding vessel for the exact position determination have been ordered in the area around ten kilometers to the East of Cuxhaven. Four tractors should secure the disabled vessel.

On Board the “Oriental Nadeshiko” there were 22 crew members and a pilot. “The cause of the accident is not yet known and can only be made after the salvage is determined,” the spokesman said.

The ship had charge of the dangerous goods class 3 on Board, said the spokesman. Included in this dangerous goods class, liquid flammable substances. So, among other things, 7500 tonnes of ethylene dichloride were charged, which would be used, among other things, as a so-called anti-knock preparations for fuels.

also, 1250 tonnes of 1,2-propylene glycol on Board. The chemical will be used, among other things, as a preservative for hydraulic fluid, and solvents. In addition, it comes to 250 tons of 1-Methoxy-2-Propanol. The substance serves as solvent for the preparation of printing inks and varnishes.

An oil monitoring aircraft found the disabled vessel according to the speaker no discharge of pollutants. The under the flag of Panama sailing vessel was on the way to Spain, as it was against 1.00 PM suddenly in the mouth of the Elbe. The salvage team of the CCME wanted to wait with a trolling attempt until noon high water.

Since the beginning of January, the command takes care of the “MSC Zoe”: The large container ship in the night 2. January lost on the way to Bremerhaven in stormy seas 291 containers, including two with hazardous materials.