The “Frauke” brings more summer-like temperatures – but it is the meteorological beginning of spring on a Deep, as the German weather service reported on Tuesday.

About the carnival days you can say nothing Reliable, “however, is that the weather is pretty changeable shape,” said meteorologist Sebastian Schappert.

on Monday, temperatures in North Rhine-Westphalia to over 19 degrees. On Tuesday, it should be “isolated” even more than 20 degrees. On Wednesday to stay with us “Frauke” for now not yet received, said Schappert: “there is plenty of sunshine and the temperatures reach unusually warm level.”

But beware: T-Shirt weather, it is only during the day. “As soon as the sun disappears in the evening behind the horizon, the air cools considerably,” warns the meteorologist. In the next two nights there would be in the morning, even light Frost.

“On Indian-Thursday adopted “Frauke” gradually in the direction of the Iberian Peninsula,” reports the weather service. The day starts in the southern half Sunny, in the North, clouds to make, however, is already noticeable. In the evening, the first showers will move in from the West. The temperatures are in the North, only in the case of 11 to 15 degrees, in the South they can reach up to 18 degrees.

“In the night of Friday, and on Friday, then pulls out just in time for the meteorological beginning of spring is a small-scale Deep from the Benelux countries to the South-West of Germany in the direction of the Adriatic”, says Schappert. The weather will then particularly in the southwest half of clouds and rain. In the North-East a long time seems to still the sun.

On Saturday, when the first carnival parades are pending, hopes the weather service on a “temporary high”. The prospects are, however, uncertain.