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Swiss after the murder of tourists in Morocco, to condemn (14.02 PM)Lügde: SPD parliamentary group calls for resignation of North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior (11.47 PM)allowed Malta to Create a German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” (9.38 PM)Syrian Agency: Israel attacked military camp in the province of Hama (7.27 p.m.)NRW wants to vaccination for preschool-age children (5.53 PM)

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+++ 15.32 hrs: More than six tons of hashish in front of Sicily seized +++

The Italian police has a yacht in the Mediterranean sea Sailing with more than six tons of hashish on Board is applied. The by the Spanish authorities as a suspect reported the boat was about 160 kilometers to the South of Sicily, stopped, told the financial police. After the twelve-metre-long yacht had been escorted to the port of Pozzallo, found poison the police the noise. The three crew members – all Spaniards – were arrested.

The authorities in Spain, France, Italy and Greece were alarmed for some time due to hashish-smuggling from Morocco, it said. The Italian police spoke of a “new heavy blow against drug trafficking in the Strait of Sicily”.

+++ 14.02 clock: Swiss sentenced to murder of tourists in Morocco, to condemn +++

In connection with the murder of two Scandinavian students in Morocco, a court has a 33-year-old Swiss ten years in prison. This is the state news Agency MAP reported. The Swiss, who lived with his family already longer in Rabat, had been not involved in the fact, directly, he was part of a terrorist group.

in mid-December last year, the two Nordic backpack tourist had been murdered in the Toubkal national Park near Marrakech. The two young women had been beheaded, according to police information. The security authorities arrested according to the Moroccan Prosecutor’s office a total of 23 persons. Including another Swiss, is said to have trained the alleged killers in the handling of weapons is located.

+++ 13.25 PM: prison to sell prison in Gera, you should be around 300 000 Euro value +++

In Thuringia, is available since Saturday, a former prison for sale. The value of the former prison of Gera is given on the website of the property management of the country with 298 000 euros. The offer comprises of around 7500 square meters of the prison wall, the prison house, the gatekeeper’s building as well as Parking outside of the facility. Interested parties are required to submit a concept, as the property in the future want to use. Previously, the “Ostthüringer newspaper had reported”. The prison was closed in October 2017. It was established in 1946 on the site of a former brewery. Finally, the prisoner numbers were decreased continuously. Originally, the facility should be closed only when the together with the state of Saxony-operated prison in Zwickau finished. This will probably not be before the year 2023.

+++ 12.33 PM: British MPs call for extradition of assange to Sweden +++

British members of Parliament are calling for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Sweden to extradite, if the Swedish authorities to make an application. In a letter to the British Minister of the interior, more than 70 parliamentarians have declared that the UK should make it clear that it will take the prosecution of sexual offences seriously. Assange threatens in Sweden, a re-recording of an investigation into the rape allegations.

+++ 11.47 PM: case Lügde: SPD parliamentary group calls for resignation of North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior +++

After the re-discovery of disks in the case of abuse of Lügde calls for the SPD parliamentary group in North Rhine-Westphalia’s state Parliament for the resignation of country’s Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU). “The interior Minister has promised enlightenment, he failed,” – quoted by “Spiegel Online” the interior political spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, Hartmut Ganzke. Reul does not have “a handle”. He must now take responsibility and resign.

In the case of demolition work at the alleged scene of multiple child abuse – a campsite in Lügde – had been found on Thursday, a further data carrier. In the double, permanently installed wooden floor of the caravan of the main workers had discovered the accused with a CD and two floppy disks. The demolition company handed over the find to the police. Reul is not the castle on Friday that further discoveries could follow.

Minister complains of

authorities scandal in Lügde: How can a child welfare a child in a camping car?

It must happen a lot, up to a conservative Minister of the interior rails against the police and the authorities. The mass child abuse in Lügde is a case in point. “I can’t pray everything is healthy,” said NRW interior Minister Reul.

+++ 9.38 PM: Malta allows for the Creation of the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” +++

After the announcement of several EU member States for the reception of the refugees from the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” Malta has allowed the Creation of the ship. The Maltese head of government, Joseph Muscat wrote in the short message service Twitter, the migrants are likely to go in Malta, in the country, but not stay there. Malta could not carry “this burden alone”. The refugees will then be on Germany, France, Portugal and Luxembourg.

+++ 8.40 PM: In the process to the murder of Kim’s half-brother sentenced woman to 3. May free +++

in the process the murder of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un sentenced Vietnamese woman comes to the information your lawyer on 3. Of may free. The prison administration in Malaysia have promised that the release of Doan Thi Huong for the 3. May be recognized, said lawyer Salim Bashir to the AFP news Agency. It was assumed that the 30-Year-old will then be flown immediately to Hanoi.

+++ 7.27 PM: Syrian Agency: Israel attacked military camp in the province of Hama +++

Israeli warplanes have attacked, according to the state Syrian news Agency, SANA, a military base in the country, in the province of Hama. In the case of the air attack on the city of Masyaf, there had been destruction, three soldiers had been wounded, reported the news Agency citing a source in the military. Activists reported that at least 17 injured.

+++ 5.53 PM: NRW wants. vaccination for preschool-age children +++

According to Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia is endeavouring to find a General vaccination against measles for children in kindergartens “Ich am in favour of a General vaccination – this also applies to kindergartens,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian children’s and family Minister, Joachim Stamp (FDP) of the “Rheinische Post”. NRW will examine how a vaccination in kindergartens can be implemented.

Also, the NRW health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) called for a compulsory vaccination. He assures the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) explicitly his support for his examination of how this can be implemented, said Laumann of the sheet. Since the beginning of the year were counted according to the report, in North Rhine-Westphalia’s almost a hundred measles cases.

+++ 3.47 PM: report: Ministry of transport calls for clarity on the opening date for BER +++

Following Reports of new delays at the Berlin airport BER, the Federal Ministry of transport has demanded a newspaper report of the Board of management is clarity about the status of the construction work and the opening date. Secretary of state Michael Güntner, has sent a letter to airport-CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, reported the “Bild”newspaper (Saturday edition). Lütke Daldrup to 17 accordingly. April, a “binding opinion” in a vote on whether the opening date of October 2020 can be met.

roadside airport

11.519 defects alone for cables: Is moved to the opening of BER?

bad news from the German capital’s new airport: An internal “status report” of the TÜV Rheinland lists 11.519 defects alone at the cables. As before, there are serious defects in safety-cables fire protection system.

By Till Bartels +++ 1.23 PM: Kim makes a third Meeting with Trump ready +++

North Korea’s commander-in-chief Kim Jong-Un is ready for a third summit with US President Donald Trump. He wanted to wait until the end of the year to “courageous decisions” in Washington about the relations between the two countries, reported the South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing the North Korean state media. His relations to Trump continues to be “excellent,” said Kim, therefore, in the case of a meeting of the Supreme people’s Assembly.

+++ 0.44 PM: Two IS-nationals in Western Siberia killed +++

In an anti-terror operation in the West Siberian city of Tyumen have been killed by Russian security forces in an exchange of fire, two members of the terrorist militia Islamic state. Previously, in the case of the authorities with information about two armed IS members had been received in a flat, the stops are planned, reported the Agency Tass. The Suspects had rejected calls to surrender, and instead fire on the security forces opened. They had been neutralized then, in the exchange of fire””.

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