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Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, died (13.08 PM)Mentally Disordered wants young people to run over (11.55 PM) the police discovered 17 sharp hand-grenades in the car (8.37 p.m.) – Six guests from the burning hotel room saved (7.29 hours), and 33-Year-old dies in work accident in a steel carrier (6.58 PM)

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+++ 16.16 PM: Avalanche buries several people in Crans-Montana +++

In the ski resort of Crans Montana in the Swiss Alps, an avalanche has gone on a ski slope. Several people had been buried, said the cantonal police. For more details, a spokeswoman said. Crans Montana is a popular ski resort in the Canton of Valais. The weather was there on Tuesday under a cloudless sky, excellent.

+++ 16.02 PM: Bayern: Federal police get hold of nearly 700 alleged traffickers +++

The Federal police has 2018 in Bavaria taken significantly more alleged traffickers than in the previous year, although significantly less migrants came. The officers grabbed 675 Suspect, 42 percent more, as the spokesman of the Federal police Directorate in Munich, Thomas Borowik said. At the end of last year, have already emerged that the Federal police in Bavaria, had made more than half of all traffickers in Germany.

In 2018 15 100 refugees came over the border to Bavaria, which represents a decline of approximately 22 percent compared to the previous year. Approximately 6200 were rejected at the border, mostly, because they concern not a credible Asylum claim. A third of all nationwide illegally and migrants had been recorded in Bavaria.

+++ 15: 28: Christian churches call for climate fast +++

the run-up to the 6. March, the beginning of the traditional lent called on the Christian churches in Germany, again, of their action “climate fast”. “A limit of ‘Enough’ is urgently needed,” said Irmgard Schwaetzer, President of the Synod of the Evangelical Church in Germany, and the Vice-President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Karin Kortmann. Involved are eleven Protestant churches and three Catholic dioceses.

In a brochure of the actions to be proposed to the subject “energy budget”, a “mindful cooking and eating”, “fair consumption”, “different” as well as “plastic free life”. The climate of fasting is, therefore, over suggestions that climate-friendly Alternatives to the traditional way of life to try out in everyday life. This will go from the economical use of hot water up to Collect improvement proposals for walking and Cycling.

+++ 15.20: woman doctors: “baby cinema” is from 2021 prohibited +++

Medically necessary “baby cinema”, ultrasound in Unborn in the mother’s womb, is prohibited from 2021. The professional Association of gynaecologists has pointed out in advance of its annual Congress in Dusseldorf. The ban is a regulation of the Federal government – covering all types of baby cinema and photos during the pregnancy, other than the medical necessity. The regulation of the Ministry of the environment was announced in December.

babies should be unnecessary influences. For pregnant women whether, in the meantime, of course, to recordings of your unborn children’s digital show, reported the saarbrücken woman doctor Jochen Frenzel. Very problematic a “baby cinema” of non-medical providers of such devices, which could lend to parents-to-be.

+++ 14.42 PM: police find 17 hand grenades in a car at the Dresden main station +++

In a site 17 hand grenades were found the car at the main station in Dresden. The two occupants, ages 17 and 28 years, are in police custody, informed the Federal police Directorate in Pirna. The car was noticed officials on Monday night, because he was standing in the Parking ban. Because doubt existed whether the two men from Bosnia-Herzegovina are legally entered Germany, they were brought to the precinct of the Federal police.

At the time of their search, the officers found, first, a narcotic-like substance – in minuscule amount. Therefore, the car was taken more exactly under the magnifying glass. A sniffer dog was used. This could’t find any more drugs, but behind the disguise, the hand grenades. Subsequently, long-range barriers around took place in and around the station.

+++ 14.20 PM: Merkel endures some teasing does occur in the carnival with a sense of Humor +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) sees the carnival as a German cultural treasure and bear left, if you talk in hand-made and moving through the cocoa. “You can’t laugh at the carnival, only with each other but also one above the other, which we know in politics often enough,” Merkel said on Tuesday at your reception for the Federation of German carnival and secondments with “Prince pairs” from the States. “But we are, and endure it with a sense of Humor. And this is – I can also say to me relatively easily,” said Merkel. Carnival was a tradition in the best sense of the word, said the Chancellor. There was a need for a cultural treasure such as the carnival, which bring more color into everyday life. The carnival is to connect Tradition and Innovation, because he almost every year to invent new pieces of music and move.

+++ 13.49 PM: the Czech Republic discussed on the admission of Syrian children +++

In the Czech Republic is discussed on the possible inclusion of 14 Syrian refugee children. Background an Initiative of the Christian Democrat MEP Michaela Sojdrova, who had returned a week ago with a list of potential relocation candidates from Greece. On Tuesday Minister Tomas Petricek was behind the project. “I think that the Czech Republic is the country big enough to help 14 small children, who have escaped the conflict in Syria,” said the social Democrat in the online edition of the newspaper “Pravo”.

The coalition government in Prague is split in the question. Against the project had been only Recently, Prime Minister Andrej Babis from the larger Alliance partner, the liberal-populist ANO,. You have to help the people in your environment, where you were born, said the 64-Year-old. He announced, therefore, for the construction of an orphanage home with a school in Syria. The Czech Republic defends itself, together with the other Visegrad States of Poland, Hungary and Slovakia for years against the inclusion of refugees in accordance with EU-wide quotas.

+++ 13.49 PM: dog “shoots” on the master hunter is gun lot +++

After his dog shot him “” that is a hunter his gun. The Munich administrative court against rejected his judgment on the suit of the man the withdrawal of his weapons possession card. The background is a curious incident in November 2016 in the hunting area of the plaintiff in Saxony. At the time, the man’s dog should have been solved in the car a shot from the hunting rifle. The hunter was wounded in the Arm. The Landratsamt Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, in whose area of responsibility the man has his main residence, stripped him of the weapons possession card, also his hunting license was not renewed because hunters are not allowed to carry weapons ready to fire in your car.

Against the decision, the man complained – without success. He can still apply for an appeal with the Bavarian administrative court.

+++ 13.45: process-to 16-year-old murder case, begins with the confession +++

With a confession of the accused of the process to the death of a cleansing has begun woman 16 years ago. He had kidnapped the woman in January 2003 in Bad Krozingen, near Freiburg, and with numerous knife wounds killed, said the 55-year-old German before the district court of Freiburg. As a motive, he cited anger as well as fear for his relationship. The woman, who worked as a Manager of a cleaning company, had treated his partner in the workplace is unfair, and you as a supervisor the Position as forewoman taken away. When asked about this, you’ve shown no insight.

The 57-year-old woman, who came from Karlsruhe, Germany, in January 2003, in Bad Krozingen in the Parking lot in front of a clinic in their car and kidnapped had been dragged. She had worked in local hospitals for a cleaning company. About nine weeks later, in March 2003, had found a Walker a few kilometres away your body: The victim was in a forest in honor of the churches of a Walker naked and stabbed to death. The 55-Year-old had been arrested after a note from his circle of friends in September 2018, and more than one and a half decades after the fact.

+++ 13.35 PM: court: combination of heritage and visitor obligation is immoral +++

members of the family can not be rushed into with the prospect of a legacy of a visit is mandatory. According to the higher regional court of Frankfurt am Main, it is immoral to put heir “unreasonable pressure”, a court spokeswoman said. In the case the court decided, had lodged two grandchildren, complaint against, to be after the death of the grandfather, not as the heir. The grandfather had used in a hand-written will, his wife and a son from his first marriage as an heir of the 25 percent of his heritage. The remaining 50 percent of the money in the five digit range should go to the two grandchildren, whose father was another son of man. A prerequisite was, however, a regular visit to the underage grandson to the grandfather, who lived in another city. The provision in the Testament was to the members of the family.

As the grandson did not meet the annual visitor number, applied for the wife and the other son after the death of the husband a certificate of inheritance, as each half of the heritage course. While the probate court agreed, was the grandson of an appeal, the higher regional court has now decided. After that, it is possible to decide on the succession. Also the desire to see the grandchildren regularly, whether in a comprehensible manner. However, it should be immoral to establish the heritage of regular visits to the grandchildren.

+++ 13.26 PM: dozens of tombs at a Jewish cemetery in the Alsace region, desecrated +++

In the Alsatian municipality of Quatzenheim Unknown dozens of desecrated graves in the Jewish cemetery business. About 80 tombstones were smeared with blue or yellow swastikas, as a photographer of the AFP news Agency reported. The competent Prefecture of the condemned “with the utmost determination” the “heinous anti-Semitic act”. The office of the public Prosecutor in Strasbourg launched an investigation. Quatzenheim is located North-West of Strasbourg.

in view of the massive increase in anti-Semitic Attacks in France, President Emmanuel Macron wants to meet tonight, together with the heads of Parliament to the Paris Holocaust memorial. Under the Motto “enough of It” (“Ça suffit!”) are planned in Paris and other cities, rallies against anti-Semitism. To join up on the right wing, all the major parties.

+++ 13.08 PM: Karl Lagerfeld is dead +++

The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, died in Paris at the age of 85 years. The fashion house Chanel confirmed. Recently, there had been already Concerns about the state of health of the Hamburg-born Star designer. So Lagerfeld at the beginning of February was missing for the first Time ever in his time as Chanel’s creative Director of the Milan Fashion Week, and reported only via Video message. Chanel justified his Absence at the time, with “fatigue”. Lagerfeld was in the Roman fashion house since 1965, the creative Director.

in 2015, had said Lagerfeld in an Interview, he think of the pension he was busy a lot. Despite his age, he had designed up to his death, tirelessly collection to collection, in addition to Chanel for Fendi and his own Label.

Chanel creative Director

Karl Lagerfeld at 85 years of age in Paris

Karl Lagerfeld, the famous German Designer of all time, has died at the age of 85 in Paris, died. Chanel confirmed the message.

+++ 12.59 UIhr: Leading Ex-members of the “Cumhuriyet” must go to jail +++

Leading former employees of the government, critical of the Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet” after a failed appeal to the jail. A total of eight people, among them the cartoonist, Musa Kart and the lawyer Bülent Utku, would be “within days” in prison, said her lawyer, Abbas Yalcin. Most of the Convicts must, therefore, between one and three years in prison. The decision of the court of appeal concerned defendant, against the international attention procedure to be followed in April 2018 imprisonment of less than five years had been imposed. Seven more defendants, against the imprisonment of more than five years had been imposed, remain at large and may address a further appeal to the highest court of appeal.

The staff of the oldest daily newspaper in the country had been accused, among other things, for “support of terrorist organisations”. The method of two absent defendants – including Ex-editor-in-chief Can Dündar, who lives in exile in Germany, has been separated and will be continued. The “Cumhuriyet”-the management team broke up in the fall of 2018 after a change of power at the top. Many employees left the newspaper.

+++ 12.47 PM: Bernie Sanders to that effectgt new candidacy for the US presidency +++

The independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wants to take 2020 as a candidate in the presidential election. The 77-Year-old said today to the station, VPR. “I think the current occupant of the White house is embarrassing for our country,” said Sanders about President Donald Trump. “I think he is a pathological liar.” In addition, the current President is racist, sexist, xenophobic, and trying to score points politically, that he’s chopping on minorities.

The Senator for the state of Vermont had failed 2016 in the pre-election campaign of the Democrats against Hillary Clinton. The upcoming internal party primaries of the Democrats, start at the beginning of 2020 in Iowa. In the case of the Republicans has so far declared only incumbent Trump that he will compete again.

+++ 12.35 clock: eleven-year-old in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, dies while Playing on depot +++

An eleven-year-old has come while Playing on a depot in Montabaur in Rhineland-Palatinate killed. The Boy was crushed by the tire of a 200-kilogram tractor, the police announced. Accordingly, the accident occurred on Sunday afternoon. The Boy was playing alone at the depot, while his mother, in the interior of the building was. After a preliminary investigation, the police the Boy tried to climb on to the workshop leaning against the tire. In this case, the order apparently fell and buried the boy. The mother managed together with the witnesses, the Eleven-year-old to pull out from under the tire. The child was taken to a hospital, succumbed however, yesterday evening of his injuries.

+++ 12.29 PM: Sweet Fruits – a men want to steal Goodies for about 1000 euros +++

sweets to the value of more than 1000 euros to make two men in a supermarket from the dust without having to Pay. The planned theft in Holzminden, Germany, an employee, however, thwarted yesterday evening, the police informed. As an employee of the young men with the bulging shopping cart with chocolate and Goodies of all kinds, subcontracting, taken by the Unknown to walk to the escape.

+++ 12.11 PM: After the game, a Farce, and money worries: Pro Piacenza flies out of series C +++

After the debacle on Sunday and a Punishment from the Italian football Federation FIGC plays for Pro Piacenza is no longer in the professional League series C. The FIGC announced yesterday evening, to the exclusion of the Association. Before that, the North Italian Club brought up the rear of the group A of the third division.

Pro Piacenza

Why an Italian professional Team at the weekend point game with 0:20 lost


Pro Piacenza was competed on Sunday in the game against AC Cuneo, just a shell of a team of seven teenagers and had lost 0:20. The captain had to operate also as a coach. FIGC President Gabriele Gravina, had described the Match as a “Farce”. The professional players of the Association have been on strike for weeks, because of paid in financial difficulties at the end of the Association, and a salaries and more. On Monday the FIGC had not occupied the Club with a points deduction and a penalty fee because it was in the for the series C required financial guarantees.

+++ 11.55 PM: Mentally confused motorists want young people in Schleswig-hit +++

An apparently mentally confused drivers wanted to run over, in schleswig-Holstein, Schleswig a young people and police officers attacked. The 17-year-old pedestrian had been followed by the man with his car, police said. He was even behind a parked car for cover. In addition, the 51-Year-old forces to handle, among other things, with an electric shock device. He came in a psychiatry.

According to investigators, the youth was last night on the sidewalk next to a road in the Schleswig city area on the road, stopped as the driver to him. He fled on a green area and then behind a parked car. The 51-Year-old pursued him, and he damaged several parked vehicles. Most recently, he rammed a traffic sign, left his car and fled on foot. After the Arrival of the police he came back. The man was shouting and “obviously mentally” cast confused, explained officials. He threatened her with a nearly 30 cm long bayonet and tried to attack emergency responders with an electric shock device. After the use of pepper spray, he was overwhelmed. A medical officer a pointed the man to a psychiatric hospital. The 17-Year-old suffered a shock and was treated in a clinic.

+++ 11.53 am: detainee after six months of escape in Saxony-Anhalt taken +++

a year and A half after his escape from a prisoner transport a prisoner in Saxony has been taken-Anhalt. The 28-Year-old was yesterday arrested by officials of the special task force (SEK) in the city area of Halle, such as the police and the district court Dessau announced today. When accessing the Volatile rammed with his car two civil service vehicles used by the police and tried to flee on foot. However, he was arrested.

The man fled the scene in the beginning of August of 2018, during a demonstration at a hearing at the district court of Dessau. When you Open the prison Hulk, he escaped to the city of justice Park staff over in Dessau. Prior to that, he had to escape in the van with one Hand from the handcuffs. Since then, the police went after the man. The 28-Year-old was serving a multiple year prison sentence, among other things, for driving without a licence and theft in a particularly severe case. In a further procedure before the regional court of Dessau to him heavy band is placed theft to the load.

+++ 11.16 am: In Australia, the first mammal by man-made climate eradicated change +++

The man-made climate change seems to favor the first Mammalian-kind for the victims. The Australian environment Ministry said earlier on a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef, native Bramble Cay mosaic tail rat (Melomys rubicola) is officially extinct. The rats similar rodents have been spotted since a decade in its only habitat, the small sandy island, Bramble Cay in the far North of Australia. It was discovered the species in 1845.

scientists from the state of Queensland, that of the rodent is like the climate-change-induced sea-level rise for the victim. Because the on a coral reef, the island has been flooded in the past decade. Comprehensive Research had been completed in 2014, the rodents showed up. The classification as “extinct” was expect t.

+++ 11.10 PM: ten-year-old Boy and mother is discovered dead in an apartment in Witten +++

In an apartment In North Rhine-Westphalia, Witten on the body of a ten year old boy and his mother have been found. The police and the prosecution go according to its own information of a so-called extended suicide, in which the 39-Year-old killed her child and then himself. The 52-year-old father and husband is discovered dead early Monday evening in the family apartment. He had to be supplied thereafter in a hospital. Notes on a third party verübtes violent crime, investigators found, according to evaluation of the track location and the first investigations of violations by a legal practitioner. The bodies of the child and the mother should be examined in order to clarify the causes of death more precisely. The ten year old had, therefore, injuries to the head.

+++ 11.09 PM: parents killed and immured: defendant’s silence +++

A man should slay his parents and the bodies then, with the help of his wife immured: In the double-murder trial, the accused have denied the statement. Through their lawyers of the 26-Year-old and his three year younger wife left before the regional court of Nuremberg, today, declare that you will not make your statement right to refuse to use.

to poison The indictment accuses the Couple of to have out of greed tried first, the mother of the man. As this failed, to have slain the son in mid-December 2017, in the Bavarian town of Schnaittach, the in bed, lying 66-Year-old with a carpenter’s hammer. After that, he should have also killed his 70-year-old father with the Hammer. In the days after the fact to the two accused German the bodies of the parents in a side room of the Garage is walled, traces to eliminate it. At the end of December, you reported the parents to the police as missing a day later, the Couple married. In the case of the investigation into the Disappearance of the parents, officers found the bodies on whose property the walled. The defendants sit for more than a year in pretrial detention.

the trial

a Young married couple, parents and concreted supposed to have killed. Then they led a TV crew around the house

The case shocked particularly if the cold-bloodedness of the accused. A married couple should have killed the parents of the husband and concreted. Now the process against the 26-Year-old and his 23 starts-year-old woman.

AFP +++ 10.35 PM: a Suspected online fraudster in Baden-Württemberg arrested +++

The Federal police detained in the state of Baden-Württemberg, an alleged online fraudster should have bought with stolen credit card data in a large scale train tickets on the Internet. The today arrested 26-Year-old is said to have purchased in online stores with the data, such as prosecutors and Federal police said in Stuttgart. The resulting damage is in the high six-digit range. The Suspect was booked and ordered according to the investigation with the credit card data in Internet cafes. The train tickets will he sold, the ordered Goods self-used or sold. The police through the apartments in Murrhardt, Kornwestheim and Waiblingen was looking for. About a hundred officers were deployed, including special forces in the arrest of the Suspect.

+++ 10.31 PM: Many clouds is to adjust point of view, on the evening of the “super moon” +++

It’s a full moon, and the earth’s satellite in the greatest proximity to the earth this year. With a good view of the moon lit up the sky it might be in the evening, however, for the majority of people in Germany is difficult. “In the extreme South and in the West, where the clouds moved through the front, already till evening, the chances are the best,” said a spokesperson for the German weather service (DWD). Otherwise the thick cloud ceiling and quickly spread to a large extent.

With a distance of about 356.760 kilometers of the moon for several hours – by his standards – in extreme perigee. A “super moon” does not want to Carolin Liefke talk of the unification of the star friends. “As a layman, can not distinguish at all,” she assured. The moon was seen tonight only “slightly larger” and possibly a little brighter. However, neither the tide nor moon-related insomnia, a major difference to other nights of the full moon was expected. “Completely harmless.”

+++ 10.17 PM: ship wreck on Rügen – several injured +++

The collision of two ships to the East of the island of Rügen, have been injured in the Morning, several people. You go out at least four injured, said a spokesman for the water police. The first evidence that the supply vessel “World Bora” and the cargo ship “Raba were clashes” between 7.30 and 8 a.m., about three nautical miles northeast of Stubbenkammer. The cause is still unclear, as the speaker.

Both ships were brought, according to the ports on the island of Rügen. If Oil or fuel has run out, it is so far unclear. In the rescue operation were involved according to the figures, in addition to the police, the fire brigade and rescue helicopter.

+++ 9.22 PM: school bus driving against wall 13 children slightly injured +++

In the case of a school bus accident, in the Sauerland region 13 of them children, were slightly injured. The Bus is off in the Morning from the road and against a plot wall, like a police spokesman said. Reason might have been the smoothness. The children were treated on-site in Lennestadt and the parents informed. How many students in the Bus were, could not tell the speaker.

+++ 9.11 PM: mass manhunt for terror suspects in Turkey +++

Turkish state prosecutors have issued in connection with the coup attempt of 2016, more than 350 additional Search warrants against alleged terror suspects. Since the Morning several of the Reports of the state news Agency are looking for Anadolu, a total of 356 people. Including many active and former members of the army, air force and Navy, as well as the paramilitary Gendarmerie. The Suspects are accused of Links to the movement of Islam-preacher Fethullah Gulen, as well as the “infiltration of state institutions”. The government makes Gülen for the coup attempt.

In the never-ending sequence of searches, detentions and arrests has focused the government will be strong on the military and the police. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had indicated in mid-January that to date, more than 1. 000 soldiers removed from office. Against nearly 7000 other will be determined.

+++ 9.06 PM: US Vice-Minister of justice, Rosenstein resigned, allegedly in mid-March +++

The Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein media reportsn, in mid-March. The step had nothing to do with the recent allegations against Rosenstein, according to which of these should have been thinking about the ousting of President Donald Trump by his Cabinet, said a Ministry representative of the channel CNN. With a resign rose stone was already expected for some time. In the last week, the 68-year-old attorney Bill Barr was sworn in as the new U.S. Minister of justice. This can then choose a new Deputy.

The former FBI interim chief Executive Andrew McCabe had said on Sunday, in an Interview, Rosenstein after the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey in may 2017 to him about the possibility of a displacement of Trumps on the basis of the 25. The additional article of the US Constitution thought. He also proposed meetings with the President secretly be recorded. The amendment regulates the succession of US presidents in the event of his death, his resignation, his impeachment or because of incapacity.

+++ 8.37 PM: In the car, 17 sharp hand grenades smuggled +++

Because grenades have been smuggled sharp hand in your car, has taken the Federal police in Dresden last night, two Suspects. As a spokeswoman for the Federal police confirmed today, had the officials checked the two Bosnians in their car at the Dresden main station. They suspected an illegal entry. A sniffer dog to beat but in the car, whereupon the officers found in the trim of the car, a total of 17 sharp hand grenades.

The investigation, why the men were with the hand grenades on the road, are still ongoing.

+++ 8.33 PM: Michael Bublé brings as a host of cult TV Show into a conversation +++

singer and actor Michael Bublé (43, “Home”) and toying with the host role in the American cult show “Saturday Night Live”. “I look at Interviews with the Celebrities that have taken on the role. And they all say how scary it is,” said the canadian, half Seriously and half in jest. “I don’t even know, if you ask me ever. But I was Afraid of, because then I would have to commitments.” Bublé has already appeared several times on “SNL” as the Show of the NBC is abbreviated. “I would love to play host. But I would be afraid of it.”

Saturday Night Live

“retribution”: Trump rages because of a Sketch in cult-satire show

By Marc Drewello

The role of the host of the satirical show to present after the opening sketch, a monologue in which he takes on the shovel. Many musicians have taken care of in this role for the music in the Show, such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake. The shipment has already been running since 1975. Currently, U.S. actor Alec Baldwin makes a splash, with a biting satire on U.S. President Donald Trump. This called on Sunday for the umpteenth time, a survey of the shipment.

+++ 7.29 PM: firefighters rescue six people from a burning hotel room +++ Fullscreen

forces the fire brigade to extinguish the fire in a Hotel in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain

©Jörg Carstensen DPA

The Berlin fire Department has rescued a large contingent of six people from a burning hotel rooms in the district of Friedrichshain. Two of them suffered from smoke poisoning and were taken to the hospital, a spokeswoman for the fire and rescue services. As hotel guests had to be brought out of a total of 115 rooms in safety, the fire Department, with approximately 95 man. Two hours after the Alarm the fire was extinguished to a large extent. The spokeswoman went out early in the Morning, that large parts of the hotel would promptly be accessible again. As the room was on the fifth floor in fire, is still unclear.

+++ 7.14 PM: Ozzy Osbourne must due to pneumonia pause +++

hard rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, has pneumonia and has to cancel for this reason, further concerts in Australia, new Zealand and Japan. “Ozzy has recently developed a pneumonia, and some time spent in the hospital. He has the worst behind”, is quoted by his wife Sharon Osbourne in a short message, which was sent in the Morning via the Twitter channel of the 70-Year-old. “His Doctors have advised him to stay at home and rest a full six weeks.”

Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince of darkness is 70 years old


Osbourne had cancelled at the end of January already his planned tour of Europe. Also affected are five concerts in Germany and Switzerland. In a communication Osbourne had said that a severe infection of the upper respiratory had been diagnosed with paths that could develop into a pneumonia. This case is occurred obviously. His wife had thanked me a week ago on Twitter for the support and wishes for a speedy recovery: “We are overwhelmed and truly touched by the attention of all.”

+++ 7.12 PM: clothing chain Tom Tailor to Chinese +++

The troubled apparel chain, Tom Tailor will be completely Chinese. The major shareholder, Fosun from China wants to take over the Hamburg-based company a valuation of around 96 million euros. The Tom-Tailor-shareholders are offered to 2.26 euros per share, the company said. The offer is just under five per cent, above the Xetra closing price of yesterday. Shortly before the announcement of a takeover offer, Tom Tailor had already known that Fosun had increased its share of a new share issue of just under 29 percent to 35 percent. For this, the Chinese had to put nearly nine million euros on the table. All shareholders should offer their shares under the takeover offer, would have to Fosun to pay a little more than 60 million Euro.

Tom Tailor fought with a number of problems and was mainly because of the Bonita brand, which is deep in the red. Fosun has been involved since 2014, Tom Tailor.

+++ 6.58 PM: steel carrier 33 is pinched – Year-old A 33-year-old employee of a concrete contractor dies in accident at work +++

in Leipzig, in the case of a work accident fatally injured. The man was trapped under a 20-Meter-long steel beam, the police announced. According to initial findings, the heavy metal part was Working in the wrong location. The man tried, the steel beam alone, re-align and had been trapped, it said. For the 33-Year-old came too late to help.

+++ 6.41 PM: Mexican Migrant dies in custody of U.S. border guards +++

A Migrant from Mexico, the because of repeated illegal entry in die United States, was arrested at the border, died in a hospital in the state of Texas. The 45-year-old man was at the time of his death in the custody of the U.S. customs and border protection officer in Washington. He had complained that it had therefore previously about health problems. The cause of death will still be investigated. After the death of two children from Guatemala in December, the Mexicans are the third person within a period of three months, died in the custody of the authority is reported, according to US media.

The 45-Year-old was at 2. February from the Texas police on the border crossing at Roma, has been picked up and had asked for medical help. He was taken to a hospital, but returned shortly afterwards in the prison. On the following day he was brought again to hospital, where Doctors diagnosed liver cirrhosis and congestive heart failure. He died on Tuesday.

+++ 4.08 PM: Drunk car thief without a license runs after the chaos of travel thereof +++

After a turbulent ride with a stolen car is a drunk 24-fled Years of yesterday evening in Ludwigsburg in Baden-Württemberg foot – however, without reporting his fact, even call the police. For the investigation of the Volatile, the police had to use a helicopter, as the competent Bureau announced. Was taken up, the adventurers finally at home.

Before the young man had stolen without a license the car in Böblingen and was from thence jetted. In Ludwigsburg, he then lost control: He drove straight over a traffic circle, sideswiped a parked car and a tree, until the car came to a house wall. The driver was injured slightly and ran away. The night the man had to spend to sober up at the police station.

+++ 4.05 PM: poachers shoot more than 1000 reindeer in Siberia +++

poachers have in Siberia, according to information from the environment more than 1000 reindeer guards shot. The meat and the antlers of the animals had been discovered in cars in a number of load in the Russian Republic of Yakutia in the North-East of Russia, said the WWF. The Fund, which was Packed in bags, weighing several tonnes. The polar deer were believed to have been on the Taimyr Peninsula in the Krasnoyarsk Region killed. Environmentalists have stopped the Transport, together with the local authorities a week ago, it said.

“The convoy is probably only the tip of the iceberg. The animals are shot during a swim Through the rivers and the antlers simply sawed off”, so Klebelsberg. The antlers would be processed to a powder, and particularly to China as a rogue. “Tongues and meat are in great demand as a delicacy.” The authorities in the Russian Region adopted in accordance with its own information, in the meantime, a decree, the point of a Saw of the Geweihes in the case of living animals, under penalty. This is one of the biggest problems. The ban applies for the next five years. Poachers have threatened to several years in prison.

+++ 3.44 PM: New round of talks in the trade dispute between the USA and China +++

representatives of the United States and China will come today in Washington a new round of talks on the settlement of the trade dispute. This became known from a press statement from the White house. After a first round of expert-level Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin, trade Minister Wilbur Ross and the U.S. wanted to trade representative Robert Lighthizer from the 21. February, the talks at a higher level.

1. March officially ends a 90-day “ceasefire” that both sides at the G20 summit had agreed at the beginning of December last year in Argentina. The United States threatened tariffs with the new Penalty, there should be no agreement. The special duties on imports from China in the amount of 200 billion U.S. dollars could then be according to the plans of Washington from the current 10 to 25 percent increases. The United States demand more market access in China, a reduction in the US trade deficit, as well as a better protection against piracy, and forced technology transfer for operating in China are US companies.

+++ 3.11 PM: the earthquake-shaken has been shaken the Indonesian island of Java +++

The Indonesian island of Java in the Morning, an earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9. The center of the quake was about 160 kilometers Southeast of Malang district at a depth of ten kilometres, the Geophysical Agency said in Jakarta. Of any casualty or damage data were not available initially. A Tsunami warning had not been prompted, it was said by the authorities.

+++ 3.04 PM: Syrian Kurds call on UN special courts for the IS-trailer +++

Syria’s Kurds have called on the United Nations, in the war-torn country special international courts for prisoners IS fighters. The home countries of the jihadists have not so far responded to the demand of the Kurds, the IS trailer to retrieve, said the spokesman of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF), Mustafa Bali, the German press Agency. In the North of Syria, it will not give the ability to track the terrorists legally. Processes under the umbrella of the UN could be a solution which all satisfied.

The SDF-speaker according to the SDF have taken so far, about 1300 foreign fighters captured, Iraqis except. Some had been taken during the fighting, others would have been. The supporters of the terrorist militia Islamic state of sitting in Camps in the North of Syria. From SDF-circles, it was said that most of them came from Saudi Arabia.

+++ 2.41 PM: 16 US-Federal States lawsuits against trump’s state of emergency Declaration +++

16 U.S. States in actions brought against the state of emergency Declaration from President Donald Trump for the construction of a border wall. In the today at a Federal court in California filed a lawsuit Trumps action as a violation of the US ‘ Constitution. The US President had declared on Friday for the financing of the required wall on the Mexico border a national emergency.

money for construction of the wall

“Immoral and illegal”: 16 US-Federal States lawsuits against Donald trump’s emergency plans

Donald trump’s Plan to use the state of emergency Declaration funds from other budgets to the construction of the border wall in Mexico, resistance. 16 States have filed suit against it. Trump himself had expected to.

DPA +++ 0.27 PM: The “kissing sailor” from Times Square is dead +++

George Mendonsa “kissing sailor” from New York by one of the most famous photos of the end of the Second world war, is dead. A Veteran of the U.S. Navy, under died at the weekend in an old people’s home in Middletown in the US state of Rhode Island, as the American media Calling on his daughter, Sharon Moeller reports. He was 95 years old. “My father was very proud of his service (in the Navy), as well as the image, and what it meant,” said daughter Molleur. “It was always, many, many years later, an important part of his life.”

Mendonsa was a kiss scene during a spontaneous victory celebration to the defeat of Japan in world war II in Times Square in New York on 14. August 1945 became known. He had taken during the celebrations on the street, a young nurse arbitrarily in the arms and intimately kissed, the photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt immortalized this Moment. Later, the Black-and-White photo on the front page of the “Life”magazine appeared. The nurse was later, as Greta rooms, Friedman identified. She died, according to the NBC in 2016 at the age of 92 years.


The kissing sailor from Times Square is dead

in 1945, was kissing the US soldier, George Mendonsa at a victory party after the Second world war in New York’s Times Square is a strange woman. The photo of the scene went around the world. Now, the kissing sailor died in haughty age.

AFP +++ 0.23 at: Green throw CSU-Transport Ministers favouring of Bavaria +++

The Federal Minister of transport of the CSU have led to the view of the Greens in the last ten years, especially a lot of money to Bavaria. “Since the CSU has taken in the year 2009, the transport Department, each year, a higher proportion of the budget to Bavaria, and that is definitely not a coincidence,” said Green party Vice Oliver Krischer of the “Rheinische Post”. The Greens had derived from the responses of the ministries on small requests. Krischer spoke of a “very special type of financial equalisation among the States” by the CSU-the Minister of transport: “More money for Bayern, less for the other provinces”.

The Federal transport Ministry rejected these allegations immediately. “The distribution of Federal highway funds on the Federal States is carried out according to need, not according to direction – according to clear, fixed criteria and mechanisms,” said the authority, in the night. These criteria are all countries known and would be accepted by these “so”.

+++ 0.07 PM: SPD wins in the poll to a Grand coalition with a majority of +++

The SPD, according to a survey by the Insa Institute clearly on the upswing. Accordingly, the social Democrats (18 percent) in the “Bild-Zeitung”calculated “opinion-trend” of 2.5 percentage points and the Green as the second-strongest force (15 percent, minus 3.5 points). Also, the Union (30 per cent) improved by half a point, to 30 per cent. Thus, the Grand coalition would have for the first time since June 2018, a slim parliamentary majority.

The Left loses in comparison to the previous week, a point and drops to 9.5 percent. The AfD (14 percent) of their value. The FDP (9%) improved by half a point. A Jamaica-coalition of the CDU/CSU, FDP and the Green party came to 54 percent. The other parties to come together, to 4.5 percent (plus 1 point).

+++ 0.05 PM: Trump threatens Venezuela’s military +++

US President Donald Trump has threatened the military in Venezuela, with serious consequences if they support the controversial head of state, Nicolás Maduro. “If you decide for this way, you will find no safe haven and no way out. You will lose everything,” said Trump during a speech in Miami to the address of the Venezuelan military, who are still on the side of Maduros. Trump called on the military to consider the limit available relief supplies into the country. The humanitarian Disaster must come to an end, he said. To the address of supporters of the Maduro regime, the US President said: “Finished this nightmare of poverty, Hunger, and death.”

Trump stressed the US is “want to make a peaceful exchange, but all options are open.” The U.S. government does not preclude for weeks, explicitly, in case of doubt about the military tires in Venezuela to enter, if Maduro should not cede them voluntarily. In Venezuela, a power struggle between the Opposition and the socialist government has raged for weeks. Parliament chief Juan Guaidó had on 23. January self to the interim President explained and Maduro so openly challenged.

mad / DPA / AFP

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