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at Least 15 killed in attack on Strip Club in Mexico, cardinal Marx calls for changes in the Church, laschet supports Macrons EU reform ideas (12.45 PM), Turkish police arrested members of the opposition (11.30 am)China trade talks with the United States optimistic (7.30 PM)

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+++ 17.31 PM: streets in the centre of London because of a suspicious vehicle +++

blocked Several streets in the centre of London, including Westminster Bridge and Victoria Embankment have been evacuated by armed police officers. This, among other things, the “Guardian” reported, confirmed by images from Webcams. Accordingly, a suspicious vehicle is supposed to be the reason for the barriers to be in the vicinity of the Parliament switched off. The barriers last for an hour.

+++ 16.41 hrs: snow-Shoe tour of missing dog after weeks again. + + +

A dog that disappeared three weeks ago during a snow-Shoe tour, turned up alive has been found. Emaciated it took his owner in the Bavarian town of white Creek at Alpine road in reception, as a spokesman for the Bavarian Red cross (BRK) said. The woman had her mongrel dog “Teddy” after a snow-Shoe tour on the 16. February reported on the ristfeucht horn missing and the mountain rescue team asked for help. In the night of Saturday, the dog was seen again for the first time. From the mountain rescue service agreed, to the owner according to weissbach on the Alpine road. There she took “Teddy”.

+++ 15.30 PM: at Least 15 Dead in attack on Strip Club in Mexico +++

In an attack on a Table-Dance Bar, in Mexico at least 15 people have been killed. A further five people were injured, as the attackers in the Club “La Playa” opened in the city of Salamanca, in the state of Guanajuato in the centre of the country of the fire, according to the newspaper “Milenio” reported on Saturday, citing safety circuits. The first investigation, according to a group stormed masked and armed attackers in the Bar in the night. After the attack, they drove in a SUV. The Background of the attack was initially unclear. In Mexico, several drug cartels and crime syndicates fight for control.

+++ 15.05 PM: cardinal Marx calls for fundamental changes in the Church +++

at the beginning of lent, the Chairman of the German bishops ‘ conference, cardinal Reinhard Marx calls for fundamental changes in the Church. In terms of sexual abuse, it was necessary, on the subject of Power, as well as to talk about questions of sexual morality of the Church, States in his pastoral letter for lent. “It is not just some Church-political measures, but a way of renewal,” said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, according to a message. As a fundamental Problem Marx described the abuse of power, he opened as the core of sexual abuse. In many countries, the issue is not recognised abuse both in society and in the Church as a Problem. While in Germany, Ireland or the USA, the work-up of the abuse scandals, at least, has begun, the debate is about in many places, even at the very beginning.

+++ 13.15 PM: the Guinness book: 116-year-old Japanese woman now the oldest person in the world +++

The Japanese Kane Tanaka is now officially the oldest person in the world. At a ceremony in her seniors home for Tanaka, who is 116 years and 66 days of age, received on Saturday a certificate with your new title, as the publisher of the Guinness book of records announced. Tanaka family and the mayor of the Japanese city of Fukuoka took part in the celebrations. Tanaka has Othello in your biblical age, therefore, still have a passion for mathematics, and the Board game. Tanaka was on 2. January, 1903, the seventh child was born, there were a total of eight brothers and sisters. In 1922 she married. The Couple had four children and adopted another. You have to stand still every Morning at 6 a.m. and go until around 21 o’clock to bed, reported in the Guinness book of records.


Kane Tanaka, a 116-year-old Japanese woman is the oldest person in the world

©Kyodo News DPA +++ 12.45 PM: Laschet supports Macrons push for EU reforms +++

The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has been behind the recent reform of the EU initiative of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Laschet, who is also the Plenipotentiary for the German-French cultural relations, called on the Federal government in a guest contribution to the newspaper “The world” of Saturday, “to miss the right time for a reply”. “With courage and determination to decide and act – this is now the need of the hour.” Macron had advertised in a guest article for European Newspapers earlier in the week for a “fresh start in Europe”. The French President said, among other things, for the establishment of a “European Agency for the protection of democracy” and called for “a joint border police and the European Asylum office” in connection with a Reform of the Schengen area and the creation of a European Council for internal security.

+++ 11.30: Turkish police arrest before the elections, supporters of the Opposition +++

Turkish security forces, media reports indicate that during a RAID on a Headquarters of the pro-Kurdish opposition party, the seven-HDP-members. The incident had occurred on Friday evening in the city of Diyarbakir in the Kurdish-dominated Southeast of the country. The HDP members were in custody, told a HDP spokeswoman on Saturday the German press Agency.

had participated in The Concerned in solidarity with the detained HDP politician Leyla Güven on a hunger strike, it said in the Report. Güven is since the 8. November in the hunger strike. With the action she wanted to support the imprisoned founder of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK, Abdullah Öcalan.

search for missing property girl

Missing Rebecca – one of the most enigmatic criminal of our time

DPA +++ 9.52 PM: on Saturday the search action in the case of Rebecca +++

The search in the case of the missing 15-year-old Rebecca from Berlin goes on Friday and Saturday. The search will be in a large wooded area to the Southeast Berlin continued, at the earliest, in the late morning, said a police spokeswoman on Saturday morning, the German press Agency. It should come sniffer dogs. On Thursday and Friday, police had combed through the forest at kummersdorf, a town in Brandenburg, so far without success.

+++ 10.22 PM: millions of plastic particles to the Container shipwreck washed up +++

an Estimated 24 million plastic particles have been washed after Container accident in the beginning of January in the North sea, according to a Dutch researcher in the area of the Groningen Wadden coast and the offshore Islands. The highest concentration was found on beaches popular with vacationers, the island of Schiermonnikoog, the University of Groningen. The uninhabited neighboring Islands of Rottumeroog and Rottumerplaat are severely affected. On Schiermonnikoog should work begin in the coming week cleaning with the help of special suction devices, reported the Dutch news Agency ANP on Saturday.

+++ 8.45 PM: Altmaier, head of the salvation rejects push for the right to home office +++

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) has rejected the plans of the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) for the right to the home office. “We need to enable the compatibility of family and work even more closely with the creative working models and an Expansion of child care,” said Altmaier, the “Rheinische Post” . A legal claim on the home office was “not necessary”. Need more flexibility, not rigid legal rules. The Federal Ministry of labour had driven his plans for a legal right of workers on work in the home office last. According to a study by the German Institute for economic research (DIW) could work 40 percent of employees in Germany from home. For 60 per cent of the employees of the study to the year 2016, according to the work in the home office, however, is not feasible.

+++ 7.30 PM: China is shown before the next EU-US trade talks to be optimistic +++

China has shown before the next round of Negotiations with the U.S. in trade dispute optimistic. “If you ask about the prospects for the next discussions, I have the feeling that there is hope,” said Vice-Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen on Saturday at a press conference on the sidelines of the National people’s Congress in Beijing. The two largest economies in the world since around a year in a Trade dispute and were covered since then, with punitive tariffs on Goods in a total value of more than 360 billion dollars.

+++ 5.30: Radio: satellite images show possible missile construction in North Korea +++

In the United States satellites have become images made public, according to opinion of some experts in the near future, the imminent Test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile or a space rocket in North Korea. The radio station NPR reported on Friday. On its website, the station published the images. Show the location of Sanumdong, a plant in the North Korea so far, ball has tested ballistic missiles and rockets to Launch satellites. In addition, trucks and railway wagons.

Possible handover of power

In the case of Merkel-retreat: SPD-politicians would not choose Kramp-karrenbauer to Chancellor

DPA +++ 4.55 PM: Gabriel: Merkel gives in advance chancellorship of CDU leader +++

The former SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel expects Chancellor Angela Merkel Annegret in the course of the term in office of the new CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer. “Personally, I do not believe that Angela Merkel is so stupid, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer two and a half years how to make a poodle next to be run,” said Gabriel of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. Further, Gabriel said that Merkel will have great benefits such as a lot of Humor and that you don’t hertrage your office as a monstrance; the good of the policy. “But now we are living in a Phase in which people want more leadership,” he said. “They perceive it as not sufficient, if the whole world is upside down and no one in politics says: by the Way, we want to be as long to get through.”

+++ 4.15 PM: US-small-town selects a goat to the “mayor” +++

A novice in politics, but at least with a famous name: In a small town in the U.S. state of Vermont is a goat named Lincoln as the winner from an animal “mayor”of choice. Lincoln won the vote in Fair Haven, against 15 other candidates, including the gerbil, Crystal, and several dogs and cats. However, in the 2500 inhabitants of the city were delivered to a total of just 53 votes, including 13 for Lincoln. Fair Haven has no official mayor. Similar functions to the city Manager Joseph Gunter, who has been inspired by a similar vote in a village in Michigan, the idea of the animal, the mayor had a choice. For nominations, a start had to be paid money that should be invested in the construction of a Playground.

+++ 4.10 a.m.: Israeli planes strafe Hamas positions in Gaza +++

Israeli warplanes have attacked in the night to Saturday positions of the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas in the Gaza strip. Earlier, a rocket from Gaza was fired on Friday on the South of Israel, taught there, but according to official information, no damage. The Israeli air strike hit, according to the military, “a number of Hamas targets and underground structures in Gaza”. According to Palestinian reports of significant damage emerged, no one had been injured.

+++ 3.05 PM: Five Dead in plane crash in Florida +++

Five people came on Friday when a small plane crash in the US state of Florida killed. The twin-engine Piper crashed during landing at a regional airport, from still unknown causes in the Okeechobee lake. According to the responsible Sheriff’s office in Palm Beach five Dead from the wreck were salvaged. It may have been a Survivor, as a Person was washed away from the wreck. According to this Person still being sought.

+++ 2.50 watch: Baby of controversial British IS-a woman died +++

in the international headlines, distressed British from the ranks of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) has lost only a few weeks old Baby. The first in the middle of February-born Young, now dead, told the family’s attorney on Friday in London. “His death is confirmed,” tweeted lawyer Tasnime Akunjee in the evening. The British Shamima Begum, joined the IS in Syria a Dutch IS fighters had been married, originally wanted to return to their homeland. The britthe government had been deprived of the citizenship, and in order for your request to return to Britain rejected. Last sought your man, to bring you to the Netherlands.


A photo shows Shamima Begum with her sister. The British had married in Syria a Dutch IS fighters, originally wanted to return to their homeland.

©LAURA LEAN AFP +++ 2.30 PM: report: Hartz IV recipients to fight according to the health report sick more often +++

adults and children, the life of Hartz IV, have greater health problems than employed workers. This was the result of the as yet unpublished health report of the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, the “Rheinische Post” (Saturday). Accordingly, only 5.5 percent of Diabetes type 2 suffering about the workers, the recipients of unemployment benefit II as compared to 9.1 per cent. Similar to the distance in the constriction of the coronary, therefore, is vessels.

+++ 1.25 PM: Algerian authorities: 112 police officers injured, 195 feast

During the demonstrations against the Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 112 police officers were injured, according to official figures. In the capital, Algiers, 195 people had been also taken, the General Directorate of National security on Friday evening. A large number of rioters have infiltrated the protesters. The images showed how the police used during clashes with tear gas. The Algerian state television reported the acts of violence that would have led to a fire in the Museum for Islamic art, and thefts of objects. There is a group to be penetrated by men. Also in a primary school and there had been damage, more reported the state television. Tens of thousands of people had previously demonstrated in the capital peacefully against the re-candidacy of Bouteflika in the presidential election in April.

+++ 0.45 PM: Rheinische Post: Altmaier, head of the student calls for climate Demos in the REC +++

economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) has shown for the student-demonstrations for climate protection, understanding, urged the young people to be in their leisure time, politically active. “Representatives of these students I have received on the first day of action in Berlin in the Ministry to a conversation, and to me their concerns listened to,” said Altmaier, head of the düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. “In addition to the praise the students for climate protection are involved, I pointed out, but also to the fact that you can organize such Demos are also quite comfortable in the classroom,” said the CDU politician.

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