After an Explosion with multiple injuries in the city centre of Lyon, Anti-terrorism specialists to determine. The Prosecutor’s office of the German press Agency confirmed on Friday in the French capital.

The Explosion had occurred in the early evening in the centre of the city in the Southeast of the country. France’s interior Minister Christophe Castaner ordered the prefects throughout the country to strengthen security measures in places where many people reside. The be about sports or culture events.

at Least eight people were injured, according to the Prefecture in the Explosion. The channel BFMTV reported that at least 13 injured, including a child. The police confirmed this information on demand and voice of slightly injured.

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, called the Explosion an “attack”. There is nothing about fatalities is available at the moment, he said in an Interview with the YouTubers Hugo Travers, shortly after the incident. His thoughts were with the families.

The Explosion occurred near a bakery in the street Victor Hugo at an intersection in a pedestrian area. The station France info reported, citing the French interior Ministry that there is on the floor in a bag or suitcase to have contained an explosive device with screws, exploded. The Paris Anti-terrorist Prosecutor Remy Heitz wanted to go in the evening, to Lyon.

The police went in the evening after a man, as a spokesman for the German press Agency said. According to media reports, he is supposed to be a Bicycle, fled, and the explosives set earlier, at the bakery they have deposited.

The Explosion of the French shortly before the European elections. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said his participation in a final campaign rally, as the French news Agency AFP reports. The right populist Marine Le Pen spoke of a “terrorist attack”.

the background of The fact, however, were initially unclear. France is shaken for years by an Islamist wave of terror, approximately 250 people were killed. In December, the alleged Islamist Chérif Chekatt had opened in the city centre of Strasbourg, the fire died, ultimately, five people, in addition, numerous were injured.

The local Prefecture denied in the evening rumours that there will be more explosions to have. Two metro stations in the city center were closed, the area around the crime scene cordoned off. The Prefecture has called on residents to stay away and not to spread rumors. You should not now frighten the population, said David Kimelfeld, President of the Metropolitan area of Lyon, the TV station BFMTV.

eye-witnesses of the Explosion in Lyon info reported, according to France by a loud Bang. Frightened people were running across the road. The police was quickly on the spot and cordoned off the crime scene.

Several people had been wounded in the legs slightly, told a pharmacist, whose shop opposite the bakery is to BMFTV. The injuries were according to the of little balls and screws. After the Explosion, there had been no panic, said district mayor Denis Broliquier. There is no danger for the residents of the district.

Lyon is located in the Southeast of France, it is the capital of the Département of Rhône and the Region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with more than 515.000 inhabitants, is the third largest city in France after Paris and Marseille. In the summer of 2015 an Islamist wanted to bring in an industrial gas plant Explosion, but was overwhelmed. He had previously beheaded his boss.