It is serious abuse of children. Investigators of the lower Saxony police, but investigators of the Federal criminal police office and other European countries are looking for the 58-year-old Eric J. they are asking for your help from the population, and they have published a photo of the Suspect.

Eric J. was in may 2018 on the flight, said a spokeswoman for the police of the star. Recently, the competent district court had agreed, at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office of the mug with a photo to the Searched part.

when and where is the Eric J. to have committed his crime(s) exactly, said the spokeswoman out of respect for the victims. Safe is only: There is an “urgent suspicion”, and other Attempts to take Eric J., there is little success. These are typically requirements for approval of a public investigation by the courts.

police are also looking abroad, according to Eric J.

The last trace of the search that leads to southern Germany. In the border area of Germany and Switzerland, he was seen in November 2018 on a red Bicycle. It is conceivable that he has fled abroad, police said. In question, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria or Croatia were, for example. The local authorities were involved in the manhunt.

search action

How you can help, Europol, and child abuse

to clarify, The investigators assume that Eric J. only has little cash and, therefore, trying to come up with odd jobs to make ends meet. In particular, providers of such activities should, therefore, be carefully.

The Wanted is about 1.73 meters tall, has a sporty figure and the glasses carrier. According to investigators, he might look like now significantly different than the mugshot. May he now carries a Beard and/or has let her hair grow long.

clues to the whereabouts of Eric J. accepts the police at the telephone number (01511) 8214551.

source: Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen

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