The officials offered on the evening of Easter Monday a debris field on the Bismarck road in Moers. A blue Citroën Saxo stand across the road and was only recognizable from the front as such. The rear of the car looked like a scrap press would have taken up their work.

rescue workers were able to bring the driver of the small car, a 43-Year-old, to a hospital, but the Doctors there could not save her. Three days after the accident, the woman died of her severe injuries. The dismay in Moers is still large. Candles and roses are as a sign of affectedness, on the Bismarck road, and at the weekend, 200 people came together in silent remembrance at the scene of the accident.

Illegal car race across Moers?

shortly after the Crash, a suspicion came up: Apparently, speeders have been delivered in a residential area of the city on the edge of the Ruhr area is an illegal car race. Witnesses told the police that a Mercedes driver was driving next to a Range Rover on the opposite carriageway. Both drivers should have to accelerate your high-horsepower cars strong, as the 43-struck off the Year with your Citroën on the Bismarck road. “The driver of the Range Rover was able to brake, drove after the accident, however, on the Danube street in an unknown direction,” said the competent Duisburg police. The Mercedes, however, with the small of the woman’s car crashed into. “The driver got out and walked away with a limp in an unknown direction.”

murder verdict in the racer process

victim in the illegal car race: Why was there for the death of these girls is comparatively mild sentences

The alleged driver of the high-powered Mercedes E63s AMG, the Duisburg public Prosecutor’s office investigated since Monday evening, by a public investigation – with rapid success. The man had been on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by his lawyer at the Criminal police headquarters of 11 of the police of Duisburg, said in a press release. The suspects, 21-year-old Kosovars Kushtrim H., to be presented on Wednesday a judge. The warrant is murder, reported the news Agency DPA. Because it could not be excluded that H. might have to leave Germany and his home in hiding, had examined the office of the public Prosecutor also, whether you should search for the 21-Year-old via an international arrest warrant.

the charge against the second driver is legally classified, must be determined. That is why no arrest warrant had been applied for against him. For him, the new racer could find-Section 315d of the criminal code application. Thus, participants in an illegal car race can be in October 2017 punished more severely. Is caused by a “prohibited motor vehicle race” in the death of another human being, since then, up to ten years in prison may be imposed.

the case brings back memories of the “Kudamm-speeders”

The question of the relationship of the suspect to the vehicle-holders, was open to the Prosecutor: “I would like to say from the determination tactical reasons,” a spokesman said. After the accident, the two holders of the vehicles that are involved in the alleged race had been taken on a provisional basis – until it became clear that they were “probably” the driver.

The alleged race in Moers is reminiscent of the so-called Kudamm-racer in Berlin. The two men were raced in February 2016, the Kurfürstendamm, a 69-Year-old lost his life. The Berlin regional court sentenced the men in March 2019 for murder to life imprisonment. The first conviction overturned by the Federal court of justice. Even after the second verdict, one of the defenders lodged a cassation. Also as a consequence of the Berlin case, the legislature has increased penalties for speeders with the new paragraph 315d of the criminal code.

sources: the police headquarters in Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia police, DPA