After the mystery Disappearance of 15-Year-old Rebecca from Berlin, adhere to two weeks ago, an investigation has adopted a judge’s arrest warrant against the brother-in-law of the girl. The Berlin police said.

The Accused was under “urgent suspicion of manslaughter”, according to investigators. The 27-Year-old had been arrested in Berlin.

Earlier it became known that the Prosecutor’s office wanted to re-enforce an arrest warrant against the 27-year-old man. A judge refused on Friday to take the suspect to a German in custody. In contrast, the Prosecutor’s office a complaint with the German press Agency learned from investigators circles.

Where is Rebecca? What is your brother-in-law?

The police had arrested the man on Thursday for the first time and had to leave him on Friday, again free of charge because the evidence submitted was sufficient to the judge for a warrant of arrest and detention. What the suspicion against the brother-in-law supports in concrete terms, said the police. You said only, it’ll give murdered: soul suspect contradictions “between its information and the latest calculation results”.

Missing student from Berlin

Fear for Rebecca goes on – what the detainee knows?

By Daniel Wüstenberg

The forensics of the land office of criminal investigation, had the house of the sister and her husband in the southern Berlin district of Britz on Friday searched. The evaluation could take days, it said. It was not the first search of the rooms.

Rebecca had stayed there. In the Morning she was not there and didn’t show up in the school. With a ceiling to be out of the house disappeared. Shortly thereafter, her phone was switched off permanently. After a few days, a homicide took over the investigation.

the police of a crime

The student was 18. February disappeared. Until today, lacking any trace of her. Despite an intensive search, she was found, neither alive nor discovered her body. The police assumes that she was killed. Had you notified on Friday officially. Until Monday morning 180 notes to the police, a spokeswoman said.

As the girl was without a trace, or their dead body kills the core of vanish, the police and the Public a bit of a puzzle. Search dogs, the police, the analysis of mobile phone data, search with photos and calls to the family on the Internet – nothing brought up so far advanced tips.

search call to the police Fullscreen

Rebecca’s clothes: pink plush jacket, white hooded sweatshirt with the inscription, in black-and-white “Vans”shoes, red backpack, blue Jeans with torn knees, a beige-pink coloured handbag

©police Berlin

Rebecca is 15 years old, but may appear older. She is 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, slim and has dark-blond to brown, shoulder-length hair. In the case of her Disappearance the girl was dressed in a pink plush jacket, a white hoodie with the words “Rap Monster 94” and “BTS”, blue Jeans with torn knees and a black-and-white “Vans” – sports shoes. She had a handbag, a beige-pink and a red backpack.

The officials have, among other things, the following questions:

Who has Rebecca on the Morning of the 18. February 2019 in the range between Maurerweg and Fritz-Erler-seen-Allee in Berlin?Who has, pursuant to the 18. February 2019 not yet seen or had any contact with her?

clues on the whereabouts of Rebecca accepts the Berlin police at the telephone number (030) 4664911333 or by E-Mail.

note: This article was updated after the arrest warrant was issued against the brother-in-law of Rebecca.

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