The rights of the terrorist group “old school Society” (OSS) planned accommodations attacks on asylum seekers – a co-founder of the state security Senate of the higher regional court of Dresden sentenced to a suspended sentence.

said the court received the 39-Year-old on Thursday due to “membership of participation in a terrorist group,” a sentence of imprisonment of one year and five months, suspended on probation. The judgment is not yet final.

The Senate followed demands from General Prosecutor’s office and defense to probation. The defendant, Marco K. was involved in the opinion of the court in the founding of the OSS in August 2014, belonged until the dissolution in may of 2015, and it actively supported. A confession of the Senate criminal appreciated tempering.

The Association with about 30 members in the whole of Germany planned according to the investigation of fire and explosives attacks on inhabited asylum-seekers accommodations. The OSS is a “national, nationalist, xenophobic, and racist”, and have taken Dead, at least tacitly.

K. was an active member, but I have not held a significant Position, said presiding judge Thomas Frese man. According to its own figures has turned away K. meanwhile, the right-wing extremism.

The authorities had monitored the OSS since August 2014. Four leading heads had been taken at the beginning of may 2015 in the Saxon town of Borna fixed. Four men were sentenced in March 2017 by the higher regional court of Munich, to three to five years in prison. The district court of Dresden, a second criminal case against two other alleged OSS members has been running since February.

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