had been set by Kloss, The Pankow auction house is actually great hope in the three watercolors. Starting price was 4000 euros. The artist: none other than Adolf Hitler. However, the works did not come as planned on Thursday under the Hammer. The Berlin police stepped in and confiscated the pictures. It is suspected that the paintings were counterfeit, there is a police said a spokeswoman for the news Agency AFP. The expert Commission for art crimes at the Landeskriminalamt (LKA) is determined for attempted fraud and falsification of documents.

The images “Rhine landscape”, “Alpine landscape” and “Niederthal, Vent” to Adolf Hitler between 1910 and 1911 have painted. The later Nazi dictator tried at the time in Vienna as an artist. He copied postcards motifs and sold them for a living.

experts of the authenticity of the Hitler images in question

photos and descriptions of the pieces have since disappeared from the website of the auction house. Requests by the star did not want to answer the operator. However, the attached certificates from the years 2017 and 2018 show the images as real. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” writes, should be confirmed by the handwriting expert Frank Garo the signatures as those of Adolf Hitler.


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Carefully at the pictures, the authorities were on Wednesday, when a display of a private man, and shortly thereafter, a criminal complaint was received. The investigators see the “reasonable suspicion” that the signature “A. Hitler” is fake. “Everything will be provided with a signature, be also a document,” said a police spokesman for the broadcaster RBB. Therefore, would also be investigated for falsification of documents. As the newspaper “The world” reported, were the signatures of other and look completely different than Hitler’s genuine signatures from the time before 1914.

The RBB, the authorities confirmed that they also identify the three opinions. So far is unclear where the pictures were taken. In the context of the auction, the origin had not been called.

Up to 130,000 Euro auction proceeds

most of Hitler painted pictures are in private collections in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. In Germany, in principle, images can be sold as Hitler’s and traded. But the requirement is that you show no anti-constitutional symbols. A “real Hitler” may under certain circumstances achieve top prices at auctions. In November 2014, a collector put 130,000 euros for a watercolor on the table.