a shortage of teachers, many unqualified entrants, and an ever-growing range of tasks are the main problems of the principals in Germany.

As a representative survey for the Association of education (VBE) have changed the problems since the previous year’s study, some even worse. The head of the school Congress in Düsseldorf, concern came to the worrying findings on the table.

a shortage of TEACHERS: about 55 percent of the 1200 respondents head teacher name of teacher shortages as the biggest Problem (to 2018: 57 percent). At their schools every ninth teacher’s position, therefore, is in the section not occupied.

INCLUSION and INTEGRATION: Well every fourth rector or the Director feels that with the integration of disabled and foreign students overwhelmed with a rising trend. The subject landed on space 2 of the scale of Problem.

LOADS: As the largest stress factors in your everyday life, the school-heads of call – as in the case of the first study in the previous year, the steadily growing spectrum of tasks (91 percent), increasing administrative tasks (88 per cent) and the practice of distant political decisions (86 percent), also with a rising trend.

ENTRANTS: 45 percent of the headteachers, you page beginners taught without teaching qualification. This was considerably more than a year ago (37 percent). In two-thirds of these schools, lateral entry are employed, have received before your first lesson use, there is no systematic, educational pre-qualification. “Here is a downward spiral starts, which is soon to stop,” warns VBE-chief Udo Beckmann. “The years of poor planning and the excessive imposing a burden of tasks to take revenge now.” Especially for children from difficult environment, who are in need of professional teachers with great pedagogical skill, is the development of bad.

VIOLENCE: one in Every eight head teacher has a General Problem with the behavior of his students. Complained about shortfalls in discipline and a willingness to learn, as well as behavioral abnormalities. The theme of violence is called, however, only one out of 100 respondents.

NOTE: The overall assessment of the German education policy lands according to the VBE on a 4+ (3,7), compared to the year-on-year a minimum improvement of one-tenth.

RECOMMENDATION: More than one out of every five headmaster is not “would recommend to his profession,” definitely not “or” probably. About as many would do, but “definitely”. Every Second answered the question on the professional recommendation of with “probably”.

MOTIVATION: in Spite of everything, all the principals say that they were carrying out their profession very fond, or more fond of. Especially from their colleagues, they feel supported. The education Ministry says that only one in Ten.

HEALTH: Good each of the third principal stated that the number of those who were due to mental disorders have increased in the past few years. Most of those registered, however, no change.