Also, if there is in Germany now, more and more school canteens so Bread boxes with sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, or something Sweet is still the common lunch in schools. In Italy it is different. There, it is common practice that the schools in their Cafeterias to spend the lunch, however, it must pay the parents.

But because some parents found the School food to be expensive and also unhealthy, with they gave their children Packed Lunches for the lunch break. The did not accept some of the municipalities and stipulated that the says to Bring food and the cafeteria food was mandatory. The parents complained about it. Several courts in Italy languages judgments: in 2016, a court in Turin, and the regional administrative court of Campania were allowed to Bring food from home. A court in Naples decided in the year 2017, however, on the grounds that the right to equality and the health of the children is more important than the freedom of choice. In September 2018 the Supreme administrative court ruled in Italy: The eating of food from home was allowed rooms in the school.

Healthy and cheap?

school Lunches? Note 6 set – why the state is failing in school meals

DPA court: break loaves of bread from the breach of equal treatment

But the verdict has now been conceded by the Supreme court in Italy: This refused the right to Packed Lunch. The judge noted that “a perfect and unconditional subjective right to individual self-regulation, both in the Canteen timetable as well as in the school premises, be configurable”, such as the Italian broadcaster Rai reported. The school feeding had been transferred to the “organizational autonomy” of the schools, is emphasized. Thus, it is the school authorities who decide whether to break the bread can be brought or not. Thus, it was decided in favour of an appeal by the municipality of Turin and the Ministry of education.

the judge said that the means to Bring their sandwiches or Packed Lunches for a possible breach of “the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination on the basis of economic conditions” and “the right to health, taking into account the sanitary risks of a Single”, as the newspaper “Corriere della Sera” writes. This should be set at the beginning of the new school year in September.

school canteens in Italy in criticism

The BBC quoted a mother who said she would spend more than 2000 Euro for the cafeteria food the school – more than your month’s salary: “My oldest daughter was not happy because the quality of the food justified the cost of legal and due to hygiene problems in the canteen. She complained often about the fact that the Cutlery was dirty, the glasses are not very clean or hair were on the plates.”

in Addition, many hold the food for the unhealthy. Many Italian children are, according to the calculations is too thick, such as the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” reported. Therefore, Italy has established guidelines for school canteens, and vegetables on the plates, a piece of fruit, and prohibition of deep-Fried.

In many European countries there are school canteens. In Finland, the food there is free, in France it is subsidized heavily.

sources: Rai, “Corriere della Sera”, “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, “The Local”, Germany radio Nova, TGCom24, “Il Globo”, BBC

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