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Typhoon triggers landslide in China: 18 Dead and 14 Missing (12.22 p.m.), More than 60 Dead in Explosion of tank truck in Tanzania (11.20 PM), Berlin airports has higher loss (5.48 p.m.)expect a man with contact US-extreme Right-wing should have considered explosives (5.21 PM)Scholz law for Soliabbau before (0.10 PM)

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+++ 13.22 PM: thousands of people demonstrate in Moscow – a large number of police +++

Accompanied by a massive contingent of police in Moscow, thousands of people against police violence and for fair and free elections demonstrated. Were expected to by the authorities approved the rally, up to 100,000 participants. To the beginning of the protests in the Russian capital city dpa, but reporters found to be very difficult to estimate how many people were followed in the face of the rain, the call of the Opposition.

she wants to achieve that all the candidates for city Council election to be approved in four weeks. Critics of the government are not allowed on the grounds of alleged formal errors in their registration applications. Many prominent opposition politicians sit in jail. To have the protests, but also called well-known bloggers with millions of followers, to set a sign against police violence.

+++ 13.08 PM: First try, then a little cooler: with the weather Changing +++

After the storm “Yap” can serene the people in Germany on Sunday when the weather is clear, catch a breath. Starting Monday, it will be because of cooler Atlantic air but again uncomfortable, as the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach announced on Saturday. At night, temperatures can slide, therefore, in the single-digit range. Also Thunderstorms are expected. “Yap” was launched on Friday, and on Saturday, strong Thunderstorms, according to Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

The Sunday begins, according to the DWD serene. At temperatures of 24 to 30 degrees and from 19 to 24 degrees in the North-West and near the coast, it remains mostly dry. In the North sea environment, there can be scattered showers and brief Thunderstorms. In the South and southwest, the risk of an individual strong Storm is. At night it cools down to 17 to 10 degrees.

+++ 12.39 PM: Nearly 100 Dead after monsoon floods in India +++

When the fierce monsoon storms in the South and the West of India, nearly 100 people have been killed. They were ripped from the torrents of Rain in the death of landslides spilled or collapsing houses killed, officials said. 39 Deaths were reported from the southern state of Kerala, 26 from the neighbouring state of Karnataka and 30 from the Western state of Maharashtra. Hundreds of thousands had to leave their homes and in Notcamps flee.

+++ 12.39 PM: Green: coalition question in Brandenburg, depends on the coal’s exit from the +++

the leading candidate of The Greens for the state election in Brandenburg, Benjamin Raschke, called the Coal phase-as a condition of participation in the Government of his party. The coalition question depends also by the goal of an open society, and from the Expansion of Bus and rail, said Raschke on a Small party Convention of the Greens in Potsdam. In view of the recent surveys, the situation had become confusing. “The SPD is in free fall,” said Raschke. Currently Minister-President Dietmar Woidke (SPD) ruled in Brandenburg with a red-red coalition.

+++ 12.22 PM: Typhoon triggers mudslide in China: 18 Dead and 14 Missing +++

in China is raging Typhoon “Lekima” are at least 18 people were killed. 14 more people were missing, Chinese state media reported. According to the state news Agency Xinhua came in East China’s Zhejiang province due to heavy rains, a landslide, the anstaute a river, creating an artificial lake was created. As this broke out, erupted, the mass of water in the village of Yantan. With heavy rain, high waves and gusts of wind Lekima had achieved, “” on Saturday the Chinese mainland. The cyclone, the authorities had issued the highest warning level, raged Wenling on Saturday morning, initially in the Eastern Chinese city, and then moved further in the direction of the North.

+++ 11.29 PM: man, after a fatal boat crash in Greece, authorities +++

After a fatal boat accident in Greece has put a French man in to the authorities. According to official sources, the man had to be at the controls of a fast boat that liked to hit on Friday on the sea, near the summer resort town of Porto Heli on the Mediterranean island of Peloponnese is a smaller wooden boat. During the clash, two men were killed and a woman seriously injured.

The police had initially taken a group of French tourists into custody, who had also been aboard the ten-Meter-long boat. The two men, three women and five children, from France, were brought to the interviews to Porto Heli.

+++ 11.20 PM: More than 60 Dead in Explosion of tank truck in Tanzania +++

at Least 60 people have been killed in the Explosion of a tank truck in the East African country of Tanzania. The death victim had been brought after the accident in a hospital in Morogoro, said Rita Lyamuya, the Head of the health Department of the district. More bodies were still at the scene of the accident. The tank trucks had been from Dar-es-Salaam road, as he keeled over in Morogoro, about 180 kilometers West of the port city of Dar es Salaam, said Kiondo Mshana, an eye-witness. Subsequently, many people came, therefore, to take the load to the outlet were siphoning petrol. Then the vehicle exploded.

+++ 10.31 am: police: at Least 57 Dead in fuel tank explosion car in Tanzania +++

In the case of the Explosion of a crashed fuel truck in Tanzania, at least 57 people were killed. The police informed. The tank car was involved in a accident near the city of Morogoro, approximately 200 km West of the capital Dar es Salaam.

+++ 10 am: 13 people are Dead and 16 Missing by super Typhoon “Lekima” in China, + + +

The super Typhoon “Lekima” has caused on the East coast of China, a heavy landslide, by at least 13 people died. As the Chinese state television reported on Saturday, were missing after the landslide in the coastal city of Wenzhou, a further 16 people. Wenzhou is situated between Taiwan and the Chinese coastal metropolis of Shanghai.

+++ 9.41 PM: number of dead after landslide in Myanmar rises to 22 +++

After a landslide in the East of Myanmar, the death toll is at 22 increased. “So far we have found 22 corpses and 47 injured,” said a local administration official in the state of Mon. Rettungskräfte continued searching for the Missing, according to official data, up to 100 people could be missing. The landslide was triggered by heavy monsoon rains.

+++ 8.05 PM: Israel army kills four Palestinians at the border with the Gaza strip +++

Israeli troops shot four Palestinians at the border with the Gaza strip. The soldiers would have opened fire, “after one of the terrorists climbed over the barrier, and a grenade the soldiers threw,” said an army spokesman to the AFP news Agency. On the border between the Gaza strip and Israel, it always comes back to violence. Since March 2018, the Palestinians are demonstrating regularly against the Blockade of the coastal strip by Israel. The demonstrations often end in clashes with Israeli soldiers.

+++ 7.16 PM: Seven injured by Tornado in Luxembourg +++

In Luxembourg have been injured by a Tornado seven people. The threading of the tornadoes in the southwest of the Principality, a man carried some heavy injuries, the government announced on Friday evening. Around 100 houses were damaged. Film footage showed roofs and Chimneys were knocked down. Also, numerous trees fell.

+++ 6.50 PM: Blocked-rescue ship “Open Arms” takes 39 additional migrants +++

the Crew of The in a week with more than 100 people on Board in the Mediterranean held-rescue vessel “Open Arms” has once again included dozens of migrants. To be the original 121 migrants on the ship again 39 have been added, which had been salvaged in international waters, reported to the Spanish aid organisation Proactiva Open Arms in the Morning on Twitter. “Meanwhile, we are still waiting for a safe port to enter,” wrote NGO-in-chief Oscar Camps. Finally, the “Open Arms”, close to the Italian island of Lampedusa crossed – according to Amnesty International, with more than 30 children and babies on Board.

Italy and Malta refuse to rescue ships again and again the entry into their ports, and insist that other EU guarantee States, in advance, to assume all landing immigrants, so also in the case of the “Open Arms”. On a fixed mechanism for the distribution of rescued at sea, people could not agree, the international community so far.

+++ 5.48 PM: Berlin airports expect higher loss +++

the Expansion of The BER expresses the operating company this year is expected to be even deeper in the red. It is expected a loss of 110 million euros to 77 million euros in the previous year, as this week published the annual report of the 2018 show. Additional costs arise, therefore, from the preparations for the planned Start of the BER in the next year, due to higher expenditure in maintenance and consultation fees, and additional staff. In addition, depreciation will increase. Rising passenger numbers at Tegel and Schönefeld had the revenues of the airport company Berlin-Brandenburg in the past year by six percent to 415 million Euro, the same as in may, it was reported. The loads for the duration of the construction site BER led the bottom line to a loss.

Beijing Daxing International Airport: Shame on you BER! Beijing’s new airport, after five years of construction, before commissioning Fullscreen

The Phöenix spreads his wings in China, the Symbol promises a happy beginning.

©Patrick Baert, AFP +++ 5.21 PM: man with contact US-extreme Right-wing explosives should stop considered +++

In the United States is a young man with Connections in the right-wing scene have been arrested, to have considered a bomb attack on a synagogue. The 23-Year-old from Las Vegas, Nevada, was accused of possession of Material to build a bomb, as the public Prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. Therefore, the man stood on the Internet with an “extremist organization” that wants to enforce through “terrorism and other violent acts” with a predominance of White. It will have online given a replacement on the manufacture of explosives, an attack on a synagogue, as well as the Observation of a gay bar.

+++ 4.55 PM: Massive power outage in the UK for traffic chaos +++

A massive power outage has caused in the UK for traffic chaos, and nearly a Million people affected. On Friday London and in other Parts of England and Wales, the power went out in Parts of the capital. Due to the failure of two generators according to the network operator. Many trains were or were late. The disorders are likely to extend into Saturday, said the rail company. At the Newcastle airport, the air traffic had to be stopped temporarily. In London, many traffic lights were.

By the power failure affected London and the South East of England of around 300,000 people. 500.000 more people it met in the Midlands, in the South West of England and Wales, around 110,000 more in Yorkshire and the North East of England.

+++ 4.14 PM: report: Bundestag deputies flew to 2018, significantly more +++

Regardless of the debate about climate protection member of the German Bundestag have laid out according to a media report in the past year, significantly greater distances by plane as 2017. In the context of their activity, they flew a total of 9,075 million miles (about 14.6 million miles), as the Newspapers of the Funke media group reports citing the Bundestag administration. In 2017, there were still 7,43 million miles (11.9 million km). Converted to the 709 members of Parliament were in the last year, an average of 13,000 miles per capita, which is about a flight to Singapore and back. Overall, the organization of Atmos were initiated according to the calculation of fair approximately 4000 tonnes of climate-damaging carbon dioxide out, as it was said.

+++ 3.03 PM: report: Deaths in the event of breakdown in the military testing ground in Russia +++

In an Explosion at a military training ground in the North-East of Russia a media came a report that five people lost their lives. The Victims were employees of the Russian Ministry of defense and the nuclear regulatory authority Rosatom, reported the state news Agency Tass in the night, citing a source in the Ministry. To came the Explosion, it is therefore the Test of a new type of powerplant on the Practice area in the Region of Arkhangelsk on the White sea. In addition to the dead, there have been several injured. The incident occurred according to the report, already on Thursday – however, there have been considerably less Victims of the speech.

+++ 3.03 p.m.: report: Federal government halts forest projects in Brazil +++

in view of the accelerated deforestation in the Amazon rain forest, the Federal government sets the financial support of forest conservation and biodiversity projects in Brazil on ice. The Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) told the ‘Tagesspiegel’, the policy of the Brazilian government in the Amazon leave room for doubt, “whether there is a consistent reduction in the deforestation rates is followed”.

+++ 1.55 PM: prey of a jewel theft in Paris found +++

After a jewel theft in Paris, in which a woman, as an Arab Princess had spent the loot to the value of more than € 1.6 million was found. Investigators were undoubtedly the jewels in a hotel room in the North of Paris, adjacent to the Département of Seine-Saint-Denis, as a police representative on Friday. Fixed, no one was taken first. Two women had stolen the jewels at the end of July in a luxury jeweller in Central Paris. One of the women posed as a Princess from the United Arab Emirates and had a jewelry show.

+++ 0.27 at: 15 slightly injured in a lightning strike during football training +++

In the case of a lightning strike in Baden-Württemberg 15 footballers have been injured during the training easily. The lightning was taken on Friday evening in the immediate vicinity of the sports grounds in the municipality of Rosenfeld-the Holy rooms, police said. The footballers, aged between 19 and 48 years, were injured slightly. A footballer have briefly lost consciousness.

+++ 0.10 PM: Scholz shall act for Soliabbau – Brinkhaus: Complete +++

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) to abolish has submitted the draft law for a reduction of the solidarity surcharge. He was given on Friday to a vote of the other ministries, such as the German press Agency learned from coalition circles. It says, “the first step” would be relieved of 90 percent of the payer of the wage tax and assessed income tax completely. First, the “mirror had reported” about it. Union faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus said the dpa: “It is good that the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, to implement the coalition agreement and the first step to the removal of the solos goes. The CDU-politician insisted, however, on further steps: “We in the Union but more to the aim of the solos for all taxpayers will be abolished.

+++ 0.03 watch: South Korean Agency: North Korea fires again “projectiles” + + +

North Korea has apparently tested again missiles. The South Korean news Agency Yonhap reported, citing the General staff of the country, North Korea have fired two “unidentified projectiles”. The missiles had been fired near the city of Hamhung in the East of North Korea and into the East sea overthrown, the sea of Japan is known.

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