astronomers have spotted a super hot planet that is shaped like an American Football and metals to All throws. The Exoplanet catalogue number WASP-121b orbiting a sun in the constellation of the aft deck (Puppis) in the southern sky.

With the “Hubble”space telescope were able to demonstrate a researcher to David Sing from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, clouds of Magnesium and Eisengas around the planet, as they now report in the journal “Astronomical Journal”.

in 2015, the discovered Planet is around 900 light-years from earth and about one-third more mass than Jupiter, the largest Planet in our System. The Exoplanet orbits its host star so closely that its gravity is ripping him. The Planet is pulled in the length, so that its shape is reminiscent of an American Football.

in addition, its upper atmosphere is heated by the nearby star to more than 2500 degrees Celsius. This is not only much hotter than on other known exoplanets, but also hot enough that metals such as iron and Magnesium to condense in the lower layers of the Atmosphere, but as the Gas to All escape.

The Planet due to its mass and temperature to the class of Hot Jupiter. Such metals had also been on the Hot Jupitern observed, but only in the lower atmosphere, explained Sing in a communication of the Scientific space telescope Institute (Space Telescope Science Institute, STScI) in Baltimore.

“you don’t know whether they escaped or not,” he says. “In the case of WASP-121b we see Magnesium and Eisengas so far away from the planet that you are not bound by gravity.” It is according to the researchers, the first proof that an Exoplanet hurls such metals into space.

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