It will be warmer. But it is also considerably wetter. Temperatures rise according to the German weather service (DWD) on Sunday on the maximum values between 20 and 24 degrees in Berlin even in summer 26 degrees.

However, meteorologists predict for parts of Germany, heavy rainfall.

In the West and southwest of the country starts the day with showers, some of which are more violent and result in local Flooding. Otherwise, the day invites first to take a walk. It is dry and kindly, until it rains then in the whole of Germany, and sensed.

Also on Monday, Deep brings “Axel” clouds, showers, and partly of strong Thunderstorms with it. In the South and South-East of Germany, it can give the prediction, according to storm-like downpours and local Flooding. The temperatures are on the rise again in the 20-degree mark.

Also on Tuesday, it is raining in many Parts of the country. Only mid-week, a weather-calming occurs temporarily, before it can then give this coming weekend, from the West new, and in part heavy rains.