Every year, the traditional Christmas lottery “El Gordo” (“The fat”) winner in the whole of Spain moved in a frenzy of joy. After some Germans were among the lucky ones, the lottery is also in Germany more and more popular. The Verbraucherzentrale Bayern but warns of dubious Online-vendors – the risk Involved everyone should consider before participation.

What is the El Gordo is “” and what can you win?

The Christmas lottery “El Gordo” in Spain since 1812 with a solid Tradition. Every year, the draw will take place on 22. December, almost 2.4 billion euros will be distributed. Unlike other lotteries, there is the case of “El Gordo” not a few big wins, but many small. So you have the choice between different lot types. Most Spaniards buy-Tenths (décimos), the promise as income one-tenth of the total winnings. “All” the Lots are significantly more expensive than partial lots.

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DPA So they can participate in the Christmas lottery?

The acquisition of the Spanish Christmas lottery was just a few years ago on points of sale in Spain. Now you can buy the Losscheine in Germany via the Internet. There is often no official ticket, but a bet on the lottery result. So care should be taken in each case on the seriousness of the provider, since the profit amount in case of an Online purchase directly from the Spanish lottery company, but by the Internet service provider will be paid out.

Who spends his summer holidays in Spain, you can still choose the traditional way and the Lots to the local sales points. The sale will start already at the end of July. The lot is purchased, however, in Spain, must be redeemed by the profit. Three months after the draw, the prize will be forfeited.

In the USA

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What you need to consider for Online providers?

Internet service providers often make different prices – of both the Wireless as well as the total profit sum. Therefore, it is useful to compare before the Lospreise and providers. The payout is for Online providers “highly doubtful,” warns the consumer centre of Bavaria.

she advises also in General to beware of providers which have their headquarters abroad. So-called “black lottery” bets are not allowed in Germany, because on the results of state lotteries, bet. The consumer advocates refer, for example, on the Internet portals, “Tipp24.com”, “Lottoland.com”, “Multilotto.com and Lottohelden.de”.

In the case of a participation, the criminal could be threatened with legal consequences. The intentional participation in the “black lottery” will be classified as illegal gambling, and could also apply as a predicate offence to money laundering. Who wants to be the legality of his game for sure, on the website of the Hessian Ministry of the interior and for Sport under the heading of “White List”, a list with all the reputable providers.

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