Saudi Arabia compensated, a media report says that the children of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, with luxury villas and monthly payments. The “Washington Post” reported on Monday, each of the four children Khashoggis got a house in the Saudi Arabian coastal city of Jeddah in the value of up to four million dollars (3.6 million euros). The two sons and two daughters, would also receive a monthly minimum of $ 10,000.

The saudi Arabian leadership would find a long-term Agreement with the family of the deceased government critic, according to “Washington Post”, for the Khashoggi had once written. In order to ensure, inter alia, that the family consider continuing with public Statements on the case back.

according to The report, Khashoggis, the eldest son of Salah wants to continue to live in the Kingdom. The other children live in the United States and the luxury are likely to sell houses, writes the “Washington Post”.

report of the New York Times

Saudi Arabian crown Prince allegedly threatened to pursue Khashoggi “with a bullet”

DPA Still unresolved questions about the role of the Royal house in Saudi Arabia

Khashoggi was on 2. October, in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul was murdered. Only after weeks of denials Riad admitted under international pressure, the government was killed critics of the saudi Arabian agent. The leadership of the Kingdom, however, speaks of some runaway application on the arrest of the journalist, who lived in the United States in exile.

Many of the questions in the case are not clarified, such as the role of Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The U.S. Senate made the heir to the throne on the basis of intelligence findings for Khashoggis death. US President, Donald Trump refuses to take a public stance against the mighty allies.

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