British Conservative MEPs are voting today in a second ballot a successor to the outgoing Prime Minister, Theresa May. Only those who receive at least 33 votes from the group, it creates in the third round.

at 19.00 (CEST) is expected with the publication of the results of the secret ballot. At 21.00 a TV debate on BBC television, in which all remaining candidates shall participate in begins.

the heavy favorite among the six candidates, the former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. He received a first ballot last week 114 votes and is therefore regarded as the set for the runoff election between the two best-placed candidates. Who competes against Johnson, no later than on Thursday, if the field of Applicants is reduced to two candidates. The last word of the 160,000 party members then.

so Far, Johnson’s successor in the office of the foreign Minister, Jeremy Hunt, was regarded as the most promising candidate. But also the outsider Rory Stewart is still expected to be able to make it to the round of the last two. The, until Recently, largely unknown Stewart has made in the past few weeks, with his unconventional campaign quickly made a name. Unlike his competitors, he rejected the of leaving the EU without agreement categorically to negotiate with the EU to improvements to the three Times in the Parliament failed Brexit Deal. Stewart argues for a realistic approach and wants to convene a citizens ‘ Assembly, to the arbitration of the Brexit dispute.

there is also the environment Minister, Michael Gove, Minister of the interior, Sajid Javid; and the former Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab hope to be able to play against Johnson to compete. A victory for Johnson in the runoff is, however, hardly be avoided, because it is at the base of this party immensely popular. Many members are flocking to the politician with the MOP of curly blond hair head in the hope of getting a government post. Health Minister Matt Hancock, who was dropped out last week from the race for the office as a party and head of government, was now behind Johnson.

Much might depend on how Johnson and its competitors to beat in the TV debate on Tuesday evening. For his verbal missteps infamous Johnson had held up so far extremely back. A TV debate on Sunday evening at the British television station Channel 4, he had hit yet. The “Daily Mirror”, had mocked him as a “Chicken Boris” (“scaredy-cat of Boris”). Who will be the new Tory party leader and thus Prime Minister, to 22 in the week from the. July fixed.