The national security Advisor of US President, Donald Trump, John Bolton, has triggered an unusual way to speculation about a possible military intervention by the USA in Venezuela. On the sidelines of a press conference in the White house, Bolton showed up on Monday afternoon (local time) with a Notepad that he held so that the hand-written notes on the participants – and a photographer – were well read.

Only two short lines were scrawled in the large Block of yellow paper. In the first line, a short note on the recent talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the second line the following: “5000 soldiers to Colombia”. In view of the severe crisis in the neighboring country of Venezuela, the image of Bolton’s notes made immediately for discussions.

Donald Trump: “All options are on the table”

In Venezuela rages an open power struggle between President Nicolás Maduro and the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó. The U.S. government has failed offensive on Guaidós page and has been threatening for days to put all possible diplomatic and economic levers to push for Maduro to retreat. At the press conference in the White house, of Bolton, took part in announced the US government just sanctions against the major Oil sector of Venezuela.


Donald Trumps security adviser John Bolton was allegedly attack on Iran check


the Americans Want to intervene now, even the military in Venezuela and preparing a deployment of Troops to Colombia? The US government did not want to exclude military steps so far, explicitly. Trump said: “All options are on the table.”

John Bolton: Clumsy or skillful threat?

Bolton’s quasi to the cameras held note, so the very idiosyncratic – way of such a military operation in view or threaten, at least, clearer than it has been? The Ministry of defence refused to comment on Monday evening (local time) on request and referred to the White house. From there, it was with a view to the Bolton-note short, but meaningful: “As the President has said All options are on the table.”

The government in Bogotá informed, in the meantime, you have no explanation for the notation on Bolton’s Notepad. Colombia’s government knew nothing of the troops of a deployment of US. “The meaning and the reason of the said note is not known to us,” said the Colombian foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo on Monday evening (local time) in a Twitter-spread communication.

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