In the donations affair to controversial election campaign aid from Switzerland is becoming increasingly AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen in the focus. The Prosecutor’s office of Stuttgart initiated in February a full system scan, as a spokesman announced on Friday.

Background according to a report from “Spiegel” and “Report Mainz” is a in the Bundestag submitted, but may be the wrong list with the names of ten alleged financiers, Meuthen, 2016, in baden-württemberg have supported the state Parliament election campaign with a promotional campaign worth around 90,000 euros. Because of the party donation a penal payment threatens the AfD.

According to research of the two media will now have more of the alleged financiers admitted only as a straw-people acts. One of them admitted to the “mirror” and “Report Mainz,” to have its name for fake donation receipt given.

in it, he claimed is contrary to reality, to have Meuthens campaign with a high four-digit sum supports. In return, he received 1000 euros in cash. This he says also in the case of a hearing by the baden-württemberg state office of criminal investigation. The business had come through the mediation of a well-Known.

the election campaign advertising, was Organized by the Swiss PR company Goal AG, which is headed by a friend Meuthens. On request Meuthen informed according to the communication, Goal-AG-in-chief Alexander Segert, had sent to donors, the AfD, the list of the ten alleged money and the authenticity of the recently once again confirmed. On the submitted list, “were we allowed to leave us,” was Meuthen quoted.

About the initiation of a formal investigation in this matter is not yet decided. It is to be examined whether, on the facts of persons liable to prosecution in may, said the authorities spokesman, without mentioning Details.