The Alternative for Germany, is fuelling a study by Media researchers, according to a systematic fear of immigrants. This is the result of researchers from Hamburg and Leipzig. “What is surprising is how consistently that happens,” say the professors, Thomas Hestermann and Elisa Hoven in the “criminal-political magazine”.

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The scientists had analyzed all 242 press releases of the AfD on the topic of crime in Germany last year, and with the crime statistics compared to: “as far as the AfD called for a suspect’s nationality, this is to 95 per cent are foreigners, only 5 percent German,” said Hestermann on request. In the case of the five percent of German suspects in the AfD messages will always stressed that these had a migration background or your contribution to the infringement had been low, according to the researchers. The facts are different: in fact, the proportion of non-German Suspects according to the crime statistics at less than 35 percent.

AfD distorted the image of criminal offenders

the focus of the AfD, especially immigrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the eighth in 2018, according to the police’s crime statistics, 5.2 percent of all suspects were accounted for were. Afghans, which are according to statistics, 1.5 percent of all cases, suspicious in the AfD communications for 20 percent of the above-mentioned acts. It’s a similar look at the Syrians: your group represents 2.5 percent of the suspects in the world of the AfD-messages, but almost a fifth, 19 per cent.

While the AfD was distorting the image, at the expense of foreign criminals, blame the media, at the same time, foreigners crime is not or to little beat, to talk about, the media researcher. The researchers come to the opposite conclusions: “The largest gap lies in the perception of the German suspect.”

The AfD have been able to place their topics in the media, stated the media scientists. For example, the supposedly “rampant knife epidemic”. This had been picked up by the media, although according to Figures from the land criminal police office of lower Saxony in 2017, only 2.8 per cent of the recorded acts of violence with knives have been committed.

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