she could be the granddaughter or great-granddaughter, many people in the house. And maybe that’s exactly the secret to the success of a WG project in Rhineland-Palatinate, this could make school. Since the beginning of January Anne Bourg Meyer lives in the “residence for senior citizens on Zuckerberg” in Trier. The 21-year-old luxembourger educational Sciences studied in one of the oldest cities in Germany. Looking for a roof over your head, you came across the offer of the retirement home and to handle.

baking, dancing 35 hours a day

“I think that’s just great,” says Bourg Meyer, who currently lives alone in a Two-WG. Rent do not need to pay for it. Instead, she is obliged to spend 35 hours per week with their elderly roommates. Ideas the 21-Year-old a lot of. You want to bring a fresh Wind into the residence. “You could theme and disco nights, and cosmetics are manufactured by ourselves or together, cooking and baking,” she told the newspaper “die rheinpfalz”. Sometimes they listen to residents, but also just. “Old people, you learn so much.”

students are to “live in the house”

Starting in February, a further three students move into the residence on Zuckerberg to bring to “life”, as stated by managing Director Andrea Cremer. To your knowledge, according to the project is the only one of its kind in Germany. The idea is to integrate students in senior living homes, come from the Netherlands, Cremer.

Up to their bachelor’s examination, would live Bourg Meyer with the seniors under one roof. So for about three years. Currently, the WG is considering the Experiment only for a period of six months. “But there is the possibility to extend,” says the young woman from Luxembourg. Some of the residents has now closed in our hearts. One of them is 90 years old and a Pro at Rummikub. However, this is not the only thing that wants to learn the luxembourger during their studies of the elderly.

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