In the US there is a private word, if a contentious Situation on the road in violent actions escalated: “Road Rage”, literally translated as “road rage”. Not infrequently, there are nothings that in the end lead to assaults, verbal abuse, physical attacks or even shootings.

In Phoenix in the US state of Arizona has cost such an incident of “Road Rage” in the past week, possibly ten years of your life. As reported by the police, the girl was with her family on Wednesday local time in a car on the road. She sat together with her sister in the back, her father drove, the mother was in the passenger seat.

The driver of the Pick-up opened fire

On the way home, a white Pick-up Truck sat behind the family car and followed him. As the father pulled into the home driveway, stopped the pursuers, according to police. Then he opened fire. His balls met the father and one of his daughters, who sat behind the driver’s seat. The mother and the second daughter, on the other side of the car were uninjured. The shooter took flight, while the father and his daughter were hospitalized.

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While the man was not life-threatening injuries, could not rescue the Doctors, the girl. It succumbed a day after the incident, his injuries.

The reasons for the attack remained unclear. As the news portal “ABC 15” reported, citing the police, could it be that the father of a family has to cut the Pick-up of the attacker before. Moreover, the presumption of the police, would have been the driver so very excited that it came to the persecution and later the deadly attack.

police find the car and gun in case of Suspicious

also wounded father expressed to the “ABC15” as follows: “He was ready to shoot. I got out of my car and asked him: ‘What is it’? Because he had stopped in front of my house. He just started to shoot. He shot at my car, he shot me, he shot at our house and he killed my daughter”.

The police released after the incident, a Video that Protect the cart, as well as a phantom image. A note from the population, they brought according to the report, on the trail of a 20-Year-old, who is already known to the police. For him, the officers found the car and a gun that matched the one on the scene found shell casings. The Suspect was arrested, denied but according to the police, to be in the-involved shooting.

HOMICIDE – REQUEST FOR PUBLIC ASSISTANCE Report#: 2019-558843 Date/Time: Wednesday, April 3, 2019;…

Posted by City of Phoenix Police Department on Thursday, may 4. April 2019

sources: City of Phoenix Police Department (Facebook), “ABC15”