According to one of violence overshadowed the weekend, on the borders of Venezuela, the opponents of the controversial President Nicolàs Maduro are looking for new ways out of the crisis.

US Vice-President Mike Pence is traveling to Bogotá, to discuss with the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó next steps against Maduro. “It is time for a free and democratic Venezuela,” wrote Pence on Sunday night on Twitter before his departure from Washington. to bring

After the failed attempt, relief goods from Colombia and Brazil to Venezuela, want to be Pence and Guaidó on Monday, along with Latin American government representatives of the so-called Lima, to take the group tougher measures against the Maduro Regime. Guaidó for the first time to participate in the debates of the Lima group, which was formed in 2017, from 14 American States, which are critical to the government of Maduro.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo believes that Maduro must soon resign as President. “I am confident that the Venezuelan people will ensure that Maduro’s days are over,” said Pompeo on Sunday in an Interview with broadcaster CNN. In an Interview with Fox News Pompeo will not lock again even a military Option for Venezuela. “We have said that every Option is on the table.” Also Guaidó stated that it should remain “all the cards on the table”.

The Meeting in Bogotá, was convened after the Guaidó with the support of Colombia, Brazil, Chile and the United States for Venezuela provided relief goods were stopped on Saturday at various border points of the security forces Maduros. Both on the border with Colombia and on to Brazil, it came to severe cases, with at least three dead and around 300 injured.

Colombia has closed on Sunday all border crossings to Venezuela for the duration of 48 hours, in order to repair the collision damage. However, it came also on Sunday, a few isolated clashes, in which protesters and Venezuelan security forces came together.

UN human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet, the violence is condemned-active approach by the security forces in Venezuela in the case of the Blockade of aid shipments. “People were shot, others carried wounds, of which you will not recover fully,” said Bachelet on Sunday. “These are the shameful scenes.” The crisis in Venezuela is starting on Monday the topic in the UN human rights Council in Geneva, whose four-week session of the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, will be opened.

the EU Also called on Maduro to help to make deliveries to the country. “The refusal of the regime, the humanitarian emergency acknowledge, leads to an escalation of tensions,” said EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Sunday in the name of all 28 EU member States. At the same time, the EU called on again to free and transparent elections in Venezuela.

German politicians demanded that the EU put additional pressure on Maduro to further sanctions. The chief of the foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, David McAllister (CDU), said the “image”newspaper (Monday), the humanitarian situation in the oil-rich state would be catastrophic. “One step could be personal sanctions,” he said.

Also, the FDP’s foreign policy expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said the leaf, you should not stand by and watch Maduro let his people continue to starve to death. “Germany should consult with its EU partners about additional sanctions, which can meet Maduro.”

the Green foreign expert Cem Özdemir told the blade, Venezuela, need understanding and a democratic Transition, but no US Intervention. “Should refuse the Regime to let humanitarian aid into the country, it must increase the EU the pressure to move to Maduro to give in.”