Storming weather in the Netherlands: wind force 9 measured

Storming weather in the Netherlands
Storming weather in the Netherlands

It has officially stormed this meteorological winter for the first time. On average, wind force 9 was measured on the Wadden island of Vlieland between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Thus, according to Weerplaza, after a stormless fall, the first official storm since August 10 is a fact.

Meteorologists speak of an official storm when the average wind speed over an hour is 9 Beaufort. That happened this morning at the KNMI weather station on Vlieland. The winter storm by the sea today is accompanied by heavy gusts of wind from 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. The heaviest gust of wind so far was around 100 km/hour.

The last time it officially stormed in the Netherlands was on August 10. Then at the end of the afternoon, it stormed along our northwest coast for some time. During this summer storm, there was mainly a nuisance in the coastal regions, including the roof of the football stadium of AZ collapsed. In the last meteorological fall, the Netherlands did not come to a storm for the second consecutive year.


According to Weerplaza, it is still very turbulent this morning, especially on the Wadden Islands. During the day the wind gradually decreases. The storm-force disappears during the afternoon, but the wind remains stormy in the northern coastal areas for some time. Tonight the wind fades to moderately above land, at sea still powerful, force 6.

Furthermore, the sun shines now and then in many places. During the day, especially in the west and north, the chance of a shower increases, possibly with hail and thunder. That changeable weather – quite mild for the time of the year – will continue in the coming days.

The winter officially begins on December 21, but the meteorological winter has already begun on December 1 for meteorologists and climatologists.

On the Wadden it stormed for some time this morning. The average wind force over the past hour was 9 Bft, so officially a storm! The first winter storm of this winter is a fact!twitter

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