The government of the South-East Asian small state of Brunei introduces death penalty for homosexuals and ignored the massive criticism that your beats from all over the world. If gay partners have Sex with each other, threatens them in the future, that you will be stoned like in the middle ages to death. On the decision of the government and with the approval of the authoritarian ruling Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the criminal will be tightened laws accordingly. This is based on the Sharia, the Islamic law. Also affected are foreigners.

The stoning is a particularly cruel and relatively slow method of execution, and in violation of the prohibition of torture and cruel, degrading punishment, the UN human rights Charter. The Condemned to be killed throws in, as a rule, up to the hip or chest dug in, and then a group of people by stone on the head and torso.

Conservative Islamic power gain in Brunei


Washington state abolishes the death penalty – the justification has it


In the former British colony on the island of Borneo, the great majority of the approximately 500,000 inhabitants are of Muslim faith. The Sultan – one of the richest monarchs in the world – ruled there since 1967. In recent years, conservative Islamic forces have gained influence. Now sexual relations for up to ten years ‘ imprisonment on homosexuals. Gays and lesbians are oppressed since time immemorial. Homosexuality was also prohibited to colonial times, officially.

From the 3. April sex between men or Sex between women can be punished, however, even with the execution. Public beatings with the stick.

Not only homosexuals are harder

will be punished Exacerbated in Brunei, the penalties for theft. In the future, thieves have to expect them to be amputated hands and legs. Amnesty International has appealed to Brunei to refrain from such “cruel and inhuman punishment”.

The Federal government recommends in the Travel advice of the foreign office to all Brunei for visitors to familiarize themselves with the new regulations. It expressly States: “Individual criminal offences in Sharia law also apply to Non-Muslims – in particular, if a participant is part of a Muslim.” In Brunei, there were recently multiple death sentences. Hung, no one was executed, however, already for years.

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